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Yep, it's another OOTD/FOTD entry, but i need to rant first! I am risking to sound like a total complainer (and a bit fat B, but y'all know i am one anyway so let's not pretend that i am some kind of a demure, always sweet and friendly kind of girl for a sec here!)-but what's the use of having a blog if you can't rant (publicly), right? I'm done with my period, so i can't blame it on hormones (although #Undecided did suggest it was the weather being too hot and suffocating *LOL*)-i'm just plain PISSY lately!

Within this month alone, i already yelled at an annoying kid's parents in the middle of the movie, and yesterday i yelled to an auntie who scolded my hunny for accidentally bumping into her cart's wheel while backing down from the veggies' fridge in the supermarket (she probably didn't even know i was related to my hunny since i was standing a few feet away from him-since the alley was narrow i though i'd give some space for people who wanted to pass, she even made a "I can't believe the nerve of this guy!!!" exasperated face and laughed sarcastically to me, looking for a backup or something). 

Seriously woman, it was a MICROSCOPIC accident! He stepped back and you passed behind him! He nudged your F^@%#^&%$E&ing cart's wheel, not step on your face! Chillax a little bit! I got really mad when she scolded him and told him to "BE CAREFUL!!!" bitchily that i started screaming at her that SHE was the one who's supposed to careful because people doesn't have eyes behind their heads! LOL. I was fuming mad wanting to pick a fight (yes, i am a thug trapped on a girly girl body) but she didn't even dare to face me afterward. LOL.

No, i am not done. I just yelled again to people today. LOLOLOL. We were shopping at Carrefour this evening, it was super jammed packed and HOT (they probably turned off the AC-how cheapskate!). Then i purchased some Maybelline mascaras (finally got my hands on that new Rocket one! I know i have lots on my stash already but it's on a 25%+10% off and i really wanted to try out that Rocket mascara...) which ridiculously (to anticipate shop lifters) had to be retrieved in the customer service (which also serves refunds for parking tickets for shoppers and gift redeems for certain products so it was super super full). I waited patiently while my hunny plunged himself in the middle of that craziness they called a queue. 

Now, it's not a secret that most Indonesian can't queue. But it was seriously getting RIDICULOUS. The staffs (who are severely lacking, there were like more than 20 people on the counter and only two staffs attending to them-joined later by their supervisor) didn't have the initiation to draw a line or something (unlike in another big scale supermarket that we frequent!) to prevent the line cutters. I waited for 30 minutes when i saw more and more people cutting the line and hunny repeatedly got pushed back. I lost it when i saw a woman in yellow blatantly shove people aside (a gentleman actually laughed and left the counter. I guess he was just redeeming a product's gift or refunded the parking ticket. I would've done the same except i was getting the stuffs i ALREADY PAID FOR!) and ignored hunny when he told her to queue up.

I stepped up and screamed repeatedly on her ear, but guess what? She ignored me. LOL. So i yelled to the staffs for letting such behavior! I seriously lost it (again). In case you're wondering, no-i don't care when people stare whenever i exploded. I just couldn't take it anymore! And yeah, it worked. Hunny finally got served after 45 effing minutes. How wonderful, right? And if i wasn't mistaken, i heard someone said something about me not having any patience? Well, i wasn't sure so i didn't confront him, but if he was... Seriously WTF. I've waited for 30 minutes without a peep, and that's called being impatient? I lost my patience only when i saw the s***id staffs only attending to those who cut the lines! Crazy! Those who were waiting in line all were shoved around and being ignored.

FYI, it was so bad that hunny-the most patience person on earth (except to his son for some mysterious reasons)-exploded and raised his voice while flailing the receipt at the supervisor's face. LOL.

Oh, i also told attendants in CW's Skechers and Colorbox off for being such d**kh**ds. Seriously people, i always took pride of my nation as being the nicest and friendliest, it really pains me to see our services starts to deteriorate. A message to retail people : Train your staffs better. If your customers are being unreasonable and downright CRAZY, i guess it's okay to defend yourself. But you have no right to be rude and degrading (like insinuating they cannot afford to buy  your stuffs) when they did nothing wrong! Daf**. 

There you go, my battle scars. All from a month that is a personal favorite (it's my birth month after all). Geez.

Okay, all those cusses makes me unable to promote this post in some platforms (they do not like sailor-mouthed gals like me hahaha) but that's okay, at least now i'm feeling better! Now finally moving on to the real post hahaha...

This is a look that i came up with for my second birthday dinner of course it's a lot more dressed down and simple because it was on a weekday plus the company's not as game as my BFFs (sorry sorry hahaha).

Obviously i called this look Heyllow Kitteh because of that cute Kitty dress hahaha. The online shop owner i ordered this dress from was annoyingly unfriendly and unprofessional, plus the dress came with a noticeable stain that thankfully can be hidden because it was inside one rimples, but the cuteness of this dress was almost worth all the hassle. I do feel guilty wearing a dress that just arrived a few days prior instead of picking something from those hundreds new ones lying in my various closets, but hey... It's still my birthday dinner!
Look at the Kitty's face... I saw this dress making a lot of appearances on the net from all around the world!
It's super cute on its own but sadly a tad too short for me so i had to wear a slip dress underneath. And since my arms are not suitable for public viewings (LOL), i had to wear a blazer over it. The blazer itself i got from my no-longer operating own boutique. Running a boutique was weird, i witnessed some errr... not-so-nice pieces of clothing sold at the speed of lighting (i stock them up because i need to cater to my customers' tastes right, cannot just follow my own!) while some very fab ones never even left the rack. The stripes blazer's one of the latter. No matter, they are mine now (yes, this one along with two other same ones in other shades. One can never have too many blazers, right?) I also added a big bow belt to give more definition on the waist.

I also been wearing new bags every single time we're out celebrating our birthdays this month (that makes me finally got to use four of my new bags haha), and this one's the most expensive one. My mum bought it for me when we were in Jakarta last June and i've been saving it for a more special occasion. I wasn't normally attracted to Bonia bags (that's my mum's fave brand, other than LV of course-so i always associate it with Aunties!), but this particular floral speedy one caught my eyes since forever! 

It was on a 40% off, but annoyingly now it's on a 50% off plus plus everywhere! Only 10% difference but because its original price (IDR 5.000.000 or something) was quite steep, 10% is quite a lot! Some more because my mum turned it into an installment (together with a bag for herself)-just because we're kiasu that way-and CL totally messed it up and ended with a very high interest! My mum never stopped bitching about it *LOL*.
Dress : Online, Striped Blazer : my own boutique, Velvet Bow Belt : Magnolia, Bag : Bonia, Spiky Jelly Shoes : Online, Hello Kitty Necklace : Gold Jeweler
I always thought that jelly shoes must be comfortable, but this one's probably one size too small (but getting it in a bigger size wouldn't help! I used to buy a lot of jelly shoes from this OS-that i also wouldn't recommend LOL lots of sucky OS nowadays-and a size bigger always means the shoes would fall off whenever i'm trying to walk!).. Maybe i just need to wear it a lot so it'll stretch out eventually? So painful though... And the spikes also grazed my own leg sometimes when i walk too fast *stupid*
Hahaha snapped one selca at CW's XXI ladies room :p. I had a hard time choosing the color of the bag btw, the pink and baby blue ones were very pretty as well-but i don't really have a pastel purple bag so i think i made a good decision. I've been wearing it nonstop since haha
I was rushing because we wanted to watch a movie (The Butler) before the dinner and i was running out of time, so i didn't actually have time to take a proper FOTD picture. I snapped one when we were in the car but it was so bright it kinda turned out quite washed out -___-.
I went for a simple, clean look with neutral mono eyeshadow, eyeliner+mascara and blush on because i went out since the middle of the day (i tend to wear more make up if we go out at night, of course) and also because i've been more interested in lip colors lately (usually i'd focus on my eyes and wear pinkie/anything sheer lippies) and i wanted my lips to take the centre stage. I wore Sonia Kashuk's Luxury Lip Color in 08 Flora (it's old, they have already repackaged or discontinued it), which is quite dark on the bullet but a lot sheerer on the lips. But it's still a pretty strong, brick red color-i dunno why it looked so peachy and sheer on the FOTD picture! (it looked more vivid and truer in the OOTDs pictures except for the one when i was not wearing the blazer-i haven't put on any lippies at that picture)

The new stuffs i'm wearing totally plummeted down in numbers *LOL*, i actually only wore new perfume and lip balm :p.
I included the Sonia Kashuk lipstick even though it's quite old because i never worn it before! It's one of those hand-me-downs that i do not even remember anymore from whom, judging from the color... it was probably my mum's? No idea how she got her hands on a Sonia Kashuk lippies since it's not even available in Indonesia. Probably given to her by one of her friends as a souvenir when they went overseas haha.
Mentholatum Water Lip which is pretty amazing!
Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color in 08 Flora
Initmately Beckham (by David Beckham, obviously) which is very glamorous and quite sexy-smelling!
That's it! I'm gonna miss doing this kind of posts next month (not as much celebrations as this month obvi), i hope we'll have reasons for me to dress up again like this month! 



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