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Well, i wouldn't say i'm obsessed. 

Or maybe i am. LOL.

All i know is there is something about tutu inspired skirts that send my heart aflutter making me just want to grab and collect them in every color possible. But then again i do that with basically every single thing that i fancy *hence my bursting-not-nearly-enough 18 doors closets LOL*. Having said that, tutu skirts definitely has a special place in my heart, me being a total girly girl and all. 

I have... quite a few in my collection already, but i am not nearly done-of course not! I really do want them in every color possible... Maybe i'd be satisfied after 20 more...

Anyway, here's my latest look wearing a tutu inspired skirt for Miracle Aesthetic Clinic feat Frank & Co's jewelry's event last Saturday.
As you might already know by now, when i go to events i like to dress in reflection to the brand's personality (if there's no dress code). Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's an exclusive, elegant brand and partnering with a jeweler like Frank & Co only means that one should dress as elegantly as possible for their event!

As i don't do grown up elegant *i would probably never grow up*, my version is this highly soft and girly look with sugary pastel colors and demure cuts ^^. I also wore a platform wedges because i know it was going to be a long day (being a Saturday and all) and i don't want to be in pain but also not willing to give up the height boost (of course, this made me tower over most of the other audience, but that's okay) haha.

Of course, i paired the soft and girly look with an equally soft and girly makeup :
FOTD/MOTD, not even sure what the right nickname now already
List of products used :
1. Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker (in Medium)
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
3. Skin Food Rice Shimmer Powder (Buckwheat Loose Powder)
4. Daiso (Ellefar Color) Glitter Eyeshadow Palette in Lilac
5. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
6. Etude House Peachy Blush On
7. Esprique Double Shine Face Powder
8. Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Balm in Strawberry 
9. Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss in Watermelon Red
10. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
Hmmm, i didn't realize there were smudges on my eyeliner *LOL*, it wasn't noticeable IRL
Do you know that i tend to buy things blindly? I buy lip balms based on their packaging so i clearly bought the Hello Kitty one (in a long tube containing three lip balms and a small charm!) because it was so cute! I didn't even know before i start using it that it's a tinted lip balm! Very pigmented and bright, but weirdly not very moisturizing so i have to apply lip gloss on top to make my puckers juicier hahaha.

And did you ever notice that i have a line on the lower part of my neck? Apparently it's supposed to be a tell-tale sign that someone used to have umbilical cord around their neck in the womb! I don't think it happened to me (coz my mum would surely tell me about it), so i have no idea why i have that line. People keeps in asking me about the umbilical cord thing though...
Is this a smiley pic enough?
Usually three close up pics would be enough, but when i was waiting for hunny to get ready, i started camwhoring out of boredom in our bedroom (the close ups pics above were taken in my walk in closet and i guess the lighting's a bit yellow there) and realize how wonderful natural lighting in our room is (problem is lately we hardly get any because it's been raining nonstop for months already!)
So bright and clear, and shows the real colors of my makeup better! If only the background's a bit better...
Paired the soft and girly look with an edgier glittery purple nail polish (Etude House If Story Nail Kit 1)
Errr.. I might went a little mad and snapped lots of selfies after i discovered the lighting...
I don't normally think i look THAT young, but in some pics i do. Like this one *LOL*
Do you know what i really want now? A petticoat!
I almost completely forgot that i have this bright coral leather wrap bracelet that we bought in Hong Kong last year >.<!
And yes, this was the first time i wore it! Horrible, i know...
A lot more pics than usual because i clearly was in my element and in a fashion style i am the most comfortable with
Outfit Details :
Multicolored Pastel Eyelet Top : Bought in Taipei, Taiwan
Cream Obi : Gift from my mum (i think she bought it in Mangga Dua, Jakarta)
Peach Tutu Skirt : Kitsu Boutique (Pasar Atum)
Jelly Wedges : Online
Coral Leather Wrap Bracelet : Coach
Baby Pink Bag : Rebecca Minkoff 

For some weird reasons, i wore all costume jewelry to an event supported by a diamond company. WTH's wrong with me? LOL. If there's an event where i should decked myself in all my real bling blings, this should be it! Well, i hope there's a next time!
Wore this thin and delicate headband for a girly icing on the cake haha (you can see how shimmery and bling2 my make up that day! I wore a shimmery powder and eyeshadows like mad!)
Camwhoring with my lovely Coach bracelet
I'm so sorry, i did mention i was in love with the lighting, right?
A close up look on the bracelet. I know leather wrap bracelet's not exactly girly, but i love love love them! And they seem to be versatile enough to be worn even with my girliest outfit!
Another must : Flash Tattoo from Me-Nail
I was pretty happy with the way the outfit came together. FYI, as much as i love tutu skirts, they are not the easiest to style! Especially the ones with elasticated waist, they tend to bunch up on the hips making your hips seems enormous (even if they aren't)! I managed to hide it under my long top, but then i looked like a tent so i had to put some big obi to give some the outfit some shape-which ended up blending well with the cream jelly wedges (you might notice that i wear them all the time now, it's my current go-to footwear! So cheap but pretty enough and matches with a lot of outfits, i'm strongly considering getting a black one...).

Hope you like the look as much as i do! Will be blogging about the actual event as soon as i can make #Undecided blog!


PS : For those of you residing in Surabaya (or have plans to visit Surabaya in the near future) come and join my Giveaway with Bangkok Beauty for a free Under Arm Brightening treatment on IG!

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  1. I really love how your tutu outfit turned out to be. With the many beauty products you own, I think it would be great too to have an inventory checking so you would know if you have the same or similar products already. :P I did not notice that you have a line on the lower part of your neck. That's interesting. I wonder how many percentage of the population had their umbilical cord around their neck in the womb too.

    1. Hahaha yeah, it's harder with beauty products because like for one lipsticks, there are so many shades and i often forget which shades i already have >.<! Yes, i don't normally pay attention to other people's neck line too but since its mine i feel pretty self-conscious when people bring it up!