Unboxing : July Beauty Treats (Platinum Box)

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Hi, my dearies!

First of all, i'd like to thank all of the Surabaya Beauty Bloggers (and non-bloggers) who helped us out by showing up at our little "rendezvouz" with Collection brand today *huge grin*, i'd like to say that it was a HUGE success, and i am pretty sure the ladies are also very happy with those little treasures (especially the second session participants) they got to bring home (me included, although admittedly both #Undecided and i got a little-okay A LOT-more stuffs than anybody else, especially me who got like, 33 pieces of free make ups *GASP*). 

And i will blog about the event, but not today. I am completely wiped out at the moment, but since i'm actually flying to Jakarta tomorrow and won't be back until Tuesday (i'll be having quite a lot of chilling time in the hotel i think, would be nice to be able to blog, but since i am not going with hunny then i'd be lugging my own stuffs, and i can't carry a heavy lappie around *yes, i am spoilt rotten, don't judge me) and i haven't really posted anything in a few days, i feel that i HAVE to post something *extremely OCD*.

So, i decided to blog this unboxing of July's Beauty Treats Platinum Box (that arrived a few days ago, but weirdly i haven't received their Gold Box until today, hmph).

Now, i know *from Rosemary who told me what she read from FD or something* that BTI had been receiving a lot of... errr, to put it nicely, criticism about their June Gold Box (not only their Gold Box lah, people also complained about their shipping, it got so bad that some ladies didn't even receive their June box on early July!!! I personally got it at very late June, which is why i feel that this month's box arrived so fast, only like, two weeks after i got their previous boxes *LOL*, i only blogged about it like, 3 entries ago!!!), i can't say whether they have upped their games since, because i haven't got this month's Gold Box yet, but i gotta say, i really love their July Platinum Box!

Here's a little peek into my box :
Doesn't it look festive? Haha... I personally think so. My friend LL subscribed (or her sis-in-law told her to subscribed for her) for July Platinum Box also and she got exactly the same things (only different flavors for the hand gel), and i also saw some other BTI members twitpic-ing their boxes and they all got almost exactly the same stuffs also (variation on one item or two), but i (again, personally. Anyone disagree with me don't attack me please zzz) totally think this is quite an awesome box!

Let's check out the box as usual!
The usual brown card board outter box, open it to reveal a bright... I don't even know how to describe the color... sky blue box? 
It almost looked like a Tiffany & Co box on a steroid, but much brighter
I love this month's box' color, like 100% improvement from the dull, bad in quality, fugly white box from their June boxes! Especially combined with the silver ribbon, it made it looked even more special!
The silver strings (?) made the box looked so festive and happy! LOL. I'm so easy to please, but it made me feel good looking at the box' contents :p.
Let's talk about the items one by one!
Smiley Perfume
Is Smiley a brand? I don't even know, honestly *LOL*. The packaging (and color!) totally caught my eyes though!
There's a vial (i think) inside with 1.5ml of the perfume (note : yep, hunny tore it already, there is a tiny vial inside)
They also gave this bright yellow rubber hand band
Never heard of Smiley before, which is good (one of the points of subscribing beauty boxes is to get introduced to new brands-or old brands that we never knew about-right?). In terms of the scent, i do find it a bit too strong and musky, i dunno but somehow when i heard Smiley, i expected it to be a lot different (maybe lighter, crispier and more citrusy? Or maybe i just got influenced by the bright yellow color..) than how it smells. It does stated in the booklet that it's a unisex perfume, so yeah... It makes sense. It's a little too... boyish for me though (i'm a super girlie girl, you see...) but i think it'd be nice on hunny!

So, i am actually pretty happy with this! I might not necessarily want to buy the whole bottle (that according to the booklet, would cost me IDR 875.000 WTF), but i won't mind smelling it on hunny. And they came with a cute-if slightly odd shaped-rubber bracelet that i can never get over *even though i'm way too old already, but hey, as long as you can still pull it,why not!*.
Koji Eye Lashes
Like i said many times before, i embrace false eye lashes in my beauty boxes now *LOLOL*, i'd be happy never having to purchase them (and still have a decent stock on them whenever i need them!) because let's face it, i can be strangely stingy for some stuffs (and ridiculously throwing my money around for others) and falsies are definitely one of those stuffs. 

Been receiving a few D'Eyeko lashes, and always mentioned how i'd love to try other brands, and this is Koji so obviously it's OTHER BRANDS (d'oh), plus it's worth IDR 65.000! Almost half of the boxes' price!
Bath&Body Works Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac in Vanilla Berry Sorbet
I use these pocketbac thingy regularly, they are also so handy and useful, anything that's handy, useful and i will definitely use is always a good thing. I happened to love the scent they sent to me too, so... yay! Some people would probably raised their eyebrow with this, it's not exactly a beauty stuff, isn't it? But i really don't mind. Save me from having to stock up haha.
Koji Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner
My ultimate fave in this box! Always wanted to try Dolly Wink stuffs, but am too stingy to purchase them (because they are quite pricey, this one is worth IDR 155.900. WOW! That surpassed the box' price entirely!) amongst other reasons (like how i have too many make ups already etc etc etc, now that i count those 33 new freebies i got from Collection, i guess they'd actually last me more than 2 lifetimes, but what a girl gotta do when being half-burried under all of those shiny, pretty things feels so good, right?) , so i am super happy with this!

Having said that, i do eye the other Koji thingy they have this month (that some of the other members would've received in place for this eyeliner) and there are two mascaras! I do get through mascaras 10x faster than eyeliners so they'd be even more useful, but i am not complaining! Those Koji mascaras aren't Dolly Wink, and one should know when to be grateful, right? Let's just say that i'd be happy to get one of those mascaras in my future beauty boxes *fingers crossed* haha.
Make Up For Ever HD Blush
You know i'm not the biggest fan of sachet samples, but these are from MUFE and they have FOUR sachets (it's a cream blusher, and i believe one can squeeze quite a few usage from one sachet already) in a nice (reusable) clear zip pouch (convenient for air travelling), so i am not annoyed with it at all haha.

I am also not a big fan of cream blusher, i found them to be messy (coz i don't know how to apply cream blushers with brushes, i have to use my fingers) and am also never very sure when i should apply them (before or after BB cream???)-but strangely enough, i am quite happy with these also. I guess the brand did pacify me hahaha.

This month there are five items in my Platinum Box, two samples and THREE full-sized items (of course when it comes to falsies, there's no such thing as sample size LOLOLOL), the three full sized items adds up to IDR 255.900, and i only paid IDR 135.000 for the box, so yeah, i think it's totally worth it!!!

Of course, if i have to see it from a very critical point of view, i now realize that they didn't include any skin (or hair) cares at all in this box, but knowing me-you know i don't care! LOL. I got so much samples on skin cares that i haven't even touch (because i want to finish my current skin cares first), so i really could care less if there's no skin care samples in this box. But that something someone somewhere might protest about haha.

I honestly only realized how bad people were attacking BTI (because of their Gold box and super duper triple late delivery) when Rosemary pointed it out to me (then i began noticing people cursing at them at Twitter too), otherwise i only read a few blog posts stating that they're disappointed with the Gold Box. Now, you know i've always been a big fan of theirs (and proudly display their affiliation link in my posts), i personally think that we should give them more chance. I mean... They screwed up once (after two amazing boxes), i'd like to see what they come up with in this month's Gold box and then comment on whether or not they are working their ass off to improve their quality.
But i am not siding with them or whatever, i also think that they need to improve their customer support system and personnel. I think what aggravate the members' angers towards BTI in those forums, is the way their representative answered those people. I don't know if they have the same rep for the forum with the one that handles their Twitter account, but from my own experience, the twitter handler can be quite sassy when they reply to your twits. Which is not necessarily a good thing when you are a representative of any brand! 

I am a very diplomatic person (i believe), and since beauty boxes are mostly selling SERVICES, i think every person dealing with customers always have to be humble and nice. You can't answer snottily or in any manner you like to an angry customer, they would want to put a stake on your heart for it, and for a good reason too! So yeah, i would suggest them to take action on that!

I also think their system major changes might (and in fact, do) not do so well with their members. I mean... They only have two Platinum Boxes and they are now cancelling it? Yes, i do see how people would say that their concept is not cooked well at all. Read one twit somewhere telling them to "Get a back bone already!" LOL, i totally get it! But for some reason, i kinda get why they are doing it. I mean, with that kind of horrible back lashing, they must realize the Gold and Platinum boxes thingy isn't going to really work, and so they are trying to get better by changing the whole thing again into "the little black box". Or maybe i just like to see the positive side of things, i don't really know haha.

Everything i wrote are my personal opinion, and this is a free country, everybody's entitled to their own opinions. Don't be offended if you don't share mind, alright!

And if you're interested to subscribe to BTI (note that they will only have Little Black Box from September that will cost IDR 125.000, Gold and Platinum boxes are no longer available, oh and also there won't be any box in August), it'd mean the world to me if you can use my referral by simply clicking this link below, it'll take you straight to BTI's website and you can subscribe/renew your subs from there : 

That's all i got for now, have a great weekend, y'all!

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  1. omg i love all♥ the eyelashes looks so lovely

    1. Yep, it's a pretty good box, isn't it :)?

  2. wow..Dolly Wink :D
    I would be happy to receive such things :D


  3. ISi bulan ini bagus ya.. Platinum khann..?
    Salam kenal yaaa :)


    1. Iyah :).. yg gold box blm dateng2 nihhh, aneh... salam kenal jugaaa :)!

  4. cc subscribe platinum dan gold skaligus? :O
    woow memang juaranya bln lalu dolly wink eyeliner itu yah xD hehe

    1. Errr... iya, aq subscribe semua beauty box yg ada d indo T.T emg kurang waras dikit yak hehehehe... yupp, love the dolly wink!