Nail Diary 10 : O.P.I Bond Girl Collection Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer (NL M50 Pussy Galore)

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Hello, my dearies!

For my fellow Indonesian, did you vote today? I did, but honestly i didn't even know who to vote *LOL*, i picked two familiar names (a mother of a popular singer who's a senior singer herself, and Indonesia's first president's son) but the other two i just picked blindly (we had to vote for four different people and not even for the president yet. Is this common outside Indonesia too?? And we had to dip our pinkie in an ink as a sign that we voted *LOL*. There are a lot of brands and supermarkets also offering promos/free stuffs if we vote. It's a sign that Indonesian still needs to be encouraged to vote, including myself. Can't really blame them since it's so confusing, so many people *that we don't know* trying to get a position and all) *LOL*. Anyway, this blog has no place for politics, so let's move on!

Time for another review and swatches for a nail polish, or in this case nail LACQUER hehe (they're the same thing, in case someone doesn't get the message!). It was my birthday celebration's nails and it shouldn't be a surprise that i only get to review it many months later :p.

O.P.I Nail Lacqure in NL M350 Pussy Galore from their Bond Girl Collection, photo from Google
I first laid my eyes on this beauty when i was visiting my cousin's nail spa, Me-Nail, in one of their color wheels and fell head over heels in love. I kept on thinking about it so in the end i asked L (my cousin A.K.A the lady boss) if she has any stock for sale (they sell nail polishes and other nail related stuffs too now) and she did! That's when i realized that it's from the Bond Girl collection and that the name's kinda dodgy *LOL*.

Isn't it a total beaut?
I gotta say i'm very proud of the photos i took for this review. I mean... it's the clearest, brightest (with zero editing, not even auto correct :P) pictures i've taken for a review so far *LOLOLOL*. I guess sun light is photography's best friend, thing is... I am a half vampire and feel sleepy when the sun's shining but wide awake once it start to set, so blogging thing... I almost always do at night *sigh*.

How can i not fall in love with this shade? It totally scream ME!
Well okay, so this one's blurry. It's really hard to take close up pictures with pinko (and even NX 300, for that matter. But all of the pictures in this review's taken with pinko-my pocket camera!). It clearly stated NL M50 right, because when i Googled lots of sites refer it as NI M50, so confusing!

The brush looks no different than any other O.P.I's brush, but i had a problem with application. It made me wonder if the brush's bigger than their other brush, then? Because i had no problem with my other O.P.I nail polishes hmmm... It's a bit too big for my liking that i couldn't apply the nail polish neatly, i painted all over my cuticle, a total mess *LOL*. You'll see what i mean soon.

Close up of the color, pearly pink with pink glitter

As usual, i teamed it with my trusty Revlon Top Speed, i used it as a base coat

One coat or Revlon Top Speed+one coat of Pussy Galore *giggle at the name again*
Close up
The texture of the nail polish, like all O.P.I nail polishes, is JUST RIGHT. You know, not too thick/clumpy, not too runny/sheer. It was a breeze to put on (except for the messy part) and it was pretty with one coat already. Drying time is also very speedy (i am having a lot of struggles with that with my recent manicures zzzz, reminds me how much i love fast drying nail polishes!), total thumbs up!

One coat of Revlon Top Speed + 2 coats of Pussy Galore
Looks pretty already even though it was still very messy, right?
Pussy Galore (HAHAHAHA, oops. Sorry, i am very juvenile, i know) is an uber pretty pale matte baby pink polish with super soft, fine shimmer and sandy texture (obviously). There's no big chunks of glitters, unlike the other Liquid Sand polishes i've ever tried from their Mariah Carey line (check out my reviews on them here and here). I'm pretty sure the difference in texture plays a big part on their staying power. While both Mariah Carey liquid sand polishes i've tried chipped super fast, Pussy Galore stayed perfect for 5 days! Without top coat, of course because it'd defeat the purpose of the liquid sand texture, wouldn't it. I do wonder if matte top coat will change the texture? If not then it'd definitely be a great partner for liquid sand nail polishes, wouldn't it?

I'm always curious on how a liquid sand manicure would look with a glossy top coat though, so when this manicure started to fall apart, i put on some top coat (Revlon's of course) on my pinky finger and... it looked hideous. I really hated it *LOL*. No glossy top coats for my liquid sand polishes, please!

Aside from the longer staying power, i totally prefer this type of liquid sand polishes (very fine, subtle glitter) than the ones with huge chunk of glitters (like Mariah Carey's), it just look prettier and classier for me. From afar i thought it looked like i had a velvet nail arts, but it's definitely not fluffy to the touch, au contraire!

One minus thing about this particular shade that it gets dirty easily (since the color's so pale and the matte texture attracts dirt easier than glossy ones), i accidentally got some black liquid eyeliner on them and it was not very easy to clean them (while you can just wash glossy nails with water if it gets in contact with your make up!). That's not a big deal for me though, i just need to be more careful when i apply make up while i am wearing this shade!

Final result
LOVE it!
Bottom line is, i'm so very in love with this shade, it's definitely one of my all time favorite nail color and that's saying a lot because i have hundreds of nail polishes and didn't usually prefer one than the other! Now i have two favorites and both are from O.P.I (the other one's glittery and super blingy, will review it sometime *not very soon* in the future).

I highly recommend this for every pink/pastel lover, textured nail polishes fans or even rookies who wants to try textured nail polish for the very first time (one thing that i really love about liquid sands' that they're totally FOOLPROOF! You CAN'T mess it up, not even if you try! They'd be even and pretty even if you have a bad technique like mine. I don't mean you'd paint them neatly without getting on your cuticles, but after you shower and all of the mess peeled off, the polish on your nails would definitely be flawless!).

Not recommended for people who hates rough texture (of course) and only like glossy polish (it's not dead matte because it's pearly and shimmery, but not glossy in the least).

Repurchase? Well, not in this shade because God knows when i'll ever finish a whole bottle (if ever) but i'd love to try out this type of liquid sand nail polishes (ones without chunky glitters in them) and i will keep on buying O.P.I of course, my fave nail polish brand!

Have you ever tried liquid sands nail polish? Do you like them?


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  1. Oh for us here in the Philippines, the indelible ink is placed on the pointing finger nail. Can you hide the ink with nail polish? That pinkish color is totally beautiful!!! :)

    1. Ohhh, so it's not something very uncommon *sorry for my very limited knowledge regarding this matter LOL*, the ink dipping thing! The ink fades rapidly after i showered and after 2 showers it's completely gone, and i made sure i only dipped my flesh and not the nail hehe

  2. kukunya baguussss >.< nice review Mindy ^_~

  3. great color for your nail.. suits your bubbly persona...

  4. Loved the nail paint.. Such a summery shade :))

  5. wow...grgs love it

    my recent one :

  6. Really pretty!!! It doesn't look like the ordinary nail paint. It's fab but not toooo much that can't go with casual wear! Sooo awesome! It complements your skin! Thanks for sharing Mindy! :)