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It's not a secret that i adore a lot of UK bloggers for their style and make up, and while i'm more Japanese oriented on my own style, my obsession with those gorgeous ladies couldn't help but rub off me in a way. Since it's autumn in UK, they go on and on about darker, autumn-colored lipsticks. And even though i've never even dreamed of wearing such a daring color before (but then again i also never dreamed of wearing red lipstick but ever since that IBB MUC i've been loving red lips very much!), i began to wonder if it would look good on me. Once i began thinking of trying it out, it became an obsession in no time (to a point that i even make a reminder to try dark, vampy lips out)!

Ironically, one particular blogger that i actually just began following a short time ago (Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere) that compelled me to try the look out for myself is not a UK blogger-obviously (she's American and super famous but i've never even heard about her before i saw her link from Merilla May's blog)! I even re-created one her whole look because i really love her style (which is actually nothing like my usual super girly Harajuku style), but that's for another post!

Other than Emily, there's one UK blogger that made me feel even more tempted to sport a super dark lippie, it was Kayleigh from Couture Girl who always look so gorgeous with her signature bold lipstick. I was always afraid to try out such deep colors, but hey, i may not look like it but i am a 30 years old woman, sometimes i need to dress/make my face up like my age! LOL.

I actually really wanted a deep berry lipstick, but since i do not own any (i am hunting for them right now, i purchased one from Nature Republic but since the shape-it's flower shaped-is too pretty to wreck yet, i want to hunt for a cheap, preferably local/drugstore brand under IDR 50.000 so i can buy like 10 different colors without feeling too guilty...) and i couldn't wait to try out a Vampy look (yes, hence the title of this post) i rummaged through my old stash and found one meager dark colored lipstick. It's not even mine, it's a hand me down from someone (most probably my mum, but when did she wear such a dark lipstick btw? I mean, she always wear deep red lipsticks, but not this Vampy-almost black one!).

It's Revlon's Super Lustrous Cream Lipstick in 75 Blackberry. In my pale pink lips it translated into a very dark brown, almost black color which is very striking against my pale complexion but i actually really love the super dark lipstick on me, that surprised even myself!

I wore this look to my mum's birthday dinner and i was a bit self-conscious because i've never worn such a dark (or anywhere near, for that matter!) lipstick out before! But i guess my family's used to my crazy style that nothing fazed them, nobody even as much as made a comment about my lipstick *LOL*.
I paired the dark, vampy lips with nude eyeshadow, my usual black eyeliner and subtle pink blush to soften up the look a little bit
One catch about this dark lipstick? I look even paler than usual, even though i actually used a very dark powder (Acnes' that's 2 shades too dark on my face. I look like a crazy Ganguro when i only finished applying the powder without anything else on my face!
I guess not everybody will like this lipstick, some people might find it scary haha. I worn the lipstick again (can you tell that i am obsessed? Yes i am. Autumn or not-well there's no such thing as autumn in Indonesia anyway-i'm gonna wear it until next summer *delusional* *when is it not summer in Indonesia huh???*) to go out with #Undecided and A and at least they didn't tell me i looked like a crazy person. #Undecided's exact word was "Interesting" *LOL*. I do like to change up my looks from time to time, but don't worry, i am not abandoning my pastel gyaru look anytime soon.

Since we're talking about my FOTD on my mum's birthday, might as well talk about the whole look! Dark lips obviously demanded a maturer, more serious style than my usual super girly one and i found a perfect dress (new, of course, never been worn before but bought a gazillion years ago as usual hahahaha) while i was rearranging my new clothes into a huge clothes organizer (well... to give you a picture of my craziness... I need 12 of them and that's not even enough to house all of my brand new clothes....) . Yes, my crazy shopping habit makes it impossible for me to remember all of the clothes that i bought so i always feel like i'm doing another round of shopping whenever i'm going through my stash and find clothes i don't even remember buying!

There are fine glitters on my navy dress that is not visible through the pictures
Navy High Low Dress : random FO in TP, Statement Gold Leaves Necklace : Online, Thin Brown Rope Belt : Magnolia, Shoes : Everbest
This pose obviously demanded a come-hither expression ahahahaha

Bag : LV Popincourt
I think one should always be open for something new, since one can never know if one will like (or dislike) something before actually trying it out. I am for one, is not someone that's extremely comfortable with changes. I love consistencies and sometimes afraid to break out of my comfort zone. But it's exciting to try new things every once in a while! I find out that i can love things that i never even gave a second thought of, and life's to short to be stuck in a rut! Trying something new is fun, even if it's just a new lipstick shade!

Have you ever tried out vampy lips? If the answer's no, i would ask... Why not? Come on, give it a try! Live a little!

#Pink ('s Vampy alter-ego)

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  1. Cute look ^^


  2. dressnyaaa lucukkkk ci :*
    imut bgt km ci, bnr2 msh 17thn ya? hahaa

    1. Thank uu, Dewie, murmer tuh dress nya :p...
      Huahauhauhua, iya 17 taon nih, makanya suamiku suka d bilang pedophillia.... :p