Creme de Fleur

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Hi y'all!

No, this is not a baking post, since when did i bake? You don't want me to blow up the kitchen, no?  This is an outfit/make up post hahaha. I got the name from the creme colored floral dress, and began thinking... Creme flowers? Hm... hmmm... Then decided to make it sounds more French. Later i found out that there's a certain pastry called Creme de Fleur but of course i'm not gonna talk about it (never tried it as well) :p. 

Today's OOTD/FOTD's from hunny's birthday :
As you already know, i was (actually still am huhuhuhu) not exactly well that day and since like a week prior, so unlike usual i didn't exactly have the outfit (nor my birthday's, but i've been planning on my birthday dinner's outfit much longer though) planned out to the nitty gritty like usual. I was too ill to care :(. I decided i wanted to wear something (new obviously. Hunny's mint polo shirt was also new. I think it complement my outfit well even though it's not creme or baby pink!) sweet and girly but not too juvenile for a change (HAHA). 

Fortunately while i was scrummaging half-heartedly through my insane dump closet, i found this creme floral floaty cotton (which actually isn't my fave material because they crease easily GRRRR. I am nowhere near demure enough to sit prettily and keep my dress creaseless, i dunno how to anyway!) i bought a gazillion years ago (never been worn, obviously) and paired it with one of my (also new) top with floaty chiffon sleeves (my favorite kind! They are super girly and pretty and able to conceal my thighs arms! I actually love the design so much that i bought it in every color available. It was dirt cheap too because i bought it on a wholesaler website :p).
This pretty dress came with detachable straps that i decided was too short. I forgot that flat girls like me couldn't hold a tube dress to save their lives. It kept on sliding down though out the evening, it was completely under my b**bs at some point FML, i might use this as a high waisted skirt from now on!
Errrrm you can see how flat my b**ies are in this pic hahahaha
Pink Floaty Sleeves Top as inner : Online, Creme floral midi dress : Bossini
Paired them with my cute pastel orange (which looked small but actually housed quite a lot-except my wallet because it's too long hahaha) semi sheer jelly purse, bought online too (not from a recommended seller -___- i've stopped buying stuffs from her completely after she mixed up my order and refused to exchange them)
Jewellery also very very simple because again, i was too ill to bother :(. Put on my Hello Kitty necklace again and my new white gold ring.
Pretty, isn't it? One of the items i got from selling my fugly wedding golds hehehe. Unfortunately only the gold was genuine, the rocks all were imitation hahahaha. Still to cute to pass though!
Now to the FOTD :
#Undecided and Rosemary would scold me for my glum expression again, but i love this picture because i look less chubby!!!! ZZZZ
Unfortunately the make up (at least the blush on) showed up better at this next picture that was of me smiling super happily *rare picture, people! LOL* :
Tsk. Welcome back, chubster.
Here are the new stuffs i used for this look (dramatically smaller collection than my own birthday's collection of course haha)
Tiny set hehehe
Last time while doing my birthday look i also wanted to explain one by one the stuffs i've used, but i was in a hurry (because i really wanted to post that entry on my birthday!) so i couldn't. But this time as i'm writing a separate post for the FOTD and OOTD, i cannn... Yay!

Products used on face (combination with old stuffs :p):
1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB (because my skin's not at its perfect condition-PMS time!)
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
3. DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
4. Acnes Compact Powder
This is the compact powder that i hoped can replace my DHC Acne Care Powdery Foundation, so far this thing worked really well except for one thing... I got it in shade Lovely Pink which unfortunately was WAYYYY too dark for my skin! It was at least two tones too dark! I used it anyway and decided "I'm gonna go with a tan look today, i'm too pale from being ill anyway!" LOL. I did used a lot of highlighter (actually shimmery finishing powder) afterwards and it helped making the color lighter and more normal on my face (because without the finishing powder my face was darker than my neck!).
5. e.l.f Eyelid Primer
6. Red Earth mono eyeshadow in PU 050
7. NYX Felt Tip Eyeliner which is the worst eyeliner i've ever tried so far zzzz, had to top top it off with Maybelline's Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner to make it non-patchy
8. Oriflame Duo Eyeliner Pencil (Black&White) for my waterline
9. Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in 01 Tender Petal which is actually not brand new because i've used it once before on my birthday haha but i didn't get to show it off yet so here it is :
11. Guardian House Brand Lip Hop Brownie Bear Lip Balm, one of the nicer lip balms i've tried out
12. SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 01 Naked
Judging from the name i actually expected the lipstick to be nude. So i was really shocked when i opened it (i got it for free and i never opened it before so i didn't know how it really looked like inside) and see a darker, brick red color on the tube! It's prettier on the lips but again, not only the name i found to be misleading, on the first use it was actually one of the most drying lipstick i've ever tried *even with lots of moisturizing lip balm underneath!)! I will do a proper review in the future, as well as the other stuffs i mentioned in this post :D.
13. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder as a finishing and highlighting powder. I never used this much before (only on my nose bridge to make it look higher) because it's super shimmery and white-i am pale and dewy enough already, but i found using darker face powder gave me the freedom to play around with shimmery highlighting powders without looking too pale and or like a disco ball! So, there's a good out of that very dark Acne powder i got haha!
The lippie turned more coral-ish on my lips than anything else!
Oh, not to forget the fragrance of the day of course! (As you can see from the pictures, i didn't paint my nails for once. No energy -___- plus it's only two days away from our collective birthday dinner with the BFFs, i decided i could give nails a bit of a rest instead :p)
Etude House So Lovely All Over Spray
That final product also means we've come to the end of the post! Hope you enjoyed it! (as this is Sunday i actually planned to post my weekly haul post, but i haven't written it yet and i am kinda tired and sleepy zzz so i decided to post this drafted post instead, hope you enjoyed it anyway!)


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