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Heyyllow :D...

I know i kept on saying we have a lot of celebrations on October, but no blog post means hoax, yes? LOL. So in this entry i'm gonna share with you some pictures that's taken during various celebrations (not enough for single entries each so i just pile them all together here).

The first ones are taken on my mum's birthday celebration at Vitto Benetto. I'm sure you've read about this restaurant in this blog before, that's where #Undecided and her hubby went to celebrate their anniversary. And since #Undecided came up with a bunch of (made up) reasons not to bother taking pictures of the place, i do that for you of course!
Appearance wise, it was so so haha. That's why mum was like "Shouldn't we eat at some hotels instead? It's cooler." Yes cooler place wise, but i'm so sick of Shangri-La's Jammoo's buffet, NO WAY!
Ma parents with their friends
We got a spot in the far corner, with extra sofa behind our long table. Those three boys are my nephews
Of course we made use of the long sofa to take family picture hahaha
Yes, that's KC and CL there, they flew in to celebrate mum's birthday as well as "delivering" their cry-baby daughter hahaha. I was pretty shocked because it was just a few days after CL came to pick Au up. That's KW on the far right sans CW who's currently in OZ-she's sending her first born (i know i know, that sounds like a horror movie, didn't it?) who's going to a University there. Can you believe my nephew is in university already? LOL. Well, he was born when i was in elementary school, that's why his (and my other nephews') friends always refer to me and hunny as "Ce" and "Ko", we're obviously too young to be called auntie and uncle, mind you!
My mum gained an extra grand daughter here! LOL. The one in green is her friend's (pictured above) grand daughter, her friend's daughter happens to be a close friend of mine (MM, you'll see pictures of her below!) while MM's sister's a good friend of CW. And now, that girl (N) is a close friend of Au and BB!
Some of the pictures are stolen from CL's FB because her BB took better pictures than my camera that night. As usual, it kept on going out of focus and ended up being blurry and super yellow! I might have to bite the bullet and get myself a new camera before our next overseas trip next year (i really want to go to HK Disneyland, also to Korea and OZ... haish...) zzz.
My mum is such a good host she went around and took pictures with everybody hahaha. That's my MIL, hunny's bro and his wife
With his nephew Will, isn't he adorbs???
His nephew looked just like his daddy (hunny's bro)-who looks a lot like hunny (personally i think hunny's 10x more handsome with much better body as well, pray to God his bro and the wife never read this, but 9 out of 10 of my friends agree with me! Hunny's much cuter! The odd one out would be L, who has a very questionable taste in everything...), so in turn... The nephew looks a lot like him, don't you think? CL then said that we should take a picture together, four of us (with Baby Boy) and post it everywhere. People would surely ask when i gave birth LOLOLOL. I was seriously tempted to do so, that would shut some nosy people who kept on asking when i'm gonna have a second kid (what about never, got a problem with that???) up.
Sistas. I was sporting the Vampy look i blogged about here
We dressed matchy2 in navy dresses without any plan, she brought that from Banjarmasin without knowing what i was gonna wear and i had the navy dress hung and ready to wear before i even knew she's coming!
For a second there i totally forgot that i was sporting a Vampy, mature look, hence the pose hahahaha

Nom nom time
Escargot, very nicely cooked
Usually Vitto Benetto's steak is one of the best in town (for our taste), but not that night. They were somehow overwhelmed (the place was PACKED! Usually it's pretty quiet) by the number of guests (it was so full they didn't accept any walk in, they were fully booked for celebrations!) the steak was less than perfect. Kinda tough and hard to chew. Such a shame
Baby Boy's salmon that arrived when everybody else's done eating. Vitto Benetto need to step up their services really. First time Baby Boy eating steak or anything like this, usually he'd stick to his usual creamy soup+rice combo, thing is Vitto Benetto didn't serve rice haha8

With my nieces. BB looking especially errr petite (she may or may not FORCED me to write that) with her flats
Craziest bro and sis in laws in action :p
Look at this picture, isn't this hilarious? I got photo-bombed by KD while photo-bombing ma 'rents with KC and CL. And look at KW looking at us disgustedly hahahahahaha
Photo bombing is da bomb
I have no idea why they were posing with empty cake boxes...
Yum yum cakes, anyone?
Next set of pictures were taken on my and hunny's second birthday dinner hehe. Not much and quite repetitive (coz we're fussy with angles ahahahaha, people kept on blaming my camera but hey, they always love the result in the end so stop whining *ahem L!*!) pictures because these people are not as cam-whorish as me, my BFFs or LL haha.

We actually agreed to have the dinner at 7, but i was running late because we went to CW to watch The Butler (which is very good, a must watch for biographic/historical movies lovers) and then made a detour to pick Baby Boy up (because he had a private lesson that day but he loves sushi, we're having dinner at Sushi Tei-how can i not bring him along?) and O was stuck in GC trying to make a Gold-Gym membership, L (who couldn't make it to the first dinner so invited her to this second one) as usual was running late (she and Eek were the last to arrive, nothing to be surprised about here) and poor MM (with her hubby and daughter, thankfully) was already in GM for pretty long, waiting for us.

It was a while until the rest arrived so we took some pictures first.
Hunny and MM's hubby
I didn't plan to be matchy2 with Baby Boy
It just happened okay (and that's MM, the aunt of N in previous set of pictures hehe)
With everybdoy
A little story about O. While you should already know that my memory (of mundane things, you know i have a semi-photographic memory for everything else) is quite horrible, well.. O's just as bad if not worse than me *LOL*. We kept on making jokes about her leaving my pressie behind, i told everybody that in our 10 years of celebrating birthdays together (it's more than that i think, probably 12)-she remembered bringing my pressies like.. a grand total of two times. LOL. Other times it'd have to wait for a long time, one time it was like MONTHS later (like, closer to my next birthday maybe LOLOLOL, no lah maybe closer to the next cycle of birthday that started with MM's). Let's see how long until she remember giving the pressie to me this time, maybe 3 months? LOL. It's hilarious how MM kept on scolding her :p.

O also kept on forcing me to promise we won't take any pictures since she looked worse for wear coz she went straight from work and haven't had the time to shower yet, plus she was wearing her uniform. But seriously, she looked totally fine and quite polished if not for the errrr... not so pretty uniform. So we forced her to cam-whore anyway :p.
Yes, the purple bag in the back's mine haha
L happily announced "I'm wearing a floral dress" LOL, i told her that's for a different dinner!
The last set of pictures were taken on KH (LL's hubby) birthday dinner at Paradise Dinasty. It was actually on 29th September or something but since i haven't blogged about it, let's just pretend it's part of my OctoberFest lah okay! Hahaha... Didn't cam-whore much at the restaurant because there were LL's younger sister (who's older than me, btw) and brother+wife. I'm shy around people i do not know well, remember...
Hunny with the birthday boy

LL's daughter who burst into tears when Baby Boy sat beside her at first but then glued to his side when he began playing with his Ipad *LOL*.
Collective pic of the dishes because i was too embarrassed to take pictures of each one separatedly!
But LL's as big of a cam-whore as me, so we went to a nice spot at CW and took PLENTY of pictures. It'll be a shame to not upload them :p since we were all dressed up, so please indulge me!
Snapped a LOT of pictures because the results were less than satisfactory. LOL. Hunny always needs guidance on the angling and all. And he kept on complaining that he needs a better camera. There's no connection between good angles with an expensive camera okay! I believe one must be able to take nice pictures with mediocre cameras to be qualified as a good photog, that person would take amazing pictures with a prof camera (but definitely should be able to handle pocket cam as well), don't you think?
I definitely qualified as at least a better photog than him, pfffttt!
Random picture of a cute pao store merchandises. The paos themselves also very cute and colorful, quite nice as well (even though i am not much of a pao person-despite looking like one WTF shush)
Last one, i promise
Unintentional promotional picture of that photo studio *LOL*
AS further proof of my photography skill (WTF), here's a dreamy and pretty picture i took of the birthday boy and his wife. NO EDITING WHATSOEVER!

Wah, i just realized LL also wore her LV Popincourt bag that i wore to my mum's bday haha, we have lots of matchy2 bags :D
And that's it! Hope you had fun having a nosey around celebrations i've had lately!


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  1. I missed out on Octoberfest this year T.T Hope you had fun! #gig

    1. Yes, i had lots of fun! October's always been my fave month :D!

  2. Well it is a lot going on, lovely looking meals, nothing like being around family and friends. Nice pics-very nice!

    1. Thank you for dropping by dear :)! Being around the loves ones are the best feeling in the world, indeed :D!