Black and Blue Doesn't Have to Hurt...

10:15:00 PM

Hi hi!

I have another very backdated outfit post for ya! It's from last year and it's the outfit that i wore for Odang's wedding :D!

I was quite hesitant to post this because... I wasn't happy with the way i looked that night. Not the outfit itself, but the fact that i was super bloated (in the middle of my period, i don't know about you but i have serious issues with water retention. My tummy would bloat 3x of its original flat size, my face puffs up and even my fingers become very sausage-like, a ring that would normally be very loose can be super tight during my periods. Flying also makes me bloat, as well as traveling. All three causes combined? I became a beached whale) and used a tight short to make my tummy less bulging in the only blue party dress that i have (darn the last minute dress code!!!) with an extremely body hugging material, but ended up giving me unsightly lines that are even more visible on photographs *sigh*.

But i decided, i still like the end result and we can't all look how we all want to be all the time so i'm still posting it! What i did like was how the makeup turned out :
Putting a full party makeup on in a hotel room with the help of a tiny mirror is not a very easy thing to do, okay!
Even my dad-who usually prefer to tease me than giving me a compliment, told me i looked like a doll ^^ , so... good job, me? Haha.

It was certainly a lot of fuss, packing for wedding parties in another city, i definitely brought a lot of more things than i would normally (when i travel) coz... party dress, shoes, full set of makeup... That's a lot of things!

Here's a list of products i used for this look :

3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4. NYS Spring Fling Palette (eyeshadow and blush on)
5. Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
6. Lavie Luxury Faux Lashes 
7. Dialfa Winnie the Pooh Vanilla Lipbalm
8. The Face Shop Gloss & Mat Lip Palette PK 101
9. Esprique Double Shine Face Powder
10. NYX Candy Glitter Eyeliner in CGL 18 Baby Pink
I really look like a bunny in several angles zzz
Didn't have Marshmallow yet so selfie was still mirror selfie haha
NOTD : Crystal Nail in H6
The water retention, the angle, everything made my hips looks uber wide *it isn't T.T my thighs are huge but my hips' totally proportional alright!*
But heck, i think i still rocked it anyway *LOL*
Outfit details :
Necklace, ring and gold clutch : Stroberi
Bracelet : Centro Dept Store
Black Lace Top (worn as inner) : Online
Blue Bodycon Dress : Zara
Gold Obi : Magnolia
Shoes : Everbest

I hope i'd get a heads up on dress codes next time i have to attend a wedding out of town! You know i'm an OCD and that means i need to meticulously plan my outfit. I already had the outfit for this wedding (i ended up wearing it to Henry's wedding!), it's black and flowy because i know what period, flying and traveling do to my body *sigh*.

Speaking of wedding, i need to bug #Undecided about what we're going to wear for Lyd's wedding on May! I need to plan ahead!



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  1. I knew someone who gained weight as soon as she eats a lot and went on diet and lose weight that fast at the same time. Weird metabolism! Anyhow, I love the dress and don't mind it. Hey you pull off your make up well! :)

    1. Hahaha that's a very convenient metabolism! I usually get horrible water retention though, so it's all water weight T.T. Thank you!

  2. Wow, your eyes are very doll-like! I like the long lashes and the heavy mascara. I don't know how to do that! Planning your outfit for the wedding may take some time 'cause you need to find one that will suit your preference and the theme if the wedding has one.

    1. I didn't wear a lot of mascaras though, Roch! I usually wear very little when i'm using falsies, let the falsies do all the work :D! Yes, especially someone like me-i need a very advanced preparation!