Birthday Girl!

2:21:00 AM

Heyylllloooowww everybody!

It's my birthday!!! (If you're a How I Met Your Mother's fan, please imagine me using Lily's tone when i said that!) Errr... Actually my birthday just passed a few minutes ago hahaha. I'm officially a... errrr.... eerrrrr... It's my second 21st birthday, let's just not ruin my perfect birthday okay. Play along, i know y'all know how old i really am, so just humor me okay hahaha. 

Today had been perfect! It was such a special day filled with unexpected surprises, i can only say that i am super duper blessed! 
A very happy birthday girl :D
Ya lah, i only saw an opening for a com-whoring picture to put up there :p. No worries, plenty still to come. But let's back up a little. Again, humor me. I can never tell something without a back story, yes? C'mon, it's practically my month all whole October, you should all indulge me even more than usual this month long hahaha!

If my birthday was perfect for me, the day before was anything but. I started the day by dropping my Baby Lips lipbalm on the floor until it's all fugly on the top (beauty junkies would understand my anguish, my lip balm's deformeddddd!!!!). It's like a bad omen because the next thing i know, i got into a huge argument with my mom. I'm not gonna tell you the details because i do not want to ruin my perfectly content feeling right now (and turn this supposedly happy entry into a long b**hing session), let's just say that i was shaking with anger and the anger cause me to tear. (i am the kind who cries whenever she's angry) A LOT.

I went out with hunny *with a puffy face from crying and still in danger of bursting into tears whenever thoughts about the morning came back. I am a thinker and a brooder, not to mention severely obsessive, so i do play unpleasant moments over and over again in my head without any chance of erasing it. The fresher the memories, the worse it was*, trying to distract myself. Went to watch Runner Runner (which is so-so, not very good) and shopped at bit.

About the shopping part, i didn't plan to buy anything-let alone anything beauty related. But... Hypermart's having a lot of promotion *miserable*, how can i pass? Lots of beauty essentials in a half price or so.. I had to physically yanked myself from the beauty section. My hand kept on reaching to the lip balms (AAAAA, lip balms at half priceeee AAAA!!!!) but i kept on telling myself "You have hundreds at home, just finish up some before you buy anymore of them!". Thank God i sobered up enough to move on. But not before snatching a few items of course...
This is not too bad, right? Btw, the falsies i got from another store
I normally would feature this in my future haul posts but since i want to let you all know about Hypermart's promo, i decided to show them all here (so in case you're not aware of the promo, now you can dash to the nearest Hypermart before the promo ended!), as well as to make the story complete haha.
Half a dozen of Acnes Oil Control Mask, my fave drugstore facial sheet mask i've reviewed here , IDR 6800/each
Mentholatum Beauty Masks i've never tried before, IDR 8000 something each
My fave kind of deodorant : aerosol! Easy to use and very convenient! IDR 20.000 (usual price IDR 30.000)
Face on Face Make Up Remover, it's the type you shake (my fave!), it's a new products (trying out new products is now my main hobby zzzz), plus it was IDR 17.000, take take take!
Oh yeah, the falsies were from an accessories chain store, Naughty.
The shape were quite pretty and they were IDR 6000 (WTF) each, so i just grabbed them! I need more practice on using falsies, and an IDR 6000 wouldn't rip my heart apart if (or when) i ruin them while practicing!
So, i was feeling better after the whole distraction thing... Until i suddenly felt ill (just typed sick but again hearing D's British voice telling me sick means vomit, so....). My throat was (and still is) very sore and i started to get a fever (i'm blaming hunny who's been having a sore throat since the day before!). How perfect, right? Hunny then fed me medicines that made me dizzyzzzz...zzz.. I asked #Undecided if being 30 makes someone weaker, or wrinkly-to which she annoyed-ly answered "NO BB, I'm 30 and i'm not weaker or wrinkly!". Sorry BB, you know how dramatic i am most of the time (worse when we're sick, remember LOLOL)..

I actually had a whole evening planned out while waiting for the clock to struck 12 (i dunno what i was expecting, maybe to turn old and wrinkly at exactly 12 O'clock? Or turn into a toad?), i was going to do a series of beauty treatments *LOLOLOL*. Yep, i'm weird like that. Anyway, i managed to do a few things in between in and out of my medicine induced sleep (s). 
Like Veet-ing my legs *LOL*
Using a nail mask *LOLOLOL*
And eventually, a lip mask!!!
Hahaha. I'm not that vain lah, i just got used to put on facial masks weekly not too long ago you know! And i never went and purchase those weird masks, i got the nail masks from Nail Bar event's goodie bag while the lip mask i got from First Blush September box. I will review them all, pinky promise!

Then i got so dizzy and went to sleep, but miraculously woke up before 11 and decided to wait until my birthday hehehe (dunno since when i began doing that, but it became a ritual now). I wanted to paint my nails but i was too dizzy so hunny and i just cuddled and watched sitcoms on TV. When the clock struck 12, #Undecided promptly BBM-ed me (love you, BB!) and of course, my hunny kissed me happy birthday :D! (thank you for all of my friends who wished me a happy birthday through all kinds of medias hehe!)

I dunno if it's a birthday miracle or all those medicine hunny shoved down my throat, but i woke up feeling much better! Not 100% well yet, but 50% lah haha. At least i was no longer feverish and i can swallow without wanting to rip my own throat out from the pain! (and that means i can actually do stuffs on my birthday rather than hiding under my blanket feeling sorry about myself! Which would totally happen if i was still as ill as the night before) My heart melted when my Baby Boy rushed in, kissed me and told me happy birthday enthusiastically, this is the first time that he was 100% aware of what he's doing *LOL*, on previous birthdays i had to tell him to wish me a happy birthday *double LOL*.

I resumed my beauty regimes hahaha, finally able to paint my nails...
Birthday Nails : Prestige Wonder Gloss in NLW-38 Intuition
Speaking of birthday nails... You know i always open sets of new beauty products on special occasion right? And October is when i let out one of the biggest numbers of sets in a year, of course! I outed around three sets, one for my birthday, one for hunny's birthday and one for our birthday dinner (which will be held later after his birthday, which is exactly a week after mine!).
Yes, all of those. No need to tell me i'm insane, i already knew
My employee BBM-ed me earlier in the day, telling me i got a package from "Natasya". I was like... HUH? What? I haven't been online shopping for a little bit, and the latest thing i purchased online was a PO on a kitty dress, but i hadn't even make the final payment so it couldn't be the dress. I was a bit worried that my shopping addiction got so bad that i.... sleep-shopping??? So i just told her to give it to hunny and let him bring it home.

Then hunny came and gave me this heavy box :
I  was like... What's that???? And he was like "It's probably a birthday present!" to which i replied "Huh??? From whom??? No lahhh couldn't be!". We tore the paper impatiently because we were super curious of what's inside, and turned out....
It's a surprise birthday gift from Shasha !!!
OMGGGG!!! I was speechless and so touched to a point of tears! Hehehe, so embarrassing, but it's true! I don't get surprised a lot (and only hunny/ex bfs did once in a while, can be counted with one hand's fingers LOL), but this time it's a HUGE surprise! Omo... Shasha, why are you so sweet??? Kisses and hugs again!!!
It's super heavy because it was jam-packed with lots and lots of goodies inside, hand down beat all of those beauty boxes i've got before!
I won't show all of the stuffs inside now because i want to make a blog post consisting of all of the birthday pressies i got *LOL*, it will be posted sometime after my birthday dinner, so that's probably like two weeks from now :p. I want to say THANK YOU SHASHAAAA one more time. I was seriously very very surprised and touched *hugs*. I feel so special!

The surprise totally made my day and everything only got better afterward! Lina suddenly BBM-ed me telling me i won this Elianto give away that i nonchalantly joined sometime ago (actually i had a bit of a feeling when i read that they're going to announce the winners on 3rd of October. Wow, wouldn't it be a nice birthday pressie, i thought to myself back then haha) that i was one of the winners!

OMG, i felt like the luckiest girl in the world! LOL (i very seldom join giveaway or stuffs like that because i don't feel like i have a lot if lucks in that department, my lucks comes in a different form haha, so winning this is super special also!)

Okay, so i got ready *using all of the new stuffs i already showed you*. Here's my birthday OOTD!
Remember i told you i can be quite a fashion fortune teller? I would absent-mindedly purchase something and suddenly it'll become a huge trend, MONTHS later! I bought these matching blazer and skater skirt (sold separately) a long long time ago, and matching two pieces is the latest trend now! 
Baby Pink Blazer & Skater Skirt : Hardware
Ray-Ban loose sleeveless top : Online
Bag : Rosemary Online
Like on Chinese New Years, i only wear genuine gold accessories on my birthdays, on my twisted mind it'll bring me good luck for a whole year *LOL* :
White Gold Hello Kitty Pendant : Gift from my BFFs+hunny for my birthday last year
Huge ass Hello Kitty ring, brand new-remember i told you i went and sold off my fugly gold jewelries? This is one of the items i got in exchange for them hahaha
Cute, don't you think???
It's super huge and chunky, and kept on sliding off my ring finger T.T so scary
And FOTD... Sorry i look tired and i think my skin also looked really dull, always happens whenever i am less than healthy :(...
Hunny said my theme must be bling2 today because i was wearing huge chunks of bling-ed Kitty jewelries and use glitter eyeliner all around my eyes *LOL*, it was actually accidental i just really wanted to use my NYX eyeliner!
Bling-ed out eye, i LOVE! And my eyelashes also behave really nicely today! Everything really went smoothly today :D!
Here's a (closer) look of the items i used :
Make Over lip balm, Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, Estee Lauder blush on, Benefit Some-Kind-a-Gorgeous, NYX Candy Glitter Liner, Sugar Baby eye dust, Sasa kabuki brush, Guardian house brand Lip Moisturizer, e.l.f eye shadow brush, Kimmi Eau de Toilette
Since my birthday celebration with my closest friends' not until another week, i went and celebrate with hunny as planned (Baby Boy went out with his grand parents the whole day because i planned to watch Insidious 2 so i decided not to bring him). It was, like my usual style, intimate and understated. Just how i like it to be.

Went for a candle-lit dinner at an Italian restaurant in GM called Piccolo (we've been wanting to try it out for a while, it's been open for about two months-but we kept on postponing, especially since it always seemed to be completely deserted! And true enough, there was nobody else but us the whole time we had dinner *LOL*) :
Decor and ambience's quite nice, maybe too nice for a mall restaurant that people got intimidated, thinking it must be very expensive-that would explain why it's always deserted!
I only had one complain, they need to add mosquito-fighting lamps! I saw some mosquitos flying around *shudder!*
Huh i look especially tired here, weird angle!
Hunny enjoying the free bread *LOL*
Hunny's pasta, i think it was quite nice but hunny said it was undercooked a little bit and the cream's too buttery and rich that he couldn't even finish it (but we're both not feeling very healthy and our throat's super sore, so that must add to why we couldn't finish our food!). That guy's thinking he's Gordon Ramsay or something LOLOLOL
My thick (super generous) and juicy steak, it was great-so was the sauce! I hated the soggy fries though, i wished they had other choices for the side dish. A baked potato would've been great, the fries were left almost intact
After trying out this restaurant, i am astonished on why they are so unpopular! The food were quite good (especially the steak) and the price's not bad at all! A lot cheaper than we expected it to be! The steak was around IDR 172.000 which is super cheap considering the huge portion they gave me! And pastas were under IDR 50.000! I told #Undecided and she was pretty eager to try this place out, hopefully it won't close down before we go there together *LOL* (coz it's always so deserted, i wonder how long they'd be able to keep the business running).

I also... went shopping *LOL*. Hey, i wanted to do all of the stuffs that i love on my birthday! That means steak dinner, horror movie and shopping! I only bought a top i've been eyeing for sometime in Orange and a few accessories from New Look (buy 2 get 3 as usual) and i might show them to you in future haul post, but the one thing that is show worthy here?
Hermes perfume
Hahahaha, not for me lah! It's a birthday pressie for my mum (i am such a good kid, buying her a perfume with a price that almost choked me even though she ignored me for a whole day on MY birthday. Still she'd say she got the worst kids. WTF lah), there are a LOT of October babies in my family. Her birthday's on the 14th but since there's no way she can even turn on a computer, she won't ever see this entry lah so it's safe to post this hahaha. Actually i wanted to buy her Channel no 5 coz she loved that sample i gave her along with lipstick and nail varnish from my European trip, but sadly Chanel cosmetics and fragrances aren't available in Surabaya so i had to settle for second best : Hermes.

Paid so much for a perfume (it's three times my usual perfume's price) so i would post lots of pics of it (zzz). It's not something i'd wear, obviously. But unlike most mumsy perfumes, i can actually stand and enjoy the smell. It really smelt... expensive. And my mum wouldn't use anything that is not expensive FML.
This is a freebie the SA threw in...
Then of course, we went and watch Insidious 2. Which is quite great (although i didn't find it too scary), if only we weren't surrounded by mannerless people (who kept on chatting super loudly the whole effing movie, and kicked my seat super hard during the tensest moment, GYAAAAA FAKYAAAAAAA!!!)...

Anddd... that's my birthday story! Part one because the celebration would be part two! It was super special for me and i am super grateful and thankful because i do feel super blessed! God really really loves me! If the day before was hell, my birthday's like the complete opposite. So it was like a rehearsal, the worse the rehearsal was, the better the performance would be! Hahaha. 

I hope you enjoyed reading on how i spent my birthday as much i did! Oh, i also officially closing my giveaway, thank you for everybody who participated! I will announce the winner as soon as possible! Stay tuned!


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  1. happy 21st birthday!!! :)
    semoga happy2 terus ya...

    btw itu resto nya di dalem mal (GM itu galaxy mall bukan ya?) tapi kok bisa ada nyamuk?

    kalo steak, bukannya enakan boncafe ya? hahaha. jadi ngiler nih pengen makan boncafe. apaa coba :P

    1. Huahahahaha thank youuu for indulging me, Arman! You're the besttt :D
      Iyah bener Galaxy Mall, tempatnya nyelempit and agak2 remang2 gitu jd ada nyamuk sembunyiii T.T
      Bon Cafe??? huhuhuhu itu kan rendanggg Mann..

  2. Omooo I have the same ray-ban top cece..but mine is white.. Btw itu picollo dmnnya GM ce? *baru tauu* *ketauan udah lama ga nge-mall* wkwkwkwk

    1. Oyaaaa? Gimana kalo kpn2 pas ketemu gitu kembaran Sha hahaha... Piccolo itu di belakangnya Pavillion, deretan resto2 itu lohh

    2. Tapi entah dimana sekarang bajunya hahahaha..oh ya? wah nanti pas ke GM tak liat2 lagi..udah lama ga ke GM :p

    3. Bhahahaha i know how u feel, bRang2ku jugabsuka gitu, udah ga tau dimana zzzz...

  3. Happy belated birthday! Wish you all the best :)
    God Bless you! Btw masker acnesny muree bgt cuma 6k.

    1. Thank youuu dear :D
      Iyaaa murah banget, kalo ga inget lemari uda mau meledak semua mau aq ambil semua yg ada d Hypermart kemaren...

  4. ciciiii..bulan oktober emg bulannya cici yah xixixi
    aaakkkk stuffnyaaaa banyaak!! huhuw HK ring nya jg lucuu..
    sekalii lagii cici happy bday!! yeyaaaa~~ :*

    1. Iyaaaa, thank you ya sayyyy :D... Hope this month will continue to be good, not only for me but for all of us! Viva October! hihihihi...

  5. happy belated bdayyy cc ^____^
    wish u blissful and blessed years ahead!
    God bless u <3

  6. Happy belated birthday ceee :D
    Gbu ^^

  7. Happy birthday again Pink! (I believe I did wish you before. haha)
    Anyway soal Chanel Perfume, you can buy it online on it's the best online shop in spore and it opens for indo too! =D
    Thank me later!

    1. Yes you did, two weeks ago hahaha, thank u again May!
      Ohh, really?? But but but, i already bought that Hermes perfume *sobs*.. well, maybe next time, thankk uuu May!

  8. happy b'day kak.....
    panjang umur, sehaat dn cantik selaluuu :D