#Pink and #Undecided's Taiwan Trip : Day 3 (Hualien Night Market-Culinary)

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Hello everybody! #Undecided here... I'm trying to wrap this entry as fast as I could today because I need to jet home exactly at 5pm sharp because today is my 1st wedding anniversary (OMG, it has been a year and I haven't even finished blogging my wedding story LOL) and hubby and I will have a dinner at one of my fave resto: Vitto Benetto. I would write about it, but hubby and I had promised that we would not touch our phones during the dinner (yes, quality time requires strict gadget restriction!), so there will not be any photos (excuses, excuses... but a good one, #Undecided *proud* LOL).

So yeah, day 3 in Hualien. And it's going to be all about food (Arman, that's your cue to continue reading hahaha). 

Teaser photo: #Pink and I, eyeing the candied fruits in skewer with love LOL

We started the night quite early. But it was a good idea because there were PLENTY food/snack/drink to sample. And I'm quite sure we sampled most of them *glutton and proud* LOL. Yeah, leave it to our little group to go gaga over food any day hahaha...

Hi y'all, it's #Pink here! I... had no idea whatsoever what the night market we went to was called (there seems to be a serious night market culture all over Taiwan, there were so many of them and the youngsters seems to enjoy going there so much! Can't say the same about Indonesian... We're mall people, you know hahaha) but i just Googled and i believe the one we went to was called Zhiqiang (please do correct me if i'm wrong!)
Boss Re was attracted to a stall right away, of course that's absolutely to be expected, he's even worse than #Undecided's hubby when it comes to food!
Decided to try this one out
Look at the different kinds of boiled.... snails i guess? We were amazed at the tiny Kol Nenek (i dunno the English name lah zzzz, failed miserably as a food blogger) that's less than half the size we usually have in Indonesia
Huge err.. errr... was it snails? #Undecided decided to try it out. Not my cup of...errr...snail, but she seemed to enjoyed it! (#Undecided just informed me that they were called tiger snails!)
Need to look so pervertic meh, Bos Re? LOL
Spot #Undecided nom-ing on the snails! This is a stall just next to the snails stall
Bakcang/Zongzi with sauce and ground peanuts? OMO, i'm so bad at describing food. This one's Bos Re's
Interesting looking errr.. cakes
I just think it's so cute that they used plastic water bottle as the nuts container!
Was hoping this would taste like Kue ku/Ang Ku Kue coz i love those, Joe also encouraged us to try it
The green one got a savory filling,Joe said it's very nice
While i'd say... YUCK!!!!
Combination of the sticky outer and bland filling was... *shudder*
I think the red one *with a black bean paste filling-if i remember correctly* was better but i still didn't like it. I prefer the normal Kue Ku! The sticky and bland tasting wrap is better complimented with sweeter filling. Completely my opinion of course!
Random snaps i took along the narrow alleys of the night market.

HUGE ass squids
I'm always attracted to candied fruit so i decided to try it out
I just found the sugar coated fruits to look oh so pretty and appetizing
Sadly the strawberries were sour and not sweet like i had hoped it to be and the other thingy? Cherry tomato *literally got goosebumps, i HATE tomatoes!*
I pretty much ate all of the strawberries and made everybody else nom the cherry tomatoes

Unlike #Pink, I actually enjoyed the cherry tomatoes a LOT. They weren't so sweet so they balanced out the sweetness of the candy. I wonder where we can find candied cherry tomatoes here in Surabaya hmmm...

And the next stall - hands down my fave stall of the night: a BBQ parlor. OMG it was packed! Our tour leader Joe said that it was the most famous BBQ place in town and it didn't disappoint. Yummy scallion with beef wrap, tasty sausages, grilled squids. OMG I need to stop listing now or else my diet would be ruined.

I shall let you continue drooling over our photos LOL.
They have funny fly swatters attached to a fan body. I got slapped a few times by the raffia ropes trying to get the "satays" >.<
Joe, hubby and I - paying for our BBQ
Why the sour face, #Pink?!

We had to wait for around 40 minutes for them to prep so off we went to the next stall: stinky tofu which was next door to an oyster omelette stall (#Pink's fave)
Met 2 Indonesian ladies here - yes, those two sitting on the same table with Boss Re
Me still busy with my tiger snails - see I'm almost done with them here LOL
Should I even tell you what this is. LOL.
Oyster omelette - #Pink's fave.
I must add that the Taiwanese oyster omelette's very different than the Singaporean version i am used to, still super super good and OMG i am drooling uncontrolably thinking about it!
#Pink's hunny was always on the quest of finding the weirdest things he could get his hands on. This time... some grasshopper?! 
Closer look
I don't think I enjoyed it LOL
#Undecided, it was DUCK's TONGUE!!!! Not grasshopper! LOLOLOLOL!!!! And yes, my hunny's an adventurous foodie, as adventurous as i am NOT, but the duck's tongue's fine for me. It didn't scare me haha.

OMG you're right, #Pink!!! LOL. But they do look like grasshopper now, don't they?! Skinny limbs and all LOL.

For once, hubby is the normal looking one *proud wifey LOL*
The one of the far left is Tiara - Boss Re's eldest daughter.

We stumbled into super cheap nail wrap booth as well and i got a few. I haven't tried it out (#Undecided bought some for G and A i think), but i've tried out my niece BB's Elianto nail wraps on her nails and failed miserably (but i tried one out on mine and it worked pretty well. So weird) i came to think that nail wraps are too much of a work, i'd rather stick to nail polishes. Still i'd give the ones that i already bought a try.

There were no seats around the BBQ place, and we were getting tired so after we got our BBQ (that some of us ate while walking around), we decided to go back to our spacey and comfy hotel room.
And continue nomming there!
I'm seriously missing that day :(, now that we're back in Surabaya doing nothing (me, i mean. #Undecided got her work to be busy with haha)
Poor ducky
I miss this day too, #Pink! Nothing beats a day of constant snacking. Even though I did say to hubby that I was quite glad to be back working or else I'd balloon up in no time hahaha...

And that's it - day 3 of our Taiwan trip. We're leaving you with a picture of me copying my cartoon doppelganger: Lucy from Despicable Me 2. Hahahaha... I don't think I look like Lucy, but everybody seems to think so *hmph*. What do you think? 

Stay tuned for day 4. We will write faster. Promise *grin*.
#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. Ewww,, Pauline ate snail!!! she was either showing off her guts or straving. LOL