Family Trip 2013 : Singapore Gardens by the Bay (Day 5)

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How is everybody's weekend so far? #Undecided and i had an interesting afternoon, playing the role of a photographer and stylist. We did a DIY maternity photo session with preggo A hahaha... None of us were keen for professional maternity photo shoots, but we thought it'd be could to do one ourselves. It sure was... tiring *LOL*. Will be showing you the pictures once we're done prettifying them!

Anyway, today's post going to mark the end of our JB/SG family trip (but the series still continue with a little bits and pieces of our adventure in Jakarta and Bandung), we left our hotel on day 6 at the crack of down (because we took a morning flight to Jakarta, just us-my 'rents and KC's family, the rest went back to Surabaya directly later in the afternoon) and then stayed at our apartment the whole day, sleeping! 

We actually went to Taka and Ion in the afternoon until later in the evening (we also went to Novena because i remembered the huge Cotton On shop-the biggest that i've been to in Singapore-on a mall there on a previous trip with L, but the mall like 100% different already OMG. I dunno if we went to a differently wrong mall-which is unlikely because it's directly above the MRT station like last time-or they had renovated and changed the look completely, which is more likely because in Singapore lots of things actively changes, it's hard to keep up with the changes! You didn't go there for one or two years and already a lot has changed within those time! So it was a very pointless journey, we just fed Baby Boy and then went back to Orchard to meet up with KC's family again) but the star of the day was obviously : Gardens by the Bay.
In fact, almost all of the pictures i got from that day was taken in Gardens by the Bay (and LOTS of them, over 200 pics that i would post here so beware! SUPER picture heavy! I dunno how other bloggers can pick pictures to put on their travel entries, coz i can't!!! I always ended up putting 90% out of all of the pictures i got! Never mind, i am too detail oriented i even annoy myself, just bear with me, will ya?) since that's the only interesting place (note : blog worthy) we went to that day!

Lemme show you my OOTD first?
Three toned mini dress : random FO in TP, Tiny white dotted creme bolero : Magnolia, Green studded sling bag : Bali, Baby pink floral flats : Sungei Wang, KL
Simple make up as usual, i didn't wear any mascara on the whole trip *takes too much time*
We spent our afternoon doing last minute shopping, everything that we wanted to buy we must buy then because we won't have any more time to do so! That's why i stupidly shopped like mad in Watsons (you know how much those bath and beauty stuffs weigh! Probably about 5 kilos or so that hunny had to tote around the whole day), last chance! 

Not only me lah, Baby Boy also had to buy whatever toy he wanted to buy (with the hong bao money he received from his granny). There was a toy exhibition and a HUGE sale in Taka at that time, he managed to score a LOT of stuffs for way under SGD 100 (i think he only spent SGD 50! Of course, he got toys the days before though). It's amazing, i think when we converted the amount he spent for those toys it was like IDR 400.000 or so (when then put things in SALE in Singapore they aren't kidding, everything became super cheap! Yes, even with the crazy exchange rate and all), if we bought them in Indonesia it'll cost us more than 1mill for sure!
Baby Boy with his loot (which of course, I had to tote by myself the whole day, there were like four or five toys inside, quite heavy okay!!!)
That Darth Vader mask always intrigued him and it was on a huge sale, about SGD 9.90 so i forced encouraged him to get. Because if i didn't, he'd probably pass it and then in a week or two would mention it, hoping we'd buy one for him. It's like, never been (okay, have, but rarely) on sale in Indonesia and this is sold for less than half the price back home! Baby Boy's a lot like my niece Au, who took forever to choose what toy she wanted to buy when she was little. They'd go round and round and round the store on end, not even close to have any idea what they actually want. Haish.

Oh yeah, need to tell you this. Later after we had dinner at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands' food court, i rushed to the Guardian next door (remember, to purchase lots of Hello Kitty toilettries and cosmetics....). In my excitement, i put down that huge paper bag full of Baby Boy's toys. Then i forgot all about it. We even went to Sephora and i shopped (just one tiny perfume :p) there and all, on our way back to the MRT station... i realized that i did not have that paper bag with me!!! I know right, i do that ALL THE TIME. We ran all the way back to Guardian, i was almost in tears already (it was late, if it's gone we could not go back and buy them again, i felt so guilty towards my Baby Boy lah zzzz)! And thankfully... it's still exactly at the spot where i left it. Yes, in the middle of the aisle. That's how safe it is in Singapore haha.

Then around 3 we finally made our move towards the Marina Bay Sands area...
I snapped this without paying any attention to the bubble-talks behind them but hunny did
So he told me to pose and look annoyed hahaha. No, we didn't know that guy next to me *LOL* he must've noticed the camera but was halfway blinking, zoom in and you'd see his eyes looked a bit scary *sorry stranger! I didn't mean you look scary lah hor*
It was a pretty long walk, but not as long as the walk back later hahaha... Then we finally arrived!
Hmmm, yeah it looked pretty far still. Then we saw they're providing (NOT free!) shuttle and since we're spoilt Indonesian, we jumped! It was SGD 2 per person, for two way. It was already about 4.20 i think. AFTER we made our payment then we realize that.... The last shuttle would be at 5!!! WTH $@%%^#*&()#*)%!##$!!!! That's when we finally realized that the indoor attractions are closed at 5 (but not really lah, i think they meant the last admittance was at 5. Because we stayed inside for more than 1 hour and it was still crowded when we got out, with no signs of closing down) ZZZZ.
CL complained all the way "Gimmie back my SGD 1!!!" LOLOLOL. I think she also uttered her famous words "THIS IS FRAUD!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
We snapped a normal pic first but then i remember this family picture taken when i was like 1 years old (still displayed proudly in the living room) where i was innocently trying to pick a mandarin from a potted plant that KC said was highly forbidden, in the picture he was scowling at me with a VERY annoyed expression. I told him to re-enact that look hahahahah, he nailed it :p. I will post the ancient picture if anyone's interested to see hahahaha...
Hunny and CL purchasing tickets for the Flower Dome (It was about SGD 15 maybe? The website only provide info for local resident's rate. It was less than SGD 20, could be SGD 18. But it's super huge and pretty it's worth it!). Too bad the other attraction (that i am actually more interested in) Cloud Forest was close for maintenance. Not that we would have time to go to two conservatories though...
Yeah, they told us the place's closed at 5 so we were quite panicked *only half an hour left...!* and rushed rushed. No reason to though, like i already said. We didn't know that right...
If there are real ants that size running around in this world... I... I... I dunno what i'd do *___*
Okay then, let's get in!
I won't yap too much (from this point on), let the pictures talk for me!
The place was seriously massive
Singapore Fliers' very visible from the dome
You know i'm not much of a plant person, but the plants and flowers here in the dome were so pretty and lots of them so unique (not something that i've seen before), i snapped a LOT of pictures. Oh there was also one plant (i don't remember which one) that permeated the smell of... Terasi WTF *__*.
Hairy plant *shudder*
And obvi, cam-whoring with them is a must...
This almost looked like something that grows deep in the sea-bed!
The boys discovered that the cold blast of air originated from these... errr...squares
And of course, those two silly-heads came and joined them -___-
Looking at this picture it's hard for me to believe that this is indoor hahahahaha
Baby Boy always photo-bombed me *___*
So pwettyy T.T
I'd call this Pinocchio's garden hehe

This part has the PRETTIEST color combo EVER!!!! Pink, lilac, all the beautiful pastel colors!

The plant that reminds me of the Chesire Cat somehow..
Soo pretty and whimsical!

Prettiest star-shaped leafs!!

The flower was bigger than my palm!
They also have a beautifully decorated (well, i am referring to the purple hued amazing lights of course, didn't pay attention to anything else in it) function hall
It'd be pretty awesome to have a wedding there
More beautiful pink flowers...
That's Au, suddenly halfway through the stairs already
Hurry hurry take picture before someone come and shoo us away hahaha
Then we're off to the second floor which is not as pretty as the first but definitely unique because it as filled with cactuses and the likes. I didn't know that there are pretty and even baby pink-colored cactuses! 
So pretty, they looked almost fake to me

KC found a super large bench and laid down straight away

So we followed suit! See, the bench really was HUGE!
Yet another one that looked like one it belonged under the sea hahahah

This one is so yucky looking...

The Singapore Flier looked even closer from the second floor

Looked like cat's paws...

KC forced me to pose with the Darth Vader mask *___* at least he didn't make me put it on i guess



We got bored waiting for KC to set up his camera so we can take pictures together...
Cam-whoring at the bathroom hahaha

There were a few of i dun even know what to call this, like a 3D TV screens? I mean the tree in the picture was 3D but then it was made like it was blossoming and falling, then there were animals and all (yes, there's a little story about nature in every screen. Every screens got different decors) projected into it. It was super cool! Unfortunately they didn't translate well into pictures
The souvenir shop
White rose ice cream

It was... interesting. But floral flavored ice creams are not my cup of tea :p
For a 6 years old to do this is very acceptable
She's 15, but hmmm.. ok lah.

But this? I was so worried that a security guard would approach us or the wooden lion would broke...
We were then off to find the Supertree Grove where the Garden Rhapsody (the musical and light play) was held. This what CL mistaken as the whole garden's information, it would only start at 7.45 PM that's why it was adviseable to come here latter in the evening, to catch the show! But not if you intended to visit the other gardens for sure! If you plan to catch this show, visit Flower Dome and even Cloud Forest, i'd say you'd have to be there since around 2. Spending 1.5 hours in each indoor conservatory would be a breeze!

Anyway, since the gardens were MASSIVE, as usual... We got lost a few times hahahaha *you should be used to us getting lost anywhere we go by now, yes?*. Beside the three conservatories i've mentioned, there were still a LOT of other gardens. We stumbled into one of the Heritage Gardens (the Indian one) along the (wrong) way hahaha. 
We could see the supertrees already but we took the wrong way so had to turn back *___*


Must get tickets if you want to walk through the skyway. SGD 5 for adults and SGD 3 for kids (that's probably for local residence also, maybe we paid SGD 6, couldn't be a lot more than that). They told us that we could stay there for 15 minutes and we were like "What??? So expensive can only stay so short???" Little that we know we wouldn't want to spend a minute longer than 15 minutes anyway :p. Btw you do not have to pay anything if you only want to sit around and watch/listen to the Garden Rhapsody
CL insisted for us to wait until the lights started to light up so we sat around waiting
It's starting! (You won't be able to tell, but we waited for 30 minutes or so, it was also worse because the seat was so hot *scorched by the sun the whole day* and the kids also complained non stop about why we're not going up yet haha)

I SUPER love the colors of the supertees! Purple with hint of pinks, GYAAAAA
Rode an elevator up...
Apparently up there, the footing was not firm and stable like in a common tower okay! It was swaying a little (the harder the wind, the scarier it got), and you can actually see the ground below from the wire-styled flooring! SUPER SCARY LAHHH and none of us *except maybe MT and Baby Boy who didn't seem to be bothered at all* was a fan of height okay!!!!
KC acting all brave but once the camera's down, he trembled and walked like a very old grandpa...

I looked extra glum... But i was just shaking inside!

Look at everybody holding on to the rail for their dear lives hehehe, now we know why we're only allowed up there for 15 minutes, we might pass out if we wait any longer hahahaha the swaying scared the sh*t out of us!!!

And with that last, silly picture of hunny, i'm wrapping up this entry! Til next time, Singapore! I hope your exchange rate would go down or else next time would be quite a while! I'd rather go to Taiwan! LOL.


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  1. garden by the bay ini keren banget ya....

    yang paling lucu yang foto di MRT yang ada buble talks nya itu. itu cowok yang di sebelah lu juga pas ada buble talk nya juga pula. tadinya gua kirain dia one of your family ternayta stranger ya. huahahaha

    1. Iyah, cloud forest nya kayaknya paling kerenn tp sayang lg maintenance wkt kita ksana...
      Hahahha iya itu a total stranger :p