Happy Birthday, Hunny!

11:59:00 PM

It's my hunny's 30th birthday!!!

In case you're wondering, yes i'm a bit of a cougar, i am a week older than my hunny *LOLOLOL*, but nothing compared to #Undecided (who's more than one year older than HER husband. #Undecided's husband's not even 29 yet-until next month. How much i hate him for that now??) :p. Anyway, i couldn't get a decent picture of him today *he's a total pain to photograph when he's not in the mood, oh also when he's having a bad hair day-which i totally think happened today hahaha*, so here's a picture of our little family having a celebratory birthday dinner instead!
Before i go on and yap about the dinner itself, i decided it'd be fitting to share a little bit about how we started (i think i promised to write about out little "love story" more than a few times already but never got to actually do it) to be a couple! It's... not really romantic or dramatic though *LOL*, i guess that's why i never really write about it just yet! It's just... very ordinary :p.

We actually met for the very first time on the first day of our university's orientation day. I don't know what he saw in me that day, but he claimed that it was love at the first sight. I had a very short, boyish haircut *because i needed a fresh start. My hair was as long as it is now before i chopped it all off. Did this a few times actually* and i had to spray it with a temporary black paint (because my actual hair was fiery red and it's not allowed during orientation and i wasn't about to premanently dye it back to black!) that was super sticky, made me look more like a drowned cat than a total hottie (but i was quite a belle in my University, okay! Ask around if you don't believe me :p). We were asked by our seniors to introduced ourselves with a signature gesture (WTF), so i just spinned around then flashed a peace sign *yes, very original-NOT. I believe youngster today who're totally into K-Pop would call it Aegyo haha* and he said he was head over heels ever since.

Then he went on and got my number somehow (i clearly never gave him my number!) and texted me non-stop. I didn't know what's wrong with me, but even as he became my shadow, always beside me wherever i go, i didn't have the slightest idea that he's into me. Even when my friends asked me and clearly told me he's totally got a crush on me, i'd brush them off. I saw him as nothing but a good friend, and somehow i totally thought he liked another girl in our orientation group :p. 

I guess the fact that i was dating someone else (Note the word : DATE, i didn't have a boyfriend officially) casually also clouded my judgement. I made it clear to him that i was actually very close to someone else, he even saw the other guy's picture in my wallet *LOL*. But that didn't seem to deter him anyhow.

He then managed to get close to a lot of my close friends, even #Undecided i think (who during our University days didn't really have a lot of contacts with me. We were very busy with our own lives back then. But we've never stopped being BFFs of course. Thing with BFFs, you don't necessarily have to be connected to the hips to keep being one! You might drift apart, but you'll always find a way back to each other!). And he... started using his connections with my friends to understand me better. I'd definitely give him an A+ for effort.

Now, he actually dated some other girls before (casually. Please do not confuse dating with having a relationship), but never someone he really liked (this is not only his claim lah, his friends confirmed this to me haha). Just like me, he was never been in love before, and i guess telling someone you really like how you feel about them is very different than when you're just playing around and never really meant what you said. The night when he finally had the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend was probably one of the funniest memories i had about him. He almost didn't make it *LOLOL*, i was worried if he might pass out *because he was so flustered and panicky* but he finally did. And i surprised him and myself by saying yes.

Now, this is the uncomfortable part *LOL*. We began dating (exclusively) and... i treated him like dirt most of the time (please don't hate me! I was young and stupid). I'd pick a fight whenever i can, whatever he said or do made me explode, and i was being a total b*tch. I cannot count on the times when i asked him for a breakup (at the peak, it happened like every few days), but he never even once agreed to my (unreasonable) demands (for a breakup). He just said over and over again, to give him another chance. Even when i was the one who made a mistake. He never once got mad at me or lost patience, he just kept on giving and never asked for anything in return, other than another day of being with me.

I can honestly say that i was not in love with him for the first three years (yes, three! WTF. My longest relationship prior to this one didn't even last for three months!). I just kept him around while at the same time, looking for someone better (yes, i know, i was a total B, shut up already!)-the relationship was not promising to the bystanders too that they actually made a bet on how long it'll last (because i omitted a playgirl image somehow WTF. I mellowed a lot by now, obviously but i was quite a little party girl back then...). Little that i know, that there's no one better than him for me. He was made just for me, nobody else would ever be able to put up with my attitude and still love me the way he does! I just didn't know that (plus it wasn't really easy to have a relationship when your family's not 100% behind you and keep on trying to introduce you to some rich guys, but that's another story altogether). 

Little by little, his perseverance paid off. I told you before, i was never in love before. I am not a romantic girl, but i always wanted to be *yes, i had my head up in the clouds-read too many romantic novels and watched too much romantic movies!*. I always dreamed about my Prince Charming ever since i was little, but i was more in love with the idea of being in love-because i just couldn't seem to fall in love no matter how hard i tried. Until three years after we first got together. 

It was not a sudden realization, not like i had an ephipany out of nowhere about my feelings about him, it was gradual. I became so comfortable around him and i felt so lost whenever he's not around. That's when i finally accepted that yes, i do love him too. I guess i am the kind of girl that's way too high maintenance, that you have to win over. You have to show me how much you can endure and how far you're willing to go for me. He showed me more than enough, and i can safely say i want nobody else but him ever since.

We were together for almost six years before we got married, and after that first three years, i believe our love with each other grew every day. It just got better after we got married because now we can be together 24/7, teehee! Whenever i got the question "You guys have been together for HOW LONG??? Aren't you bored of each other???". If you feel the need to ask that kind of question, let me tell you something my friend, whoever you are being with right now? He/she is not the one for you. When you found the one, there's no such thing as being bored. We feel like we lost a limb whenever we're not together, even for just a few days. It's not that we cannot live without each other, we just CHOOSE not to. And we're still very lovey dovey and touchy-feely with each other like we just started dating, you can ask anyone who'd seen us in real life :).

No, it doesn't mean we're attached to the hip as well. I need my girly time, go out shopping with my girls, just laughing around or whatever too. I'd be suffocated if he stayed at home everyday with me, i'd kick him to his office if he try that! But at the end of the day, i feel safe and assured because i knew i would see him soon. 

And just like that, my little love story turned into a very long one, and that's just scratching the surface *LOL*. I hope you're not too bored yet! I'll stop now, let's continue with the celebration!

As usual, our intimate celebration revolves around movies and good food *LOL*. Thing is, i've been severely ill since the day before my birthday and i didn't get better, i was really really ill yesterday (i couldn't even swallow! It was super super painful!) but thankfully i felt better today (just like on my bday right zzz, hope that doesn't mean i'll be ill again in a few days!!!) so we could go and celebrate. We actually wanted to watch Ji Hyo Unnie's movie Code Name : Jackal (yes, it's quite old but it just played in Surabaya! And we wanted to see Ji Hyo Unnie on the big screen!) but it was replaced by some other movies already *PFFFFFTTTT*. 

Thankfully there's a local movie called "Manusia Setengah Salmon" (Literally translated into Half-Salmon Human) that he'd been waiting for a long time (we think Raditya Dika's one of the stupidest looking person ever and he's definitely one of the most talented comic in Indonesia!), so we went to watch it while Baby Boy (who also been waiting impatiently since like, two weeks ago) watch the Plant VS Zombie shows and meet & greet (Geez, kids these days... Their meet & greet just got weirder and weirder). No pictures of the movie obviously (it was HILARIOUS. You should watch it if you're Indonesian and enjoys funny movies. I think it's really fitting how we each got to watch OUR kind of movies on our respective birthdays!), but here are some pictures of Baby Boy that i took around the Meet & Greet area :
This was taken after dinner and there were four festival styled booths (that you have to pay IDR 30.000 to play on every single one, it's like a package tickets-not sold separately) that Baby Boy insisted on playing at. Needless to say, he-and his daddy-sucked so bad that it was super hilarious. I mean, they couldn't even throw in a ball that's like less than a feet in front of them. It got to a point where Baby Boy was literally IN FRONT of the hole and just needed to drop it in. And he still missed. Then hunny went "OMG Wen, do it like this!" trying to set an example, and of course... he missed too. LOL. Yep, we left IDR 30.000 poorer (with some consolation prizes : stickers and snacks LOLOL) and with a tummy ache (me. From too much laughter).

Now about the dinner. I forced hunny to pick the place for dinner and he chose Mr Pancake. We ate there once before, when they just opened (like, years ago), but never go back since. By now they had expanded their menu that included steak among other things. I was (and still am) a bit nauseated, dunno why (maybe because i'm PMS-ing, yes my PMS symptoms includes me being constantly nauseated)-plus i got some painful mouth ulcers/open sores around my gum and tounge :(-so i actually just wanted a soup. But then hunny forced me to order something else too, so i picked a tenderloin steak.
Thing is, when the appetizing smelling soup arrived, Baby Boy who asked for fried rice asked enthusiastically "for me????". Now tell me how a mother's supposed to answer that? Of course i gave it to him *LOL*. I told you before that once of Baby Boy's fave food is creamy soup with rice. He's just so weird. So he ended up eating the soup combined with friend rice. Seriously so so weird -___-.
I clearly gave hunny my camera and asked him to snap a picture of his steak, but as usual... he was being his blur-self, that when i went through the pictures and couldn't find the picture he said "Whaaa... You asked me to take a pic of my food? I thought you asked me to take a pic of you...". I let it slide because it's still his birthday. ZZZ.
My OZ tenderloin steak which is okay-the sauce's very nice. Thankfully the portion's quite tiny because i had to swallow the meat with two tall glasses of water. I gave all the fries to Baby Boy's nanny. This sore throat and open sores thingy are very good for dieting, but i don't seem to lose any weight anyway FML
I also took some pictures of the ambience around the tiny restaurant, i think it's quite nicely decorated! Oh yeah, the food was quite good (not mind blowingly good) and the price is really low (and they are having a promotion using BCA or HSBC credit card, 30% off! This must be the cheapest celebratory dinner we've ever had yet!). The place's also very comfortable and nicely decorated, so if you're looking for a place to hang out or have a moderately nice meal with a very very affordable price, you can try out Mr. Pancake!
The fake fireplace's quite a nice touch, don't you think?
And a few cam-whoring pictures of course :
Birthday Boy with his annoying expression zzzz
With that kind of hairdo, no wonder people always thought he's a lot older than me when in fact i am a week older than him! The worst time was once, a man thought i was his daughter FHL hahahaha
The lighting in that place a bit yellow so you might not be able to see my make up properly. I did use a lot of new make ups again *obvi*, i will write another entry for my OOTD and FOTD (and the whole nine yards) because i do not want to go on and on about me while this post is actually dedicated for him!

Oh, but i have to take that back already, coz i need to complain a bit! I was finally able to subscribe to Vanity Trove's customized box (after missing two months) and i was really happy when we stopped by our office earlier this evening and hunny emerged holding the now very familiar box, however it was in a HORRIBLE condition! The plastic wrap was completely destroyed, it fell off when he picked it up (because half of it already torn away during shipping) and the box was completely drenched in liquids (i chose mostly full sized Tressme products!)! I was so so so disappointed :(.

I took some pictures as evidence, most didn't come out good (very blurry) because i snapped them in a hurry (coz i wanted to e-mail VT as soon as possible) :
The pull out box totally fell apart when we tried to take it out from the outer box
Everything inside was soaked, sticky and yucky :(
I've already tweeted, e-mailed and posted about this on their page, so hopefully they'll get back to me soon. I obviously wouldn't do an unboxing post before they replace the box, BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO UNBOX lah! Hahahaha. I'm not angry lah, i'm just very very disappointed :(. Why this keeps on happening to meeee??? Got ruined items in my BBox, and it gets worse everytime! Geezh!

Okay lah, that's it for today folks! Don't forget to wish my hunny-boo happy birthday okay? Thank youuu ^.^!


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  1. happy birthday to your hunny ya..

    wow sabar banget ya orangnya. lucky you. memang meant to be kali ya, buktinya walaupun lu berasanya gak cinta selama 3 th pertama tapi tetep aja mau bertahan kan... :D

    1. Thank youuu Armann :D
      iya, super duper sabar, tp kenapa dia gak sabaran sm anaknya yaaaa??? Huahahaha... iya jodoh banget kayaknya ya hihihhii :D

  2. happy bday koko~~~
    Ah cece, me too 1 month older than my BF.. so yours (1 week) is still okay laaaa hehehe

    1. Thank you Shashaaa *hugs*
      Yes, it's okay as long as we always look younger than them Shasha, toss dulu hahahaha

  3. astaga kotak vanity trovenyaaaa... X_X makin lama makin mengecewakan.. sabar yaa cece

    1. Iya Shel, lbh parahnya lagi krn... mrk ga mau gantiin semua yg rusak loh, jd yg bakalan d ganti cm Tressme doank. Lah itu voucher nya softlens msh untung kyknya bs d selametkan, pouchnya aksesoris udah hancur berantakan gitu coba. ZZZZ. Another beauty box i won't be subscribing anymore kayaknya :(

  4. Hi Pink, I think I know what you're talking about. The relationship between me and my fiance is more or less like yours. I'm the bitch while he's the patience prince charming. And one of my friend asked me, "How the hell the bitches always get the good guys?!!!" LOL. So I guess my friend is kinda right. But however, I'm looking forward to read more about love story. I'm deadly romantic, you know! ;)
    Happy Birthday Pink's Hunny! And the reason why people thinks you're much younger than him is not because the hairdo only, it's also because you DO LOOK younger than your age, Pink! =D

    1. IKR!!! LOL... There was even a point where MY OWN mum asked him why he put up with me? OMG! I did went through a violent phase of "marking" his skin with my nails (unintentionally of course, i was too mad and his skin was too thin for his own good, he was preventing me from hurting myself actually) and my mum actually told him he should ditch me >.< LOLOLOL.

      Thank you May!

      Oh about the me looking younger than my age thingy, he often got teased for being a paedophillia by our friends LOLOLOLOL, poor sweetheart!