Family Summer Vacation 2013 : Jakarta

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Hi guys...

We're actually planning to blog about my birthday celebration today, but #Undecided's very busy lately so... That's gonna have to wait until she has a little spare time! I have so many product reviews drafted but i've been blogging nonstop about beauty related stuffs lately so i decided to post this drafted snippets of our family time in Jakarta a while back.

I'm done with my JB/SG posts (finally), but afterward we still had another week long holiday in Jakarta and Bandung. And i wanted to blog about them too (mainly for our non-Indonesian readers-some who thought Indonesia is some kind of a primitive and backward place hehehe) to complete the whole story. I tried making the rest of the trip into one post but i decided it'd be best to separate the Jakarta post from the Bandung post. Just to make it (a teeny tiny bit) tidier.

As you probably all know, nothing much to do in Jakarta for someone who frequents it.... It is just another metropolis for me. One with crazy jams that drives me up the wall 90% of the time (seriously, how do you Jakarta people deal with the traffic? I think my blood pressure always shoot through the roof whenever i'm in Jakarta, which is pretty often PFFFFTTTT). 

And most of the time we spent there, we went to one mall after another. Not even that much (of different ones) because after a while all the malls blurred into one for me, so i prefer to stick to the ones closer to our place (our ultimate fave is Mall Kelapa Gading-which is not super far from our apartment, huge and more than a little complete-it has everything! Well, maybe not designer branded stuffs, but i don't even shop for designer stuffs in Jakarta anyway)-maybe the more upscale ones-once or twice (Grand Indonesia is another must visit for me because i HAVE to shop at Forever 21 everytime i'm in Jakarta!).

But this time we're in town just in time for a new, Ciputra World mall with a huge Korean department store-Lotte Avenue. Now, you know i'm not much into Korean cultures (i'm a J-lover through and through) except for their food and Running Man-so it was not the main reason why i wanted to visit it *LOL*. Any new mall tends to attract us lah, we just want to see it. Turned out it was not such a wasted visit anyway (even though lots of the stores weren't open yet!) because they had such cute decors all around the mall! Like this one :

Baby Boy and i, on a huge splattered ice cream cone hehehe
Lots of spots to cam-whore with, but i wasn't dressed for a cam-whoring session and i was a bit embarrassed because it was not very full *so someone cam-whoring in every spot is bound to be attracting a lot of stares, no?*, so i mainly snapped a lot of pictures of Baby Boy in every decorative spot hehe. But i'm getting a head of myself. 

Other than the pictures in Lotte Avenue, there are some random pics i took on our stay in Jakarta.

After watching the movie

This guy's obsessed *LOL*
Look at KC's annoyed expression! ROFL!
Cold Stone Creamery!!! Don't come to Surabaya, you devil!!! I do not need any extra fat!
Errrr... i just realized... That's all the random pictures i took before Lotte Avenue! LOL. The next day we went to Bandung-which like i mentioned earlier will be covered in another entry, so... Here's Baby Boy's Lotte Avenue's cam-whoring session! LOL.

Lotte Avenue was endorsed (or modeled) by the Korean girl band SNSD and the only good looking (but again, not my cup of tea) member of Super Junior (OMG i totally forgot his name and had to Google it) Siwon
Lots of cut outs of SNSD members. I asked Baby Boy who they reminded him of, he said "Cherry Belle" HUAHAUAHUHUAHUAAHUA poor poor SNSD! I asked him again if they are pretty, he replied "Yeah, okay lah. But mummy's much prettier!" OMOO, isn't my Baby Boy super sweet? He's so gonna be a heartbreaker in the future zzz
OMG, what's hunny doing? He wasn't picking his nose, no? LOL
Halloween props in July, really?

Errrmmm, yeah, i did cam-whore a little bit lah :P
I cannot resist the cute lollies!!!
Entering Baby Boy's dreamland : HUGE Toy City
It's seriously massive they could actually house this gigantic dinosaur!
The only interesting store that's already opened in that mall was Uniqlo, it was the first Uniqlo in Indonesia or something? I bought a cute jacket that i'll show you in my haul post okay... It was having a huge opening sale and i immediately regret buying (hunny's) clothes in Singapore's Uniqlo because it was so much cheaper in Indonesia (on sale okay) zzz. 

I also eyed a very cute purse in Lotte Avenue's bag section but apparently it was a freebie if you buy a bigger (less cute) bag. At almost 2 mill, i hesitated for way too long. Yes, of course i bitterly regret not getting it. Until now FML.

Look at hunny's criminal face. We were trying to steal some errr... sperm-shaped balloons LOLOLOL
I'm not usually impressed by a local mall's decor, but this one reminds me of overseas (like, Spore or KL's) malls so it was pretty special
Gargantuan Dorothy's shoes?
That ended the series of cam-whoring pictures we took at Lotte Avenue! Baby Boy wanted to go to DuFan but, haishh i think we had enough of theme parks for one vacation lah! But i'd still go (because i actually do love them too) if it wasn't during school holiday, we'd be fried to crisps queuing for the rides in DuFan on a peak season! It's just not worth it so i sneakily steered him towards... Sea World.
I am quite saddened by the condition of Jakarta's Sea World now. It looked run down, old and quite moldy. Not clean and hygienic like how it used to be. I don't think our last visit was that long ago, that's why i was pretty shocked when i saw how different it looked. Sigh, why can't we maintain our attractions like other countries can? Singapore's Sea World-although tiny-never slipped up and look worse for wear.
The place also kinda... damp and smelly. So so sad :(... I used to be quite impressed by Jakarta's Sea World because it's quite huge. Now it's just... sad. My fave Sea World remain to be Bangkok's Siam Paragon one, i wonder if they're still as pretty as the last time we went there? Haven't been to Bangkok for so long, maybe it's time to re-visit it (i got so bored of it after going there too many times, but i haven't been there for years now i think i got over the boredom), Baby Boy had never been there either.
The only picture of me that day, even though i was wearing such a pretty dress hahaha
The last set of pictures were taken on our last day in Jakarta, just before we rushed to the airport to catch our flight (Baby Boy's staying behind for a week or so with his grannies). Felt bad about leaving Baby Boy so we tried to entertain him as much as we could that day. Went to one of the best kiddie mall in Jakarta (IMO), Mall of Indonesia (lots and lots of arcades and indoor theme parks, even though the shops itself wasn't interesting at all. We usually go there to play with Baby Boy or watch a movie at Blitz Megaplex).

In case it wasn't apparent, i actually love this kind of doll/toy houses (this is a toy farm i guess), they always fascinated me (that's why i still love going in Dunia Fantasi's Doll's Palace...)-that's why i took so many pictures of them hehe
This thing swings a LOT more viciously than i anticipated, i was pretty worried if Baby Boy would burst out into tears anytime (he sure looked like he might!), but he is now a convert because he likes to drag ME to this kind of rides! Yeah, always when i'm wearing mini skirts too FML

And this, a mini roller coaster. I am glad that Baby Boy's a lot more courageous now when it comes to this kind of rides (a far cry from just about a week earlier when he cried after i suggested he tried the mini roller coaster at Lego Land out!)
Then we watched Despicable Me. Hunny insisted on getting the huge popcorn package because he wanted to get two of the Minions' cups. And i don't even like popcorn T.T.

The friggin popcorn was much bigger than my face T.T
Baby Boy inside the theatre. He then proceed to scold me for taking his pictures, because "It's not allowed mummy!" when i said "of course it is!" he pointed out to the warning on the screen PFFFFTTTT. Haih, it's prohibited to take pictures of the movie (i guess) lah, not of you! Ever since he began reading fluently, he seems to be super strict with written rules. Whenever i broke one (oops) he'd point it out and lecture me. Zzzz.
Anddd, that's all of the pictures i got of our stay in Jakarta that time! Bandung post coming up soon!


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  1. lotte mall itu lucu amat ya.. banyak spot buat foto2 :)

    1. Iyah tp ga tau ini permanent apa cuma buat opening aja yah?