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11:21:00 AM

Quoted from Wikipedia:
"A day spa is a business which provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments such as massages and facials. It is different from a beauty salon in that it contains facilities like sauna, pool, steam room and whirlpool that guests may use in addition to their treatment."

(please excuse the capital letters, I'm in such a good mood today (thanks to all the delicious food I had last night), I'm greeting y'all with enthusiasm.

Anyway, last Sunday I went to pamper myself with a spa treatment. A few months ago, G offered me to share with her a voucher worth of 2 spa treatments (which she got from Groupon Disdus). And as a spa-enthusiast, of course I jumped the gun and said yes.

So at the appointed time (12.00pm - and I'm proud to say that I was on time teehee!) I got there and was so taken aback by how the spa room looked like. It was just a tiny rectangular room with a shower room at the end. Yes, a shower room. No bathtub (and they call their service a spa - duh! The management should really read that quote I put above!). And what made it worse: there was this pungent, revolting smell coming from it.

Asked the masseuse for a disposable shower cap and she said they don't provide it.

Found a very old looking plastic shower cap (which I believe has been worn many times before by a number of different person. Talk about yuck.) dangling in the shower room and decided to wear it since I had no intention of getting massage oil and whatnot on my hair plus I didn't have my hair scrunchie with me at that time FML.

So okay, first impression: bad.

But I kept an open mind, went ahead and laid on the massage table. The masseuse started to do her thing, which was surprisingly a very nice experience *reminiscing dreamily*. However I was so bothered by this one question she kept asking me every single time she moved to a different body area: "is the massage good enough, Miss?".

THIS IS PIZZA HUT ALL OVER AGAIN!! UGH!! *dreamy reminiscence stopped abruptly*

I kept answering with an "okay" (because I'm nice that way hahahaha shut up, #Pink! *stare*), but at one point (when the niceness wore off and the real me annoyance kicked in) I had to stop her and said, "if it's not good, I'll tell you, okay?".

Come on woman, a girl is trying to enjoy a nice massage and doze off here... It was hard enough with the room being super bright (yes, it wasn't dimly lit like other spa places I know) and the fact that religious music was blasting from the stereo (why oh why!?), she was making it harder with constantly asking me questions! Gahhh!!!
Imagine me flipping the massage table - of course after stepping down from it - and wrapping my semi-naked body with the sheet, okay!
*taking a deep breath*

*some more*

We shall continue... Next on the schedule: scrub and mask time. 

I must say that MAYBE due to the masseuse's lack of experience (to be fair, the place was only open for 3 months according to her), this scrub and mask time was super unpleasant. Let me list you why:
1/ She didn't cover the part of my body where she wasn't working on so once the mask was applied, I was literally shivering from the coldness of it. Not fun.
2/ She took her time to draw on me. LOL. No, seriously, she was like an artist, painting. This was new for me because other spa places I've been to always rush (but still being extra careful not to spatter the mask on my face, of course) this stage because they know that the combo of mask + air conditioner = COLD!! 
3/ She didn't put any cloth / towel on the table's head hole, so it was quite painful to lay face down and I had to fix the towel myself.

See, totally unprofessional.

And last but not least: the heat wrap. Which was also new to me because I am quite used to the personal steam sauna. I don't really understand the purpose to it because in the end I didn't even sweat, and during which it got quite unpleasant because it was super hot on my exposed back. G (whom purchased 2 vouchers and split the first one with her mom) told me that one of the masseuses told her that the heat wrap in my room is actually broken - they cannot adjust the temperature, that's why it was scorching hot!! Damn it!! I had to shift around (which was hard to do considering I was wrapped tightly inside a cocoon) a few times, and in the end, the heat plate left a reddish burnt mark on my back FML.

And that was it. I showered afterwards. No soaking in warm rose infused water because there was no tub (a major fail for me, honestly). Just shower with a weird looking blue gel soap (which G's mom said was quite similar to cheap handsoap LOL). It wasn't even fragrant...

After shower I was tempted to snap some photos of the room to post here, but since it was sooooo small, it was impossible for me to snap one clear photo. And I told myself, seriously it's not worth the effort, #Undecided, just get dress and get out of here. LOL.

So was it an experience worth the money I paid? To be perfectly honest I can't remember how much I paid for the voucher, but Avelea said that the actual price (on the pricelist she saw there) is IDR 350,000 which IMHO is severely overpriced for something like what I "endured" last Sunday.

A spa experience is supposedly a pleasant and relaxing one. And when I used the word "endure" to describe it, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's nowhere near the neighborhood of good.

So will I return and pay IDR 350,000 for it?



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  1. no pics, cie? o.o
    ini lokasinya dmn sih?

    1. iyah, the room was seriously too small untuk ngefoto jelas tanpa aku keluar ruangan say... di seberangnya GM tuh. minat nyoba? ntar share di sini ya klo udah hehehe...

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