Princess of Darkness

10:56:00 PM

I think you need to give me credit for coming up with creative titles for my outfit posts now *LOL*.

The title is obviously influenced by my obsession with Prince of Darkness, the latest, sexiest Mr. Dracula, played by the oh-so-sexy-it-hurts Luke Evans. One of my favorite colors other than pink is, believe it or not, black. I tend to dress in sugary colors top to bottom one day, and all black and gothic the next. I just can't pick one side or another.

For serious events, like Henry's wedding, i try to look more grown up and darker, so my party dresses are mostly in blacks. The long, flowy outer layer of the dress is very dreamy in a vampirish way, i think the title is quite fitting (even though it's nowhere near as exciting as the title itself, since i tend to go simple on party looks).
Sadly i don't have a lot of pictures for this look, and these that i have are kinda blurry because they were taken in a haste. We were running late (as usual) and the reception was held in the other side of the city so we couldn't afford to snap pictures before we went off (and then we managed to got lost some more *__*, miraculously we arrived just in time, before the bride and groom even went in! Or not so miraculously, just that wedding receptions nowadays starts later and later -___-), then i asked hunny to snap some pictures after the reception, while we were waiting for the valet to get our car-much to hunny's annoyance.

I dunno, i think he's embarrassed when i ask him to take my outfit pictures in public (i actually feel the same way, but i'm getting better. Anything for some nice pics for my blog!!!) and he was rushing because the car's coming. Taking outfit pictures (or any pictures at all) is one of our rare causes for arguments coz he'd be annoyed at me for nagging (and complaining coz he takes crappy pics) and i'd be angry because of his unwillingness to take my pics. If only i'd get a penny every time i bring up his *fake* argument for buying NX300 (so i can take nice pics of yours. Hah. My ass) PFFFFFTTTTT. So no, girls, he's not perfect! And he doesn't "take my pics patiently" FYI!!!
The other sort-of-acceptable pic he took *sigh* and it's blurry *double sigh*
Black Lace Top : Online
Black Dress with Chiffon Layer : Online
Gold Obi : Magnolia
Necklace, hair clip, clutch bag : Stroberi
Shoes : Everbest
I was planning to spend hours dolling up, but thanks to my laziness+postponing tendencies, i waited until it was almost too late to start getting ready haha. In the end i had to settle for the usual hastily applied makeup ahahahahaha.
MOTD/FOTD (i would normally list the products i used on my face but... i can't remember at all *___*, it's taken more than a month ago (i must admit that SOMETIMES i just take a guess on the foundation that i used on a look, i only have a handful of foundies so it's bound to be one of them, but i can't be sure which one. Only sometimes though >.< #isitacrime #ifeellikeafraud. I need to start snapping pics of the products i used before putting them on again so that i wouldn't have to face this problem in the future!)
The other pictures that i got... were mirror selcas. It's been a while since the last time i had to resort to mirror selcas!!!
Showing off my NOTD, it was still the same glittery green Crystal Nail i applied for Miracle's event (because the event was the day before and there's no way i'd erase a still perfectly beautiful manicures just to change the nail polish color, that's just not the way i roll hahaha
The entire outfit was actually the outfit i planned for my cousin's wedding in Makassar (which reminds me, i haven't even start blogging about the trip at all WTH... Not even the outfits zzz) which was trumped because turned out the dresscode for the groom's family was blue. I used the exact same accessories (all i bought especially for the wedding) on that wedding though ^^.
  • My dress (it might be hard to tell from the pictures, but it was actually a tube dress with a drapery on the chest, as usual i layer it with my current fave black lace top because my arms are definitely not for public consumptions *might create havoc from its hugeness hahaha*) was... IDR 65.000 or something (USD 5.50 :p), one of my best buys from local made replica OS hahaha
I bet nobody can guess that this dress was so dirt cheap :P
Some extra pics L
with G and A
And what turns out to be my fave snap of the night :
With Meme, my former yoga buddy (she skipped yoga for so many classes already, can't be sure if she's still in or not!) Meme (who's also #Undecided's cousin). I love how there was a draft when this pic was taken and it blew my hair just right, like divas using a fan while taking a pic hahaha
How about you, do you splurge on party dresses or you prefer a cheap and chic options like me? I don't really repeat my dresses (especially party dresses!) so i feel like spending a fortune on them is totally unjustifiable!


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