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Hi guys!!!

Hoh, i'm so tired. Been going from noon-night two days in a row *LOL*. So much loose ends to tie up, even in shopping department! I wonder if all first-time-outside-their-original-regions-travelers are all so busy and fussy like us? LOL. I feel like we're being total cheeseballs, L and i! Haha! We  just keep on stressing about what to bring, what to wear, what to shop LOLOL.

Now, maybe because we're such cheeky gals too, L actually asked me if i'm bringing false lashes *LOL*, what's wrong with her??? She's usually not so into the whole make up thing, nowhere as crazy as me at least. I told her "Of course not, are you crazy?? I'm bringing my mascaras for sure though!" and she was like "Well of course, me too!". Now that i think about it, we sounds like people going to a party rather than travelling for two weeks *sigh*.

Oh, hunny and i got a bit panicked yesterday. Somehow i was so sure that our flight to Europe is on the 20th, so we're going to Jakarta on 19th (Friday), and hunny was convinced that we're going to Jakarta on Sunday! WTF! And when i said, noooo, we're going to Europe on the 20th!!! He freaked out and told me we totally booked the wrong dates for our flight to Jakarta! OMG, this happens every time. Booking for tickets and hotel rooms are so frustrating, somehow they always led to a fight or two *LOL*. Turned out none of us were right, we're going to Europe on Sunday (21st), and we booked the right ticket to Jakarta, on Saturday (20th). So much drama for nothing, pffffttt.

I told you about my shopping day with L, after that we went shopping two more times *LOL*, and yet we're not sure if we got everything we need yet! The second shopping date was last Friday. Lemme show you my OOTD? Please? :D..
Tierred Jumpsuit : Bugis Street-Singapore, Inner : random FO at TP, Sling Bag : gifted (Guess)
I was surprised when i entered L's car, because i noticed straight away she was wearing a jumpsuit too! With a similar sling bag! LOL! Her jumpsuit was black, while mine was grey, with black accents, we seriously looked like we're trying to be matchy-matchy. Too bad i forgot to take a picture with her, not sure if she would've too since her hair looked a little crazy that day *FHL*. She said everyday's a bad hair day for her lately hahaha. That pampered little b**ch doesn't wash her own hair because she claimed it'll turn dirty too fast, so she regularly goes for a blow dry at a hairdresser. She's insane. 

The little coral sling bag was actually a birthday gift from her *LOL*, told you i like to wear gifts from the giver whenever i go out with them, i'm weird that way. Let me tell you a secret, if you know me in real life and i've given you a gift before, wear it the next time you see me, it'll totally make my day hahaha. 
You can't see it in the picture but the black tiers are actually lace
Side look-giving you a glimpse of my thunder thigh *LOLOL*
The jumpsuit i wore was bought a long time ago (but never been worn before) in Bugis Street, my favorite shopping destination for non-branded, super cheap stuffs in Singapore. When i told L it was SGD 8, she freaked out and demanded we go there on Sunday (we're stopping at Singapore for about 6 hours before our next flight to... i seriously have no idea which city our destination is WTF. I think it's somewhere in France...) haish.

Here's my FOTD, i was trying to show off my nails if you can tell :p.
Simple make up, i put on dark colors on my crease but i realized you can't see it on the picture *LOL*. Here's my NOTL, i call it my "Mermaid Scales" nails hahaha.
Mermaid Scales nails :p
I was wearing Etude House's Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails in #5 Princess Marry (WTF's with the name??? Marry? As in marry me? LOLOLOL). Will do a review of it later :). 

Not much to tell about the shopping day itself, we had lots of fun and shopped quite a bit obviously. The most memorable item i purchased was that scarf i've been searching high and low for (hey, it's not easy trying to find an appropriate, thick scarf in a tropical country okay! Most of the scarfs i found was super light and for fashion purposes only. Plus i totally refused to pay a fortune for it. I'm not a scarf person and most probably won't be wearing it again much anyway!), got a decent and cheap (important!) one from Payless. 

Seriously, i love Payless, i bought accessories, sunnies, bags, and now scarf there, but i don't like their shoes much, how ironic? (In case you don't know, that's because Payless is a shoe store lah mainly). I am also eyeing this cute hat there, it's like one out of a 100 (because from 100 hats i tried on only one would look decent on me, the other 99 would make me look like a complete retard zzz). I saw a a very very similar hat in Aldo (90% similar!), it was IDR 339.000 in Aldo, IDr 129.000 in Payless! I think i should get it -___-.

I didn't buy anything else much that day.. Just a cropped top in Colorbox (another favorite of mine. Do you like Colorbox too? I only shopped there when they are on sale though, because they're always on sale! If you buy their stuffs at a full price you'll sure regret it soon, in a very short time they'd go on a crazy sale!). We were busy looking for a black legging for L (L's recently gave birth to her second kid, so she's still not back to her pre-pregnancy figure and very fussy OMG), in the end she bought a Zara basic black legging. WTF. I wouldn't pay half of the price she paid for a basic black legging. 

Before we went to CW (our shopping destination that day) we stopped by some banks because L wanted to withdraw some USD to pay for the European tour, and then to the travel agency we're going with (to pay lah, d'oh, Captain Obvious!). I need to bitch a little. The sales person who dealt with us is a very friendly and funny guy, and the other ticketing/hotel reservations/document staffs we met are all super nice. But their accounting staffs... OMG. I was a bit amazed with their attitude. I mean, we're paying customers and all, i think we deserved to be treated with more respect than what we've been getting.

I know lah, your position's not front desk one, you're supposedly only dealt with numbers and money huh, but since you were already face to face with customers (who paid more than IDR 100.000.000 for four people), would it hurt you to be more professional and courteous? Seriously, the attitude ck ck ck... I felt like we were borrowing money instead of making a payment that day. Now, i obviously wouldn't be able to recommend your services (what services? LOL) to my family and friends, i would embarrass myself lah if i do and then they get the same treatment like us *LOL*.

Seriously, that woman was lucky she was talking to a less sensitive and ignorant L, if it was me... i'm not sure i'd be able to stop myself from exploding. By exploding i meant throwing the money at her face and yell vulgarities. WTF. And if she was talking to me AND #Undecided, well.. she might quit the next day. And i'm not joking.

Hunny really wanted to watch Oblivion and he made me buy the tickets first (a sign that he REALLY wanted to watch it), since it's a Tom Cruise movie of course i happily complied. Have i told you that Tom Cruise is like my ultimate, all time movie star crush? 
I mean, who looks like that at 51? Huh? HUNH??? If my hunny looks half as good as him when he's 51, i cannot wait to turn 51  then!!!! LOL.

I used to hate science fiction movies (well, maybe just alien movies, i think they're stupid) but nowadays more and more good and entertaining science fiction movies are sprouting and i can safely say i enjoy lots of them. Oblivion is one of the ones i like a LOT (maybe i am biased because i got to ogle at Tom Cruise for two hours, but still..).

The earth was abandoned by humans after multiple of horrible disaster and followed by alien invasion, human won the battle but had to evacuate the earth because it was no longer inhabitable. A drone repairman and his supervisor (slash lover) was left as the "mop up crew", looking forward to join the rest of the world in Titan. He experienced lots of flash backs and dreamt of this mysterious woman he didn't know. After a spacecraft crashed, the contents brought lots of questions and he began questioning the truth, and if what he always believed was real was really put to a test. 

It was a little slow at first (but let me tell you, the CGI was amazing from the start, top notch!), but soon it built up and excites you *LOL*. If i found the beginning to be so so, not half way in i was at the edge of my seat, rooting for the hero (Tom Cruise lah, hello) and the heroine to make it. 

I think the reception of this movie's half half, some people might not like it, some other would love it, and i totally belong to the latter. I absolutely love it and would recommend movie lovers to watch this. It's a pure entertainment! As usual, please leave your logic or whatever outside the cinema's door lah (because i heard a guy said "But it's not really realistic lah the story" when we were exiting the cinema. Well, since when science fictions are realistic? Why don't you go watch a documentary if you want a realistic story?). And for Tom Cruise lover (#Undecided! I'm talking to you!), it's a must watch! 

Seriously, i don't think Tom Cruise looked as handsome as he is (in Oblivion) in most of his latest movies, he always look good, but he looks extra handsome (and young) here. I'm melting... 

Oh, i have another movie to review now, and it's also DAMN GOOD one, it's a must watch! But it's a Chinese movie *LOL*, #Undecided hates Asian movies so she 100% would skip it, but if you don't have any allergies to Asian movies then you should definitely watch this movie!

Watched it yesterday before A's birthday celebration (will write a joint entry about it tomorrow) because we have some time to kill after our chores (and before the others arrived). I wasn't even interested in the movie at first (i love Asian movies, but this one doesn't particularly interest me because i only saw the poster and had no other information of it) but hunny wanted to watch it so i went along. It's Saving General Yang.
Seriously, when i heard the title i was like, huh? What's this? Chinese movie inspired by Saving Private Ryan? LOL. Turned out it was, in a way, but also 100% different lah haha. It was set on Song dynasty or something (i am horrible with names and dynasties really), and based on the legendary General Of the Yang Family.

General Yang has seven sons (all highly trained in combats with different expertise), one day his 6th son asked to marry Princess Chia and wanted to join the competition for her hand (they were already seeing each other though) opposing a son of Pan family (another high ranked officer), general Yang forbade him because the Pan son was in love with the princess and they need to keep the peace between Pan and Yang (that was always on the rocks) to be able to keep the alliance aganist the Khitan.

6th son rebelled and went on to the competition, almost lost but then the 7th son (who had a short temper) interrupted and tried to beat Pan's son, but accidentally killed him. The Pan family tried to get the Yangs whole family punished, but their plea was cut short because of the news of the Khitan's attack. Pan asked to be the leader in this battle, to carry his son's will, so General Yang was placed in the front line. When General Yang's troop was pushed back by the Khitans, instead of sending reinforcement, Pan withdrew and let the troop being slaughtered.

General Yang and a some of his troop escaped but were trapped in Wolf Mountain, his seven sons were sent to rescue him. What will happen to the seven sons? Will the 6th son be able to return and marry his beloved Princess Chia? You have to watch it to find out lah! Haha.

It's super good and action packed that when i checked my watch in the middle of the movie i was super shocked that an hour had passed, it totally felt like 15-20 minutes only! And when i feel like a movie's shorter than it really is, that means i LOVE it lah hahaha.

The only name i caught when i saw the poster was Ekin Cheng, a veteran actor (and i remember a so-called friend back in high school loved him like crazy. Not a friend really, more like a foe i guess *LOL*), but there were actually more of them (well-known actors), i was just not aware. I was curiously watching the 6th son, i was like "I know this guy... hhmm... hmmm... i think it's this guy A liked, Wu Zhun?". And yes, it was Wu Zhun haha.
Wu Zhun
Wu Zhun's okay looking lah (not my cup of tea), but there's this other guy that caught my eyes, the 4th son.
The fourth son was like Chinese Legolas (from Lord Of the Ring), he's got a long hair, piercing eyes, super good with arrows, and move light as the air. I was also kept on thinking, why is this guy so familiar? Who? Who the hell? WHO????

I didn't manage to recognize him until the movie ended and his name flashed on the screen. It was.. Vic Zhou. WTF. You know Vic Zhou right??? From F4? Meteor Garden? He used to look like this :
Wispy, pale-skinned, weak-looking, girly guy with shaggy-rebonded hair. I really disliked F4 lah hahaha, i did think Vic Zhou was the best looking out of the bunch, but still not good looking lah! Now i have to swallow my words, and admit, guys can change LOLOL. And some guys looks better as they got older. In Vic Zhou case, he not only got handsomer, he totally changed his persona as well. He was seriously very manly and stunning in the movie lah.
This is the same guy as the guy above?? Are you kidding me??
Seriously. I think i'm a bit in love with Vic Zhou lah LOLOL. He's still skinny, but that's like the only thing that remained the same, he's really tanned now *LOL*, and i usually hates guys with facial hairs, somehow his only adds to his manliness lah *LOL*.

Oh, a trivia... i was sure Wu Zhun's not that young, i was like "I think Wu Zhun's not that much younger than Vic Zhou", in the movie Wu Zhun played the 6th son while Vic Zhou 4th, i just googled and apparently Wu Zhun is actually two years older than Vic Zhou. Can never guess it from their latest appearance though, Wu Zhun's very cute eh, and Vic Zhou became so macho *LOL*.

OMG, i wanted to write about our 3rd shopping date (today), but i yapped so much already! LOLOL. I'll write (and force my OOTD on your face) about it next time, hope you don't get too annoyed by me raving on Tom Cruise and Vic Zhou (i cannot get over how girly his name sounds though zzz he needs to change his name WTF) in this entry *LOL*, consider youself lucky i didn't change course and decided to add Kim Jong Kook to the already long rave :p!

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  2. Ce~ I felt like 'wth, vic. who are you?' lol!!! Vic beda banget yahhh .___. and Tom cruise? He is getting more handsome! Oh gosh.... Handsome dad Tom and beautiful mom Kat --> VERY PRETTY Suri. Yakin deh ntar makin gede si Suri makin cantik ajaaaaa >_<

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