A's Special Birthday Celebration

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Hellowww, guys!

#Pink and #Undecided here, we're back for our joint entry! Okay, i tried to sound cheerful but none of us are actually that cheerful at the moment, me (#Pink) got a tummy ache and my bones kinda hurts, much like i'm gonna catch flu (WTF, again? But i just barely recovered! My nose's still runny!!!) while #Undecided is sleepy and glum. Oh, this is our second joint entry written separately, me in my bedroom while #Undecided's waiting for her turn (reluctantly) in her office *LOL*.

Soo... today we're gonna let you peek into our very first birthday celebration in 2013, our BFF, A's birthday! (our birthday seasons always started with A's and used to end with mine, but now there's #Undecided's hubby whose birthday is a month later than mine, no he's not a month younger than me, he's actually a YEAR younger, did #Undecided ever told you that she's a cougar? LOLOL)
We're missing W :(
And... as much as i hate to admit how old we are... (i still do WTF) I think #Undecided had let the secret out about our age in some post ago. WTF. I dun want to write my age yet lah *HUH*, but most of you should guess by now (i keep on saying this year we're gonna step into another era-age wise, obviously we are not turning 20 this year so you go figure out our age lah hunh), anyway A's the very first to step into this new era (she's the oldest in our little group-not to count the hubbies because then her hubby would be the eldest, by years! LOL, sorry KK!) and like i've been saying all along, this time her birthday's more special than usual! Why? 

Because A is PREGGERS!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa... *dramatic* LOL. 

Hello everybody, it's #Undecided. Yes, I am a bit glum (I most of the times am when I'm at the office), but talking about this pregnancy lifts my mood up instantly (that and a cup of tea LOL). I have known about this for a while (A actually sent me a bbm pic of the test pack with the 2 red stripes, double checking if that DOES mean positive LOL) - been dropping hints here and there on my (scarce) posts, but now we FINALLY have the green light from the preggo lady to tell the world *whew - what a relieve*.

Oh and it's because she just turned 30. Come on #Pink, being 30 is NOT the end of the world!! They say life begins when you turn 30, right? Wait, I'm not sure if it's 30 or 40 but you get the point LOL. Going into 2013 I had a mission of making each of our birthdays special because you only turn 30 once (well sure, you only turn 29 once too, but hey!), but apparently the first event flopped big time. LOL. Yes, the preggo lady insisted that the event should be low key. The dress code was: lazy preggo ladies, the dinner was on Monday night, and the bday gal didn't even change out of her office attire - imagine that!! LOL. BUT I must say that A being preggo DID make our first birthday of this year super special. I seriously am super happy that I'm getting a new niece / nephew *grin*.

YAY!!!! We really are very excited! It's about time we got a new baby in our little family (yes, we view our little gank as a family of its own okay!, i cannot waittttt *muffled screams into my pillow*). Oh, a little back story, i did wrote about my period being absent for a whole month and #Undecided's to be late for two weeks (which is very rare because hers is regular like the clock!) and we were really worried that we might be pregnant too (we were worried because we're going to Taiwan oh August right... Would much prefer to be pregnant next year lah), and A was really happy and kept on checking whether i got my period yet or not, and one day #Undecided got hers and a few hours later, i got mine! Totally broke A's heart! She really hoped we could be preggie together, LOL, sorry A! 

Anyway, first let us show you our little pressies for A! Since we're so excited about the baby, we bought stuffs in lieu with the baby theme! A's only around two months pregnant and in Chinese custom it's not okay to buy baby stuffs before the baby's born, so we bought stuffs for the expecting mother lah! But we couldn't resist to get the cute, baby-themed paper bag to place the pressies hehe.
Hahaha, as you can see we got her stretch mark cream, nipple cream and cooling foot spray from Mothercare so that she can take care of herself during (and after) the pregnancy! We also got her this Colorbox bat loose top that we hope would be comfortable enough for her to wear during her first and second (and if possible the third also!) trismesters! I also threw in some more loose and comfortable clothes (not pictured), the most important thing in one's pregnancy is being comfortable lah okay! If not comfortable then the mother would be annoyed and sad, and in turn it would make the baby sad too :p!  

Speaking about the nipple cream *stifling laughter*, it was totally worth it to see the expression on A's face when she saw the box. Hilarious. LOL. 

Anyway, like I said the event was low key. We had dinner at DOME Resto in Galaxy Mall.

Show you some pictures we took before the food arrived okay!
Pregnant lady slash birthday girl with her beloved hubby :)
Birthday gal with the hubbies :D (our hubbies lah not all her hubbies huahahahaha)
And #Pink (being the dedicated blogger that she is) insisted to take every photo of the meal we were getting (yes, she even swatted me when I wanted to poke my fork into the banana fritter before she could snap some photos of it LOL).

Yummy caesar salad

Yummy banana fritter
My tenderloin steak that was way too dry that day -___-
As usual, the meal was good but hubby's pizza was... well, yucky. LOL. I don't know why because DOME's pizza is usually good! He originally wanted to get the BBQ Ribs, but they said that it was sold out (yeah right - sold out on a MONDAY night - highly unlikely *pfftt*). Poor hubby. Every resto seems to be out of whatever he wants to order LOL.
#Undecided and her pasta
Hunny with his chicken something something
#Pink with my tenderloin steak  oh yeah that's #Undecided's hubby's yucky pizza over there :p
#Pink and I also wanted to get dessert because we had been craving for one since the dinner at Pancious (yes, it had been THAT long - we were lucky we weren't preggo LOL), but the waiter once again said they ran out (yes, very strange and annoying!!) and we had to settle down for the banana fritter which ended up to be delicious, but still!!! Banana fritter is NOT the appropriate dessert that we wanted. I guess we'll have to wait until #Pink is back from Europe and go on a decent dessert hunt. LOL.

Speaking of the nipple cream... A actually BBM-ed me asking when she's supposed to start using all the stuffs we gave her, i told her she can start using some of them now (i meant the stretch mark cream and foot cooling spray of course!), to rub them a little bit on her belly and hips. Then she asked me, which one? I was... speechles.. i mean... Would i tell her to rub the nipple cream all over her body? Er... er.... LOLOLOL! Pregancy brain, welcome!!! I've been there! 

And i did took pictures of our food, but only mine, hunny's, #Undecided's and the splitsies ones! I didn't go around the table to take pictures of everybody's meal! LOL! Oh, speaking about dessert, that banana fritter that was supposed to be our "dessert" arrived before our main courses. LOLOL. I must say that's another big fat FAIL on our quest to get a dessert, don't you think??? 

I insisted on taking pictures although the birthday girl kept on complaining about her pictures (because she's in full lazy pregnant mode already! No makeup and office getup, er... not very photo-friendly, noh? LOL). 
I also made her pose with her birthday gifts!

Showing off the gifts we got for her :D
Secretly took a picture of the belly LOLOL, i hope A won't kill me for uploading this picture :p

While I kept trying to pose with her (and #Pink kept scolding me not to) LOL.
Hunny snapped this picture 3x from 3 different angle to avoid my protests, he said :p

As #Undecided mentioned earlier, it was really low key and very different from out usual birthday celebrations (we usually get really dressed up, the celebration's always held on weekends and we almost always set a dress code for the dinner), since the dress code this time (i was the one suggesting it actually) was Lazy Preggie Lady, #Undecided and i agreed to dress in a loose top and short pants/miniskirts, but somehow #Undecided showed up with a tight baby tee, why #Undecided, huh? I also violated the dress code by putting on a full make up though *and got a "HAISHHH!!!" from #Undecided when i told her so*, so i'm gonna let it go *LOL*. Honestly i think G projected the dress code best, LOLOL *OMG she's so gonna kill me if she ever read this*. 

Okay, that was NOT a tight baby tee, #Pink! It was a loose top. I purchased it especially for this occasion (at Hypermart - for IDR 35,000 LOLS) and it was loose when I tried it on. Apparently within 2 days I got super fat around the tummy area (yes, because I eat as much as A eats huhuhuhuhuhu *sobbing dramatically*) and it became a tight fit. Story of my life *sigh*.

So after dinner hubby and his cousin (V - G's hubby) went out for a smoke and we took some pics with preggo - showing you our official preggo pose.
Take one! Wasn't successful because the tummy was not visible
Take two! Can you see it? Hehe
We then went for a little walk and found ALDO. We browsed around a bit and G actually purchased a (OMG - why did I have to be the one telling this part) leopard print scarf *trying to maintain a straight face*. She had been trying to find one since when we were in Singapore but G being the picky person she is kept saying "this one is only one sided print", "this one is too expensive", "this one is bla bla bla bla" whenever we saw one in Singapore. So I was actually ready to MAKE her buy the ALDO scarf, but thank heavens that she didn't pull the stunt that day LOL.

#Undecided forgot to mentioned, all four of us actually shopped the most at Guardian! WTF. All the everyday stuffs we need (like shower gels, make up removers, shampoos) that was on a huge sale, we just kept on adding more and more stuffs at the pile in the cashier! #Undecided protested that it's just not right putting all of those on sale stuffs just in front of the cashier because then we kept on seeing something interesting and keep on wanting too buy them! LOL! Really, we're such aunties already *huhuhuhu* and only one of us is officially 30! WTF. 

So that was it. A's special bday celebration. I always love it whenever all of us have the chance to go full team which is rare these days considering that all of us are married LOL, so even though it was just a simple dinner, I had tons of fun (and I believe #Pink did too).

Happy birthday (again), preggo!! We wish you a superb year and don't forget that your kid will be spoiled by these two fun aunties (yes, #Pink, it's your time to be a fun auntie too LOL).

We love you!!
#Pink and #Undecided who always accidentally dress matchy2, we didn't color coordinate okay! That just happens!
#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. hahaha lucu juga baca posting dari 2 orang gini. jadi kayak dengerin orang ngobrol. :)

    happy birthday ya buat A.

    1. Hehehe hopefully the use of 2 different fonts helps differentiate who's who :)
      As always, thanks for reading dear... A says thanks (see below).

  2. hey hey, this is a and it's my first comment *since I never really read some blogs before, I didn't know how to upload the comments lol*.
    Thanks for sharing this here haha, thanks for the gifts, girls ^^.
    If only you 2 were also preggers, you'd be damned H A H A H A H A...... !!!!!

  3. hey this is A again, as for Arman, thanks for the greeting *lol, now I know that I have succeeded uploading 1 comment, I'm on a roll*

  4. You two are cuteee!!!
    Asiknya yang bakalan jadi Aunty. Say best congratulations for A! =)

    1. hahaha thanks dear... I will pass it to her :) xo

  5. Much love,
    "You have a cool blog!