M's Birthday Dinner & More Shopping with L!

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Hi guys!

How y'all doin'? I had a crappy day yesterday -____-, but i woke up to a good news, our visa's finally approved! We're going to Europe in two days! Yay!!!! Now i can stop worrying and start focusing on the trip itself! I'm almost finished packing too :).

Anyway, i'm gonna tell you about my friend, M's (it's funny calling her M since M is also the first syllable of MY name, but since i call myself #Pink in this blog and my friend's name also starts with M i'm gonna call her that!) birthday, yes another birthday celebration only one day apart with A's birthday celebration. Her birthday was actually on the 3rd but as usual, it got post-poned until yesterday hehe.

I never wrote (much) about M (probably mentioned her once or twice fleetingly), but we were actually very close friends back in University. We were  University friends but she's actually three years older than me (and most of our friends), that's why in our group back then we call her Da Jie (big sister in Chinese). Hunny was also in the same faculty with us, we used to go out-just the three of us-everywhere. We were inseparable back then *LOL*.

Let me tell you a little bit more about us back in university. Since our faculty's students aren't so many (a couple hundreds in total)-unlike other faculties (like #Undecided and G's, they majored in Business Management)-most of the students knows each other well. We were pretty close knit and all (plus we went for excursions and field trips a lot out of the city and even out of the country since we're studying Tourism Management and that totally brought all of us closer), had a close group of friends and somehow we ended up having animals representing ourselves -___-.

Not sure how it started, but we had a (close) guy friend who's tall and big and we called him Baby Octopus *LOL*. Another close friend (also in this post, let's call her O) became the cow FHL. M's the baboon *LOLOLOL FHL too*, another girl in our group was black cat, and i'm... Well... A Vixen. I dunno why they called me that, but whenever i see those friends i still cannot escape that nickname WTF. Oh, Baby Octopus wasn't happy somehow and insisted on calling me a Mermaid, but then he said everybody else got such horrible nicknames, i cannot have such a pretty one so he began calling me dugong (that's Indonesian for Manatee WTF).

I have lots of stories about my university days, especially during our field trips, mostly good memories but there were also lots of horror stories and scandals LOLOL. But not this time lah, maybe i will write about those days eventually *i would have to dig out my old diaries since i can only remember a bit hehe*.

Anyway, enough introduction, now you get to see M and O :).
That's M (who's holding her baby girl, K), me and O
Our little group back in the university consisted of me, hunny, M, O and LN (the black cat :p), too bad we do not get to see LN much because... Well, she has this weird tendency to disappear most of the time. The last time i saw her was on her daughter's first birthday, that was last November or something. 

While me, M and O also don't get to see each other all that much (because they are busy working and having a family life too, O's recently got married, last October? I can't really remember anymore *LOL*, you don't expect me to, don't you? Around the same time G got married. Or was it #Undecided? OMG i give up!) but we'd see each other at least three times a year, on M's birthday (April), O's birthday (May) and mine (October).

Hunny took some pictures of us, but probably because of the angle or the lighting it didn't come out nice :(, but since we only got very little pictures (they are not cam-whores like my BFFS and i *LOL*), i have to post it  haha. The dinner was at GM (again haha), at a steakhouse called The Rock. Since the little restaurant's full, we had to sit in the food court directly in front of the restaurant.
That's O's husband, let's call him Koko since he's a lot older than us *LOL*
I also snapped a picture of hunny and M's husband (who was hunny's senior in high school! What a coincidence huh?) who were sitting on the other end of the long table, of course it turned out much better because i'm such a good photog!
Looking kinda cool, don't they?
I had a steak again *LOL*. 
All Black Steak
The name of the steak's really All Black Steak! I think it's called that because it's heavily seasoned with black pepper, i love black pepper! Personally i found the steak to be.. acceptable. I am not a fan of The Rock's steak, #Undecided loves The Rock, i just don't understand why.

Whenever we had a birthday dinner, it's always understated and low key lah hehe. We just chit-chatted and catch up with each other. 

Oh, let me tell you why yesterday sucks -__-. First of all, because i wasn't feeling well (i feel a bit better now, but my bones still hurts zzz), second of all when i was trying to post A's birthday celebration's post, suddenly there was a blackout in my house (turned out the blackout was in lots of areas in Surabaya WTF). It was super hot (and humid) and it was starting to get dark outside. I had not even began preparing to go out (to M's birthday dinner), my walk in closet was pitch dark, and my top wasn't even ironed yet. 

It was so dark i could barely see my own reflection (i didn't get ready in the walk in closet because i couldn't see anything lah) and it was so hot that i began sweating, and you know how hard it is to put on make up when you're sweating, let alone sweating and not being able to see yourself properly WTF! I must be very good since i managed to put on perfectly lined liquid eyeliner and mascara on *LOL*!

We left our house earlier than we would've because i couldn't take the heat much longer, i needed to be in a fully air-conditioned car or mall!!! Another problem began when we were already in the car, i took a medicine earlier in the afternoon (to relieve the pain and aches), and unexpectedly it made me sleepy zzzz... Grokkk.... And then my eyes began to water, so bad that in the end my left eyeliner's wing was half erased FML *LOL*, thankfully it wasn't too noticable haish.

We were looking for Imboost (you know, to make me healthier, i need the boost, we're leaving soon, i cannot afford to be sick again!!!), and when we purchased it the SA offered me slimming pills -___-. It's really annoying to be offered  slimming pills okay! I don't understand SAs, they'd offer slimming pills to people who are not obese (eh hello, i am NOT obese okay, my weight's still in a very healthy and normal category, i checked!) because #Undecided got offered slimming pills too from time to time, okay! If you're not blind you can see that #Undecided's super skinny, stupid SAs still try to make her buy slimming pills, dunno whether they are stupid or blind. Actually, i never see SAs offering slimming pills to people who actually are obese. Talk about weird. 

Anyway, here's my OOTD :
Long Sabrina Top (tucked in) and Skort : Magnolia
That skort... you'd be seeing it a lot *LOLOL*, i've been using it nonstop this week *ROFL*, it's just so comfortable and easy to mix and match!!! I'm thinking of writing an entry to emphasize how to mix and match a skort *LOL*. Do you think it's disgusting to recycle your clothes? If it's not smelly it's not dirty lah *LOLOL*, you can't wash your clothes too much (like, after only wearing it for an hour), it'll fall apart much sooner than it should!

Had to do a very simple make up (natural light brown eyeshadow, eyeliner+mascara+blush on and lipstick) because of the blackout! I had to apply the lower eyeliner and lipstick in the car when we reached GM because it's gotten so dark by the time i was done with painstakingly (half blindly) putting on my other make up!

I didn't even brush my hair yet (but then O commented "Your hair, what's there to brush anyway?". Kinda true *LOL*) and i didn't know how my top and skort looked together, i just threw it on blindly lah! (the pictures above was obviously taken when we got back from GM and the electricity's already back on!)

Now let me show you the pressie i got M! I told you in some other post that i love to make my own parcels when it comes to birthday pressies, and lately i've been super inspired by beauty boxes (i'm eagerly waiting for my first beauty box from Beauty Treats!!! I'm really hoping it'd arrive before i leave for Europe but i don't think it's happening :(.. Hiks!) and tried to do one! But this time i didn't put the stuffs in a box, instead i searched for pretty pouches to make it more like Ipsy!
Liz Liza looking travel pouch, got it from Daiso LOL
I wrote in my old Sasa.com haul posts that i bought all the buy 1 get 1 or promo stuffs in Sasa.com and i'm gonna make the second items a filler for birthday pressies? I didn't lie! See below!
The Fruittini shower gels, Eos lip balm, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada fragranced balm are all from Sasa,com hauls! I also "talked" to myself back then that i'd throw in a cute shower puff and put them in a pretty pouch and it would instantly become a cute and useful pressie (both M and O are tour leaders so they travel a LOT). I also threw in the trio mini eyeliners (bought them from Disdus.com) and two eye patches. I also gave her four tops (i didn't take any pictures though, they were all very simple and mostly plain because that's M's style hehe. She dresses boyishly, always in her jeans haha)

What do you think? Did i make a good beauty pouch? Should i start my own beauty box/bag company? LOL. 

Now, let me tell you a bit about my third shopping date with L (on Tuesday). When i asked her what time she'd pick me up? She said as usual, 12. I said okay! Earlier in the morning she BBM-ed me, said she's running late, she's going to pick me up at 1. I wasn't bothered, in fact i was actually quite pleased to have extra time (i wasn't even showered by then *LOL*) to doll up and stuffs. She's been extraordinarily punctual lately that i never had enough time to put on my make up in peace on the first two shopping date.

I guess i was lulled by the fact that she'd been on the dot lately, that i expected her to do so again this time. Fat chance -____-. At 1.30 i BBM-ed her asking her where she is, she told me she's rushing, and she was driving her daughter home. LOL. Practically she hadn't even left her home, right? (well, she hadn't even REACHED her home yet!). She arrived around 2 in the end FML, looking absolutely a mess. LOLOL. Having two babies definitely is going rough for her :p.

Anyway, here's my OOTD and FOTD, bright and sunny!
Tank Top : Hypermart/Carrefour *LOL*, Bat Oversized  Sky Blue Top with Lace Trimmings : random FO, Skort : Magnolia, Apple Necklace : gift from G
Wore pearly green eyeshadow with darker mint eyeshadow on the creases, reddish blush on and Etude House's lipstick (review coming up soon! Well, after Europe i mean hehe).

We went to TP again that day and shopped a LOT! Accompanied L to Matahari Department Store, she was looking for a denim skirt since she still isn't able to squeeze into her old denim skirts. Oh, L always says the weirdest things, when she was trying out this skirt in the fitting room, she suddenly insisted on looking at my tummy and yanked my shirt up WTF -____-. And then she exclaimed "Wow, your tummy's flat like before you had a kid! And how come there's not even one stretch mark there????" OMG, she really yanked my shirt around trying to find stretch marks okay, she's insane.

Why i think she's saying weird things? Because we used to go work out together and we had to wear bra-tops and leggings (it's mandatory) so my tummy was always fully exposed. My tummy's always like this, mind you, it's not like i just recently got my flat tummy back, it's been flat since like, a week after my son was born. She must've seen my tum a hundred times already, why the comment now? Haish. If she's not weird then she's not L i guess.

Then i had to accompany her to the men section, she was looking for jackets and thick long sleeved tops for her husband (for Europe :p), it's not an easy task because her husband's quite fussy (don't like this, don't like that) plus he's quite round especially around the tummy area! So L kept on saying "That's too small! Too small! Do you have an XXL ones?" LOLOL. FYI, most of the brands in Indonesia only goes up to XL, so of course the SAs all  said don't have!!!

Matahari Department Store is such a bargain place, we stumbled into racks of super sale items, and i couldn't stop myself, i had to buy some long sleeved tops for hunny! It was dirt cheap to began with (IDR 64.500?) and was on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo, they were very nice looking and had a very good, quite thick material too! So we joined forces *LOL*, i got two for hunny and L got one for her husband. Too bad i forgot to take pictures of the tops, i immediately asked my maid to ironed them and put it in our suitcases. You'd see them in future travel posts about Europe though (expect a LOT of them, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna write one post per day, or more!) :D.

L shopped for lots of nonsense too in Matahari (bras and undies. I don't understand why her-and #Undecided and G-always seems to shop for bras and undies, like... always. Probably because i'm not into them-i mean i have plenty of them and i shop for them out of necessities and not for pleasure *LOL* so i don't get their obsession lah).

Our shopping was a bit rushed that day because lots of stores we needed to go to and not enough time *LOL*. I was attracted to a houndstooth (seriously, i am obsessed with houndstooth patterns!!! I want them in every piece of clothing! I missed out a peplum houndstooth skirt in my old supplier and i am very remorseful! I wannttttt!!!) legging at a random FO called D&S, L ended up buying the same legging with a different color (i only like black and white houndstooth lah).

Went to Daiso again because L needed a lot more nonsenses (small containers to place her facial wash because she insisted she needs to wash her face on the plane *LOL*), we also bought 100ml contact lenses solutions because we want to bring it into the cabin (i cannot sleep with my lenses on lah, they'll dry out like crazy!!! I don't want to irritate my own eyes WTF), and then i had to tell her to buy some ziplocks because she's not even aware of FDA rules and stuffs OMG.

Oh, the reason why we went out on Tuesday was because L wanted to buy toilettries at The Body Shop (looking for the Buy 1 Get 1 promotions with BCA card of course), but by the time we reached TBS, she lost interest and didn't want to buy anything. *cricket sounds*.... Why did we have to go out precisely on Tuesday then???? So typical of L :p.

Anyway, it was passed 5.15 already (we usually end our shopping dates at 5, like office hours *LOL*) and L had to leave, i was still waiting for hunny to pick me up, i wandered around myself.. Big mistake. I went into Magnolia and immediately saw two pairs of short pants in the sale section, it was on a 50% off sale, i thought i'd have to pay around IDR 100.000 for those two and that's cheap so i snatched them, guess what, the cashier told me to pay IDR 64.000 for both! It was IDR 32.000 each! For shorts!!! That's crazy! I totally blanked out for a bit when she told me that *LOLOL*, must've looked like an idiot just staring blankly at her with my mouth wide open FML.

Went to my sis' home to borrow a luggage and get some money, she asked me to buy a Prada (or a Louis Vuitton one, she keeps on changing her mind. Actually my 13 years old niece's the one who wanted the Prada bag, it's a birthday gift from her dad or something WTF) bag for her. She also told me to take 100 Euro for myself for the hassle. LOL, the perks of having a ridiculously loaded sister!

I actually had another "date" with her, that should be today. We were going to get gel manicures at her nail spa, but this time she totally bailed on me (back to the old L already LOLOL, get used to it #Pink!!!) so i went with hunny and Baby Boy. There's a Bubble Show (i watched for a few minutes with hunny last Tuesday and it was quite fascinating) and i wanted to take Baby Boy to see it. So, my boys was busy watching the Bubble Show (and went toy shopping, hunny wanted to buy him this new fish-robot toy, it's very cool! The fish swims around fluidly with different strokes if you place it in water, really life like!!!)  while i got my gel manicure (i plan to always get one before a trip so i can have pretty nails the whole time i am away!).

This time i opted for a neon orange-ish pink gel polish :
It looks pink in the picture, it has more creamy orange tinge to it in real life. I love neon colors!!! I am super attracted to the neon green (and blue) colors and would love to get it next time! Probably for our Taiwan trip?

Wah, i yapped so long already, hope you didn't get bored! better stop now! Toodles!


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  1. kalo steaknya sampe item gitu karena penuh black pepper apa gak jadi pedes banget tuh?

    1. Errr... You're talking to the worng person LOL, soalnya aq sukanya yg puedesss puedesss, jd steak nya biasa aja buat aq.. Kata O kerasa banget black pepper nya sih hehehe :D, maklum org Banjar, kalo ga pedes ga doyan :p

  2. Love ur nail dear... ^,^

    Just follow my blog..

    Thanks :*

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