#Pink's Relaxing Long Weekend (with movie review+OOTD+FOTD)

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Hi guys!

How's everybody doing today? Starting to get back to routines (not too depressing, i hope haha)? And how was your long weekend? As you know, i had a slow, lazy (and very understated) long weekend, mostly at home *LOL*. We did try to keep Baby Boy entertained by taking him to the malls, etc. Will tell ya about our weekend, don't expect photos (except cam-whoring-i mean OOTD and FOTD-pictures because we just do usual stuffs lah, not picture worthy at all LOL). 

Anyway, it's super hot and humid again lately in Surabaya OMG, seriously *sigh*. It's still raining a lot but very hot, haishhh, i really miss those short cold days in Surabaya (or it was probably not too short, i was just enjoying those days so much that it felt fleeting). Reading UK and American blogs with the writers complaining about spring isn't coming soon enough.. My God, grass is definitely always greener on the other side, ya? 

Really, i was busy organizing the mountains of washed clothes (yes, i do wifely chores too, although this is probably the only one? Haha) that i've been neglecting for quite a while :p, i purposefully didn't turn on the air conditioner in my walk in closet coz i thought i needed to sweat a bit, little that i know i wouldn't just sweat i literally melted zzzz, sweat was running down my face like waterfall that i had to keep wiping my face to stop them from getting into my face. I haven't sweat like that in a long time, the last time was when i was still regularly exercising in my old work out place (that closed down already) LOL.

So, the official long weekend started on late Thursday right? Nothing mention-worthy that day, we just spent the evening at home, Baby Boy was busy playing with the X-Box, i blogged and got stressed out by my job (everything's so calm right now, i don't really have much things to do, i'm so boredddd!!! Dare i say i miss being stressed out by work again? So soon! LOL), hunny was busy watching YouTube and browsing the net, we ended the night like how we always do lately, watching Running Man on YouTube, you know Running Man has over a hundred episodes already, we started watching only recently so we only got to 40-something episode so far LOL, but we also watched the newest episodes already *LOL*.

On Friday, we woke up (very) late except Baby Boy who has a super annoying habit of rising early whenever he's on a holiday at home but is hell to rouse whenever he has school (or on a holiday overseas! ZZZZ). On the late afternoon we finally got our asses out of the house *LOL*, we only went to ECC (the neighbourhood mini mall we frequented) so i didn't bother to dress up (but maybe my version of not dressing up is different than other people's sometimes because i still attracted a lot of stared zzzz), i only wore stuffs i wore and hadn't washed yet LOLOL.
Hot pink sabrina top : random shop, Hot pants : Magnolia, Denim patterned legging : random online shop
Yeah yeah, that's the same top i wore for my Color-Blocking look *LOL*.
I wore minimal amount of make up that day, just some light foundie+concealer+powder, blush on (and later nude pink lipstick, but i only wore Vaseline on those pictures) but since i was bored and had lots of extra time i decided to use my false eyelashes out for the very first time! LOL *used it twice for picture taking purposes at home only LOL*. Too bad it's not noticeable in pictures, which is weird because it's very luscious and long and curly in real life. Anyone who had eyes could see i was wearing a falsies lah, probably why i attracted so much stares? Hahahaha. it was so long that when i opened my eyes they almost touched my eyebrows! WTF.
Wahahahaa looked so stupid here :p
Oh, i've been wanting to show you my favorite pair of flat shoes that i've been wearing so much lately. I don't really have a lot of flat shoes because theya re painful and uncomfortable (the ones i had before), i prefer flat sandals for weekdays/shopping spree days and heeled shoes/sandals on weekends. But i was super surprised when i try on this flat shoes and they are super duper comfortable! (And quite stylish as well, if i may say so myself :p)
Sorry it's a bit yucky already coz i've used it a lot haha
You can see the inner's been worn out because i've been wearing it so much lately, it's just so comfortable and easy to pair with my clothes! I got it from Debenhams in Jakarta, it was only IDR 99.000! Mad cheap!

Anyway, while Baby Boy was playing at the arcade, we watched The Host.
You know i'm a Twi-hard right? I was a late Twi-hard though because i only started reading the books after the first movie was released (because i loved the movie so much), and i  am a huge fan of the writer, Stephenie Meyer too. When The Host book came out i quickly bought it but sadly, i didn't like it much. I guess because i was hoping for something like Twilight and this book's nothing like Twilight, and also because i do not like aliens stories/movies/whatever i guess.

So when the movie came out i wasn't all that excited or whatever, after all i loved all four of Twilight saga books but only loved the first and last two movies, the second and third was an utter disappointment for me. That's why didn't have any expectations for The Host because, well, i didn't even like the book right!

But the movie turned out to be very good! I'm shocked!!! I loved it! It's like, sooo much better than the book. It made me cry (a few times), thank God my false lashes didn't fall off (Daiso's eyelash glue's pretty good, apparently!!!) haha. 

For those of you who don't know what The Host is about, well it tells a story about the earth when humans were already (almost) completely taken over by another species (yes, aliens lah), not only the earth itself, but the human bodies were taken over by them (the aliens in this movie's kinda like a parasite), the heroine (Melanie Stryder) was one of the very last survivors, and one day she was captured and a soul named Wanderer was placed into her body, the Seekers made Wanderer poke into Melanie's memories to find the hiding place of the other survivors, including Melanie's lover, Jared, and her kid brother (Jamie). 

After a while Wanderer developed a close connection with Melanie and felt protective of Jared and Jamie as well and they ran off to find them, at the same time being chased by the Seekers. What happened to Melanie and Wanderer next? Will they be forced to share a body forever? I'm not gonna spoil it for you! Go watch it, it's so good!

I find this movie to be very touching and heart warming (my favorite kind of words haha), at the same time thrilling and exciting (my hunny seemed to like it too, he didn't seem to enjoy the Twilight saga that much, especially when i made him watched the movie a third time FHL LOLOL), other than the superb directing, the aspect that made this movie so awesome is the acting of the leading lady, Saoirse Ronan (yes, i had to google to write her name correctly). I found her to be very charming and enchanting, and convincing as an alien. Not to mention incredibly pretty as well (Btw, she's only a year older than my eldest nephew FML-but my nephew's old enough to be my little brother anyway :p).
Saoirse Ronan
Of course, it's a young adult-science fiction romance, so it's not very "deep" or thought provoking or whatever whatsoever pretentious movie critics wannabe calls them lah haha, but for a movie lover like me (who's very shallow when it comes to my movie preferences) it's really good :p.

I don't find any of the guys in this movie particularly attractive, but i imagine the younger girls would love Max Irons (now, this guy's around my age, makes me feel better a bit, i feel so old when i see Saoirse's age!) who played Jared.
Max Irons
So pretty (Max), totally not my cup of tea LOLOL. Anyway, i thought Soairse was familiar looking (and just realized where i saw her before this movie after googling her, she was so different in Hanna! Nowhere near her pretty self in this movie!) but most of the casts were quite unknown, the most famous face i saw in this movie was Diane Kruger (who was such a bitch in this movie i wanted to scratch her face LOL).

After the movie we went to Papaya (another high end supermarket that sells Japanese and Korean products mostly) to buy some yakiniku meats (too bad the only ones available was local meats, it was a bit tough zzzz) because hunny saw my mum's newly arrived mini stove and was itching to try it LOLOL. We ended up having a yakiniku supper (no, we didn't have dinner, it was pretty late already when we came out of the movie. What's important for us was getting Baby Boy and his nanny their dinner lah, us-our eating hours are totally messed up LOL) at home, just the two us us haha. 

It was really nice actually :D. I guess whatever you do in life, as long as you're with someone you love, it doesn't really matter how simple or mundane those stuffs are, you'd still be having fun, eh? So mushy aiyoh hahahaa. We just continued watching Running Man lah afterward (so predictable hahahaa. That's what we do most  of the evening, unless hunny got a new Xbox game, then i'd be watching Asian horror movies on my tablet. Do you know there's a Japanese Paranormal Activity??? It was pretty good too!)

Moving on to Saturday, i was awoken very very early by my moaning hunny and Baby Boy OMG. Both were being a huge baby in their sleeps! Both were not feeling well i guess, and i'm being a light sleeper that i am, was very disturbed by their noises -____-. Went down to fetch them some medicine and force feed them. Now, i am severely insomniac, it's really hard for me to fall asleep but very easy to be woken up by rude environment *LOL* (i don't mean it's easy for me to wake up, without any disturbance i won't be waking up anytime soon! But when there are annoying noises etc, i'd be wide awake in no time) and it was impossible for me to go back to sleep anytime soon zzzz.

Did manage to sleep for a bit more later, but still very tired and zombie-like when i woke up the second time. Zzzzzzz. 

Again, we dragged our lazy asses out in the late evening *mostly because i feel bad if i make Baby Boy stay at home again, it's holiday after all. I didn't feel like going out that day actually*, and of course it's Saturday night and all, even when i don't feel like going out i still dressed up (although i wouldn't call it to the nines hahaha)
Creme inner tee : Magnolia, Floral dress : Body and Soul
One thing about me, when i'm only going out with my family i never bothered to put on new stuffs LOLOL. I just chose something from my "old" stash (but mostly only worn once or twice before lah) hahaha. The inner i already wore a thousand times (okay, exaggerating much?) because it's just an inner lah, the dress i've had forever lah haha. Seriously, it was so much tighter the last time i worn this, it's very loose now, am i losing weight? (yeah right, wishful thinking! HAHA). Anyway, i brightened the photos below so you can see the interesting china (as in porcelain) like pattern of the dress.
Sorry ah the mirror a bit dirty, need to go scold my maid now :p
You see the super deep cut on the chest area? Haha... I'd never wear this without inner, ever! Not only because i don't do sexy lah, but also because my boobs didn't even begin to fill the dress okay! And it's size S already LOLOL. Told ya i can fit into small sized clothes because i have no boobs zzzz. In real life if you see me you can see the boobs area flapping away, i'd bee exposing the whole thing to the world without innie hahahaha. But seriously, Body and Soul clothing size is all over the place, on some cuts i'd have to wear XS and on others i can barely fit into the L one. WTF.
I also am too lazy to try on new style or colors whenever i'm going out with my family only haha, this is almost the exact same make up as the look i did for my niece's birthday (with the exact same products as well), only i used the gold creme eye shadow a lot more, as a base too.
Lazy and uncreative look haha
Do you see the dainty bracelet i wore?
I've been wearing it for a week or so haha. My mum gave it to me (with a matching necklace), it's real gold with colorful semi-precious stones. She originally bought it for one of my Singaporean aunts but it didn't fit or something, which is crazy because it's MASSIVE. When i first put it on it immediately fell out from my hands because it's that HUGE haha. 

So she went and remove three links (and added them to the necklace) before giving it to me, all the while saying "But it's so small now, this wouldn't fit you! How can you hands be so small?". WTF mother -____-. I know i'm big but i'm not gigantic lah!!! Even when she was putting it on me and clearly it fit me, she kept on saying that it wouldn't fit. What's with mother and their conviction that their daughters are fat and ugly? Huh.

It was pretty boring at GM that night -____-.... nothing to buy also, even though there's a midnite sale (they call it midnight but it started at 6 or something LOL) in Centro, there's nothing interesting to buy zzzz... But i did buy a red dress i've been eyeing forever (it's been on a 50% off sale, and now 70%) but i never got because it has a tiny (microscopic) hole on the seam, it's easily fixable (Baby Boy's nanny's pretty good at small reparations and she stitched the hole already, completely recovered haha).

I want to wear it for my up and coming cousin's wedding (in June), i was looking for other red dress (because...errr...i actually had this dress in black already :p), but nothing caught my eyes like this one. It's not bright red (more maroon actually) like most of the dresses available, and it's short with one shouldered feature (the sleeved side is long!), my favo kind of dress! Sexy enough without revealing too much arms (one arm is okay), because my arms are not for public viewings, too scary hahahaha. You'd see the dress on future haul post okay :p.

Then we just take Baby Boy (who had been playing at the arcade, what else? He's obsessed) to buy a new toy like i promised (salary, remember? Haha) and go home! So boring right...

Sunday was even more boring, we lazed around like zombies (like i said, we were down with flu haha)-but hunny did left in the morning with his mum for another round of Qing Ming stuffs (this time to a beach nearby to throw some flowers, this ritual is for ancestors that were departed and been cremated and released into the sea, this was for his deceased dad). Oh the night before we bought more yakiniku meats (pork bellies, this time) at Ranch Market and finally got the imported meat we wanted (much more tender and flavorful) and in the late morning we had a second round of yakiniku brunch hahaha (sorry, no picture, was busy eating :p)

Since Baby Boy is currently obsessed with sushi and i've always been a huge fan of sushi, we were delighted to found Peco Peco, a sushi stall that receive delivery orders. A bit disappointed by the service though, we called in the afternoon, ordering and asking them to send the food at 6. At 6 something there was no trace of the delivery guy yet so we called again, and they were casually saying it's gonna take a while more because they'd need to make another delivery to Pondok Candra (which is MILES away, it's actually another district altogether) first, WTF???

Hunny was furious (and he's like super patient actually, except to Baby Boy i dunno why) and threatened to cancel the order altogether, but they said okay okay, the delivery man's already on the way. He finally showed up at 6.35 or something zzzz. It was good but i'm not sure i'd order the take away anymore.
Sorry, photo's taken with my Blackberry :p
Oh, when we went to Papaya on Friday we bought a small container of Tobiko because Baby Boy and i are crazy about them, we sprinkled them a LOT on each sushi (because they are very stingy with the tobiko haaha), i think i overdosed on tobiko already *sick*. Don't worry, three of us didn't finish them all, but mainly because lots of them contains raw salmon and i do not eat raw anything (except some veggies for salads/Korean BBQ), yuck!
Finished this in one go *LOL*
So that's how my long weekend went! Hopefully i'd have more interesting stories of my weekends next! (I most probably would because friends' birthday and birthday celebrations are coming up!)

Oh, my parents came back from Singapore already, bearing gifts *yay*, will show you later, super happy especially for the Garnier products (not available in Indonesia) i asked my mum to buy for me!


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  1. This sounds just like my weekend. Lazy :) I don´t think I´ve seen much other than my house this weekend. Which was lovely of course. Eaten tons of chocolate and watched silly shows.

    xoxo KJ

    1. Yay to lazy weekends! Thanks for dropping by, sweetie :D

  2. oh the host bagus juga ya ternayta? gak terlalu sukses ya di box office... kayaknya stephenie meyer lost her mojo nih.. hehehe

    1. in my humble opinion bagus koq hehe, bukan bagus yg sampe mind-blowing gimana yah, tp cukup menarik utk di tonton. Terutama krn ga ada expectation apa2 sih mana aq ga suka bukunya hihhihii.. Iya nih, udah terkuras sama twilight saga kayaknya hahaha

  3. Sounds exactly like mine as well.
    Hibernating all day long and watching drama.
    But it was fun! ahhaha..

    1. Hibernating is always fun yah! Hihihihii :D

  4. Much love,
    "Loving it <3