My Very First Beauty Box : Beauty Treats!

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Heeeyyy guys!!!

I know i said yesterday's post was going to be my last post before Europe but.. Yesterday i got my very first beauty box from Beauty Treats!!! Super excited lah because i've been drooling over beauty boxes on beauty blogs and finally, the beauty boxes phenomenon reached Indonesia! Double yay!!! I am very glad i at least got to see one box before i left for Europe. I was originally going to ask #Undecided to post this entry as one of the filler posts but seeing other blogger's unboxing their beauty boxes entries, i simply couldn't miss out on the fun!!! And i don't want to be late!! So here it is!!!

Oh, i was so happy when hunny got home carrying the brown box!!! I gave the box a little hug, *LOL*. Didn't have time to unbox it straightaway because we're going out and i wanted to take my time unboxing it, taking detailed pictures and all! Not everyday you experience a first you know, gotta savour the moment! Too bad hunny had to go and ruin my mood by the time we got home zzz. I don't understand how men never listens.

I specifically told him i want to stay in Jakarta for a few days after we got back from Europe because i'd need to do a bit of a survey for my job, etc. He said okay, and when i asked him to book our flight back to Surabaya he told me he wanted to book the very next day after we arrived from Europe. WTF????? I really wanted to box him a little bit. And then he had to go on and asked my why i got mad and refused to answer him. WTF. Sometimes men can be so dense, i dunno what to do with them.

So i unboxed my very first beauty box in anger, WTF. ZZZZ. So much for savoring the moment, eh? Anyway, let's start the unboxing process!!!

Beauty Treats arrived with a brown card board box :
Inside the brown box there's a sleek black box with  magnetic lock wrapped with a pink (!!!) ribbon. I LOVE the black box, super elegant!
On top of the box there's a little guide book to walk you through all the stuffs you (might) would find inside. Since one box could be (slightly) different from the other, you cannot be sure if you'd receive the same items as other subscribers (sometimes the variant would be the same with different colors, or the products could be completely different). There's also a Zalora voucher and a little personalized card.
I do love the personalized card, a little gesture like this makes the customer feels highly valued :)
Look how pretty! OH i love it i love it hehe :p
The sleek black box
Let's see what's inside the box, shall we?
There were more vouchers and brochures and cards of the items in the box's brands. But i do find an NYX card, and NYX isn't listed as a brand that's featured in this month's box. Weird... (oh i just realized there's The Balm's card too. Why are they there?) Oh wait, i just read from some other blogs that it's actually a service promo card LOLOL, sorry i'm just not the kind of person who reads brochures :p.

Here are the vouchers.
Other than the Zalora voucher i mentioned earlier there were also Lioele voucher worth IDR 50.000 (for minimum purchase of IDR 300.000) and Make Up Forever voucher worth IDR 100.000. Let me know if anyone's interested in the MUFE voucher, i won't be using it since i'm not a fan of MUFE and you can only use the voucher with minimum purchase of IDR 1.000.000!

Let's get started on the products inside!
L'Occitane sachets samples. There's Immortelle Precious Eye Balm (1ml), Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body cream (6ml), Volumizing Shampoo (6ml), Volumizing Conditioner (6ml). Now, i've always wanted to try L'Occitane but never did because i couldn't justify their prices (in Indonesia, they are sold really expensively here) so i am very happy to see this brand in this box, but... Well, i always read beauty bloggers complained about getting sachet samples and i couldn't relate before but i guess now i understand what they meant. 

I'd be happy with travel sizes stuffs (beauty boxes are meant to deliver samples of products in the first place afterall) but with sachet samples you'd only be able to try it once (or maybe a few times for the eye cream since you'd only need to use a little bit each time) and it's not possible to know if a product works or not with one trial. So, i have a mixed feeling for this one.
Another product from L'Occitane, Pivoine Flora Hand Cream (10ml). Now that's better, it doesn't come in a sachet! This tiny tube would be very handy when i travel! Love!
Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick (2ml), according to the guide book it's worth USD 7, wow!!! That's pretty pricey for such a teeny tiny little thing! I really like this one though, it smells really good (i got the Sex On the Peach one, whatta cute name haha!), and i wouldn't have purchased that Tony Moly solid perfume i bought especially for my Europe trip if i'd known i'd receive this! This one got a thumbs up from me!
Lioele Nail Color (15ml). I'm really happy to receive a (full sized!) nail polish, especially from Lioele because i do not have any Lioele nail polish before, but i peeked into other Indonesian bloggers' Beauty Treats and they got pinky ones... So i was a bit disappointed when i saw the dull pale yellow polish... I got the worst possible color (from the picture in the guide book they got pretty pastel colors in this line, why i got yellowwww???). Still, this is a real steal, it's said to worth IDR 70.000. Another wow!
Menard Toner (10ml). Menard is a brand i am quite attracted to because i read a lot of good reviews on them but probably wouldn't purchase because they are very expensive! Very happy to get this so i can try this brand out and see if it's really worth all the hype!
Make Up Forever Premium Mirror and Skin 79 BB cream sachet sample. I don't know how i feel about getting a mirror in my beauty box *LOL*, i always stick to one mirror in my make up pouch so i might add this into a future birthday present parcel for a friend :p. And a bit disappointed to see yet another sachet sample, from Skin 79. This kind of sample i usually get a lot from online shops whenever i shopped there. And they'd usually give more than one. LOL.
D'Eyeko Olga Lydia Lashes. Been trying to learn to put on falsies properly and so far i only owned one type of false lashes (one for upper lashes and one for lower) so i am very happy to get this. Plus i've always wanted to try D'Eyeko lashes (been hearing good things about them too) but i didn't want to spend IDR 50.000 for a pair of lashes before i learn how to stick them on properly, now i don't have to! So going to put this on the next time i'm going to a party! Oh, another blogger got the same item and she pointed out that in the guide book the lashes should've been from Princess Syahrini line, maybe Beauty Treats really ran out of the Syahrini ones? I don't mind though. 
Masami Shuoko Black Round Cleaning Sponge and Masami Shuoko Blotting Paper. Hm... like the mirror, i also don't know how i feel about those two. Not very happy i guess, LOL. I do want to own Masami Shuoko stuffs, but probably would much prefer their brushes.. I don't really use cleaning sponge (maybe i should now) and i hate blotting papers, i only use oil films, i'd need like, five sheets of blotting paper everytime! Most probably gonna use it anyway since i won't be wasting anything *LOL*.
Last two items, Orlane Whitening Cream (3ml) and Whitening Lotion (3ml). I used to use Orlane products when i was in junior high school so i know they are good (and pricey!), so i'm pretty happy to get this. Definitely gonna use them up!

I do love most of the items i got from this month's Beauty Treats, i'd much prefer them not to give  away sachet  samples but since there are so many stuffs in this box, i guess it's okay hehe. The variety they gave out also quite good, i personally would love to get more make up items (maybe two or three? Only got one nail polish with a not so pretty color this time so i'm a bit sad) in the future. I noticed the other brands they featured in this month's box (that i didn't get) like Make Over eye liner and PAC lipstick, i'd be very happy if i got them! I don't really like the tidbits they gave me (the mirror, sponge and blotting paper), it'd be fantastic if they put in the eyeliner or lipstick instead! LOL.

I guess they mostly focused in skin care this month, which is okay, i do hope they'd try to balance the variety of the stuffs (like, maybe fifty-fifty? Half skin care and half make up?) in the future. Still i do think this is a pretty good box and the amount of stuffs they put in is quite fantastic, maybe because it's the very first box and they want to impress us (i am quite impressed).

As in value for money, this box' absolutely worth their price lah! Only paid IDR 95.000 (for one month plan, you'd pay less if you subscribe to a three months or more plans, i plan to subscribe to a longer plan soon!) and you can see the nail polish, false lashes and perfume stick only already worth IDR 190.000! More than double!

If you're interested in a beauty box, Beauty Treats could be an option! It's the cheapest beauty box in Indonesia (that i know of) so far, and you've seen the amazing stuffs they put inside the box! So, what are you waiting for? Go subscribe for your own box now! Don't forget to use my affiliate link if you do though! I'd be very grateful! Just click on the link below!
 Beauty Treats Indonesia - The Number 1 Beauty Box Service in Indonesia
I'm actually already missing my Baby Boy even though i haven't even leave yet and he is playing right beside me! *sigh*... He did already complained and whined about me leaving :(, so i'm gonna leave you not with a picture of me like usual but with a cute picture of my lovely Baby Boy :). Mummy loves you, Baby Boy!


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  1. whoa, so you think you got the worst lioele nail polish shade.. and i got the strangest color, somewhere between blue and purple! gzzzz

    they should fix this problem, right? LOL

    i havent use mine.. do u mind to swap?
    if yes, contact me at my blog : or email me at :)

  2. I have never tried any beauty boxs but yours looks lovely!

    Style Without Limits

  3. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Keep up the great work on your blog! <3