Hair-O-Logy 04 : Makarizo Hair Repair Mask & Advisor Hair Recovery

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I am back with another review for a hair product :D, a total improvement for someone who's not into hair products, yea? I actually used them up like, a long time ago but i was way too lazy to write the review *sigh*.

Makarizo Hair Repair Mask & Advizor Hair Recovery
I received one sachet of Makarizo Hair Repair Mask (which was good for one time usage only on my long hair, so this would actually be more a first impression for this mask) and one little tube Advizor Hair Recovery from my first ever Vanity Trove, i also had another tube of it (a freebie from a magazine, long time ago that i never got to use because i was too lazy to use any hair products before, now i've managed to make it a habit every time i wash my hair though) that i used back to back. One tube lasts me for almost a week, so after two weeks of usage i guess i can safely say that i am qualified to share my thoughts on them haha.

First up :

Makarizo Hair Repair Mask
The mask is yellow colored, quite thick (a little thicker than other hair masks that i am used to) but easy to spread and get absorbed into my hair. First thing that i noticed about this mask was the scent, i HATED it T.T. I'm used to soft, pleasant scents on my hair masks, but this one actually smells like detergent! Very strong and made me dizzy. I have a very long hair (it's not as long right now because i had 10cm hacked off last January, but when i used this mask my hair was almost to my waist) and i had to use the entire packet to cover my hair (from middle part to the end). 

Despite the not-so-pleasant scent, it works okay as a hair mask. I didn't find it to be as softening as my usual hair masks, in fact it made my hair a bit stringy and sticky, much to my surprise. But after combining it with the Advisor Hair Recover, it smooths my hair well and made it very light weight and airy, like i just had a professional hair drying session in a hair salon. I had only been able to achieve this kind of feeling once before, and that was when i used the L'Occitane shampoo and conditioner samples! That means this mask and hair recovery duo are quite comparable with a much more expensive product (seriously, i can get like... dozens of Makarizo stuffs with the price of one L'Occitane shampoo/conditioner) so it's quite remarkable! 

As a mask itself, i don't think it's moisturizing enough and even leave my hair a bit dry if not combined with the hair recovery. Of course, this is only a one time usage so i cannot comment on the effect it might have on my hair if i use it continuously.

Whereas i can speak more about the Hair Recovery because i used it for longer period of time.
Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery. Wogh, look at my super long nails with severely over grown gel polish! I suppose they do look like fake nails that way!
The little clear tube comes with a simple flip top
The texture of the Advisor Hair Recovery is like a runny gel, slightly more concentrated to my usual Ellips Hair Vitamin or Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum that i am currently using. But just like both products i mentioned, this hair recovery get absorbed really well and fast into my hair and leave no trace of grease and sticky feeling. Not in my hair and not on my hands either!

I used to be very apprehensive when it comes to hair oil/serum because i have a very oily scalp and limp, bone straight hair. I always fear hair vitamins in any sort would make my scalp even oilier (even though one does not put the vitamin on the scalp, obviously. Don't worry, i KNOW that!) and they would weigh my already limp hair down even more. But after incorporating them in my daily routine, that fear's proven to have no base since not only they make my hair healthier, softer and shinier than before, they also makes my hair feels lighter and bouncier!

As like the mask, i also have a bit of a problem with the scent *i guess my nose simply doesn't agree with Makarizo products?*, not that i has an unpleasant smell or anything! If the mask smells like detergent, the hair recovery actually smells like chewing gums, but a bit chemical. It's not a bad smell at all, i actually like bubble gum scents a lot in my products, it's just that this particular one is a bit too chemical/artificial (i know that chewing gum scent is not actually natural, but i hope you get what i mean!) that it makes me nauseated sometimes-especially around my period (my PMS symptoms are a lot like pregnancy symptoms, with nausea and all). But other than that, i have no complains.

It works really well on my hair, it really protects my hair from their daily torture with hair dryer haha. My hair ends used to be quite dry and i even spotted one or two split ends (*GASP*!! The horror! That never happened to me before!) after i began using hair dryer religiously (i don't know how but i spent my first 23 or so years of life without them!!!), but ever since i began using hair vitamins/serums/oils (only began to do that in less than a year, can you believe?) they are healthier than ever!

As performance wise, it's comparable to other hair serum and vitamins that i've used (actually i only tried three different brands so far), it's not my favorite (i think my fave is my current Rudy Hadisuwarno) but that's just down to the scent. It's definitely as good as the others.

Will i purchase full size Makarizo Hair Repair Mask and Advisor Hair Recovery? Yeah, in fact i almost did when they were on promo in Guardian, but then i forgot -___- and they returned to normal price already when i remembered. But as soon as they are on promo again, i will!

Hope you find this review useful!


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  1. aku juga suka pake hair makarizo ini ce ^^
    mungil jg, praktis dibawa kemana2 XD

    1. Hooh Shel, tp aq lbh suka yg Rudi Hadisuwarno sih hehehe