Review : Dove Body Silk Moisturizing Cream

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Hey guys! 

Still a filler "scheduled" post hehe!

It’s another review time! Yes, another body lotion-type of thingy, I’m boring I know. I just love love love body lotions and constantly changing them (bad habit), I use different ones every single time I ran out of my current body lotions, and nowadays not only I wear body lotions religiously (once or twice a day, depending on how many times I shower in one day. Am I disgusting? Whatever.  Mostly I only shower once a day, as long as I’m not sweating or whatever :p) but I also put them on my hunny.

I’ve told you before that my hunny’s skin’s super sad one, dry, flaky, cracky… totally horrible. And he used to refuse to let me put on lotions on him even though it’s already super dry and quite irritated, I guess he thought it was a girly thing and all *men and their stupid pride* until one day a close friend of mine commented on his scarily dry skin, telling him to put on some lotion before it’s too late. And then he relented and let me slather him in lotions whenever I remember to (seriously, sometimes I’m pretty good and remember to put it on him every day, but most of the time a week would pass without me remembering to do so once, usually whenever I’m sick, which is often, LOL).

Let me rant a bit before we go down to business, please?? It just annoys me how hunny refused to listen to me whenever I tried telling him something but once someone else pointed it out to him he’d follow through at once. WTF. I  think #Undecided has the same problem with her hubby. Are all men like that? (Hoh, tempted to start singing Kim Jong Kook Oppa’s latest single, Men Are All Like That. Sorry, currently obsessed with him, feel the need to mention him whenever possible) This is also not a one time incident, told him to use hair tonic since his hair seems to be thinning, but he never even listened to me once. Until #Undecided lectured him to. Now he does. WTF.

Anyway, rant ended (satisfied). Not it’s time to get down to business. The product I’m going to review right now is a drug store one, nothing frilly or too exciting :p, a classic  : Dove Body Silk Moisturizing Cream. 
As usual i posted a nice picture i found from Google first before showing you the crappy picture I got *LOL*

I like the name and the fact that it is  formulated with pure silk, who doesn’t want to have a skin as smooth and soft as silk, right? LOL. It comes with a simple tube containing 200ml of cream. This might be a problem with germ-phobes out there (I just realized there are so many people with germ phobia, lots of bloggers are germ-phobes, yes?) since you have to dip you fingers into the tub to get the cream, I don’t have any problem with this (yes, I’m disgusting, told you before. But I’m very fussy about my surroundings, I hate hotel rooms and all. LOL).

Dove’s very famous for its moisturizing powers right? I love Dove in general. I used to only use Dove facial wash when I was younger, like religiously. But one day it suddenly stopped working for me, I developed white heads (lots of it) and stuffs. I guess your skin can really get too used to one product that it stops working for you, eh? Nowadays I almost never use the same thing twice in a row (after finishing it okay), I might re-purchase after trying out like, 10 different products, more excuse to try on lots of products *gleeful*. I think I used this body silk once before, many many many years ago, but as usual I got sidetracked by other brands and varieties.

It’s called Body Cream but for me personally it’s lighter than other body creams that I’ve used, usually when a product’s categorized as Body Cream then its consistency would be thicker than body lotions (in my experience) but this Dove one is actually very light and fluffy. Not as light as mousse types, but more like soufflé.
It's got a protective foil layer to prevent the product from shifting around

Once you spread them on your skin it’d almost immediately absorbed into your skin (I have a normal skin so it’s usually takes more time for body products to get absorbed into my skin, like polar opposite of my hunny’s super thirsty and parched skin which would swallow up almost all kinds of body products), leaving it soft and supple. No greasy residue (I HATE greasy residue! I love to sit on the floor so any products that would leave my floor sticky is not my favorite, this one definitely doesn’t leave anything sticky). 

It doesn’t have any perfumed smell or whatever, which is a downer for me because I love my body products to smell yummy, in fact I don’t really like the smell of this body silk. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it’s kinda er… moldy in my opinion LOLOL. But then again I think almost all classic Dove products has the same smell (they are recently came up with yummy smelling shower creams! So excited! Yes, I’ve purchased them :p), so y’all probably knows what I’m talking about, right? 

200ml is quite a bit actually, and if I were to use this on my own I think it’d lasts me awhile (at least for a month), but since I’m sharing it with hunny (which has long limbs and legs since he’s 1.79M tall) and his horrible skin, it ran out FTL. LOL. I had to use super a lot on his skin since this body silk is very light and easily absorbed, it was almost like a a race because as soon as I finished one arm and went to the next, the first arm would be dried already LOL. So in my opinion this body silk is not suitable for people with very dry skin. His skin looked okay when we used this body silk but not like, super moist (which is achievable, his skin’s in a pretty good condition right now, yay!). It works well for me though.

And the dry palm test (my palms are very sensitive, if I used body lotions/creams that aren’t very moisturizing my palm would be very dry and weird-feeling so I’d have to use a hand cream), it passed. No weird, dry feeling on my hands even without using a separate hand cream. And my eczema also didn’t play up using this. 

All in all, a pretty good product. Recommended for people who isn’t into frilly body cares, has a normal skin, doesn’t like perfume smells on their products. Not recommended for people with very dry skin and who has sensitive nose (like me) and love their body cares to smell yummy.

Would I purchase this again? Probably not. I prefer yummy ones and this doesn’t work wonder on hunny :p.

So, that’s my take on Dove Body Silk, have you tried this product? Did you like it?
An old picture of me, A and #Undecided in my old pink room :)


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