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Hey guysss...

It's well passed mid October and i only write my September movie reviews >.<, for once i actually REALLY forgot to! I only realized that the month has changed sometime in the 10th or something hahahaha. THEN i got lazy-and so many things going on, October's totally full of celebration in this household! 5 family members celebrate their (our, coz i am included) bdays in this month.

Anyway, better write the review before the month ends :p.

1. Sinister 2
I'm always excited whenever a horror movie's showing in the cinema, but i actually forgot that i watched the first movie-until i Googled it and immediately remembered after reading the synopsis. The first movie was actually quite haunting and eery that the plot stuck to my head, although the title clearly didn't.

Picking up from the ending of the first movie, another family (a mother and 2 sons who are clearly running away from something) move into a rural house (marked for death) next to a Church where a horrific crime just took place. The deputy from the first movie is trying to locate the next house marked for death to try to break the pattern when he found the family and tries to save them from Bhughul (the demon).

Like the first movie, it's still very eerie (there's something about kids killing their whole family mercilessly that'd creep the hell out of everyone!) and strange, but towards the end, i did think it's verging on the cheesy side, this part made this sequel to not be as good as the first movie-however, i don't think it ruined the movie that badly still. So yeah, not as good as the first one IMO, but not bad either. Spooky, twisted and weird, if you're a strange cookie like me, you'd enjoy it for sure.

I didn't care much for this movie, it's not very bad or whatever-but the new guy's ain't Jason Statham (i can't believe i said that. Since when i like Jason Statham so much. But i gotta admit, he is pretty cool and almost all action movies are cool when he stars in them :p he just got the swag i guess). It's not that Ed Skrein is ugly (although i do find his teeth disturbing), but he definitely couldn't bring what Jason Statham did to the franchise. According to hunny, his "coolness" is forced, and i think i agree. 

Frank Martin is a former special-ops mercenary turn "delivery man", he transports classified packages or person (s) for a living. When his father (who always says that he works for Evian but clearly he was a spy) visits him, their weekend got upside down when Frank is hired by a woman and her sidekicks who ended up using his service as a pickup for a heist. Frank and his father got dragged into the whole mess and must play a dangerous game against a sinister Russian kingpin.

Heh. I know Transporter storylines are hardly believable, but this one is rather.... tangled (for lack of a better word) even for their standard. And why did they use the same character, why not just replace him with a new character? Ed Skrein looks nothing like Jason Statham so it's just... confusing!

It's not super bad, but it's definitely not a must watch, totally skippable i'd say. Got rated 4.9 in ImdB and i agree with the numbers.

I liked the first movie a lot (especially because i went in without any expectation) so i was really looking forward to the second movie (partly for Ki Hong Lee, i'm not gonna lie) and it didn't disappoint! A few seconds into this movie, hunny was like "Hah? Why does it become zombie movie all of sudden???", and yeah-because i didn't read the books before and there's no sign of zombies whatsoever in the first movie, i was also very surprised! Frankly speaking, none of us are zombie movies enthusiasts, but trust  me, this one's so much more than your regular walking dead movies!

Picking up where the first movie left off, Thomas and his fellow Gladers found themselves in a facility where they are assured to be safe and protected from WCKD. It doesn't take long for Thomas (ever so sensitive) to realize, the place's much more sinister than it appeared to be, especially when they prevented him to see his sweetheart who they said to still be going through different tests. Soon, he discover that it's still WCKD they're against and their only choice to survive is to run away, but running away proven to be as trying as staying.

Well, i like it! Even more than the first one, i'd say! It's so different from the first movie that it feels like watching another movie altogether, and that's refreshing! It's still action packed, nail grittingly good and you're kept at the edge of your seat at all time! One of my fave dystopian movies for sure! And Ki Hong Lee stole the show once again, do you know that there are memes making fun about the fact that his character's more famous than the main character? LOL.
Ki Hong Lee as Min Ho
And he really is one of the fine example about how Asian don't age, shocked me when i found out that he's not that much younger than me (i'm practically ancient for Hollywood standard, yeah?), i thought he's in his very early 20s instead of very late 20s! 

Anyway, a must watch for dystopian/action/popcorn movie lovers, it's very entertaining and worth every penny!

I gotta admit that i did not like the first movie all that much, i thought it was not that funny, very cheesy and dry... I liked the characters, but i was just not a fan of the movie. So i was not very excited about the sequel (if the original is not that good, how can the sequel be any better?), even after i watched the trailer-but Little O was all excited about it so we went to watch it... And i surprisingly enjoyed it very much!

So Mavis is all grown up and she ended up marrying the human boyfriend, Johnny. All's well, they live happily at the hotel and it gets even better when Mavis got pregnant and gave birth to an adorable baby boy, Dennis. But when Dennis is growing up and reaching 5 (the point where it's the final timeline for his vampirism can appear), Drac's getting more and more restless. Mavis feels like Drac could not accept Dennis for what he is (probably human) and that the hotel is probably not a very safe place for a human boy to grow up in so she is considering moving to Johnny's hometown. Johnny loves living in the hotel so he conspire with Drac to make Mavis wants to stay-all leading to huge troubles ahead!

I love this movie! Personally feel like it's 10x better than the first film (wonder if because it's so family related???), i actually LOL-ed a LOT (and got touched. If an animation movie makes me teared, i am sold!!!) and found some scenes to be totally hilarious (my fave is the You Tube video of Drac going coo coo, coo coo)! I guess it's not the best animation movie of all time and not everybody would love it as much as i do (hunny actually thinks the first movie was funnier, which is the total opposite of my opinion, but then again he does like cheesy, slapsticks scenes)-but it's still a funny, entertaining, fun movie for the whole family! Recommended!

I have mixed feelings about this one. I didn't want to watch it at first, the trailer looks boring to me, but hunny insisted to so i relented. As usual, when hunny insisted on watching a heavier type of movie, i ended up getting more interested than him, i had to kick him a few times during the movie to keep him awake (even though he'd never admit it. He never does). I still don't think this movie's all that good (i'm not a fan of mafia type of movies really), but it's still very interesting especially because it's based on a true story.

It is the true story of Whitey Bulger,  the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston who also happens to have a brother who became a senator (this part is really jaw dropping for me). In the late 70s, Whitey (who was then still a smaller time-but as cruel nonetheless-criminal, but already is the godfather of the Irish Mob) is approached by John Connoly, an important FBI agent who he grew up with in South Boston (or as they call it, Southie), John convinces Whitey to become an informant for FBI to help the FBI take down Boston's Italian Mafia in exchange of some immunity. The deal spins out of control and Whitey made it to FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.

First of all, Johnny Depp in disguise to become pouchy, balding older guy (well, Depp really is not that young either, but he looks young! Especially for his age. I guess normal 52 year old guys might look more like his character than Depp?) is disturbing (but when i see pictures of the real Whitey Bulger, i can see that the make up department actually did a pretty good job), especially those scary contacts he uses *shudder*. The movie itself is a bit slow, draggy at part, very rough and super brutal (i don't have problem watching ghost movies, but gory, brutal ones are hard for me) with loads and loads of blood and graphic murder scenes. I guess it makes the move more real and serves the purpose of telling the story, but that makes it a heavier type of movie that's definitely not for everybody. But if you like true stories about real criminal, yes-this is the movie for you!

That's the end of September movies list! We also watched Everest but i liked it so much i wrote an entire post dedicating to the movie (read it here), but there's another movie i want to mention, it's an old one and i watched it online : The Pact. It's a 2012 movie but just showed in local cinema last years WTF, then the sequel (which is nowhere near as good as the first movie) is showing in the cinema-of course i wanted to check it out since it's a horror movie, but i decided to watch the first movie first online (and then the second one online too hahaha)-it's SO MUCH BETTER than i expected! Creepy, effective, and with unexpected twist
Nichole Barlow returned to her childhood house to take care for her mother's funeral and asked her sister Annie to help her, Annie refused since she's too traumatized with how their mother treated them. After making a video call to her daughter, Nichole disappeared and Annie had no choice but went back to look for her. Their cousin Liz has Nichole's daughter (Eva), three of them met at the funeral house and Annie asked Liz to accompany her stay at her mother's house but Liz too, disappear that night. Annie witnessed violent supernatural events leading to Liz's disappearance but of course the authority does not believe her and Annie became a suspect instead.A detective, Bill, decided to help her and together they return to the house to try to investigate what's really happening, more danger are waiting for them.

It's not the perfect horror movie (and it's definitely not in Insidious or The Conjuring level!), lots of plot holes (and it's actually an indie movie with a shoe string budget) that gave me a lot of questions, but it's actually very good! One of the most effective horror movie i've seen in a while. If you're a huge horror movie fan like me, i highly recommend you to check it out!

Okay, now we really come to the end of the post! What movies have you watched lately? And what movies are you planning to watch next? I'm planning to watch Goosebumps, Crimson Peak and American Ultra soon!

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