Shopping with L (+OOTD, and Movie Review : Cloud Atlas)

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Hey guyss...

How's everybody doing? And how was your Monday (no no, not another brain fart, i'm asking if yesterday was good to you, i know it's a Tuesday already hahaha)? The reason i asked is... because i had a great Monday! I went shopping the whole day with my cousin L and then continued with a movie date with hunny! Hahaha... i imagine it's not the typical Monday for everybody, but that's how my Monday went i loved it *Huge grin*.

Went to TP with L in the afternoon, original plan : L was going to look for a light coat and i was going to look for warm scarves (yes lah, for our Europe trip, sorry if i talk about it too much, you'd just have to endure it because it's happening in less than 2 weeks so the intensity of me talking about it is only going to increase lah hahaha!), which none of us stuck to LOL. We ended up with quite lots of other stuffs instead haish.

I know i looked pale, this was taken after 11 hours outside hahahaha, this was at 11 PM when we just got home. I didn't have time to take pictures before we went because i was barely dressed when L ping ping ping-ed my BBM demanding me to go down coz she's outside already hahaha. 

But i looked pale anyway the whole day yesterday FML. L was being punctual for a change and i totally didn't see that coming. She told me she was on the way to pick me up already when i was just finishing drying my hair. So i had 10 minutes or something to slap on BB cream+powder+mascara+blush on. And i also forgot to bring a brighter lippie to make me less pale so i ended up with my Revlon nude pink lippie. Zzzz.

No pictures of my bag because i was too (LAZY) sick to change into other bags lately, still using my mum's recent hand-me-down Fion bag :p.

Went to Matahari Department Store first to stalk some make up brands (for my job :p), then i remember i wanted to get a solid perfume for my trip (because! I cannot be without my fragrances! And we're gonna be flying on-off without any chance of showering (first we're going to Singapore in the afternoon, then wait for a few hours for our flight to Europe, i forgot to which city first haha, we'll land the next day and start the tour straightaway, so it's going to be almost two days without showering!!!) and with limited access (or just inconvenient lah) to our suitcases, so i'm panicking over stuffs to bring to the cabin lah), and we saw new Tony Moly stand there! I originally already planned to get the Tony Moly solid perfume at their stand in GC, but it's already there so i hunted for it lah!

Now, i forgot that when you're fragrance hunting.. L's the worst partner you could have! LOL! She is not into fragrances much i think, and she seems to not be able to tolerate most girly, floral and fruity perfumes much (it got worse during her pregnancies, but in general she's not into girly smells i think). I sniffed all of the solid perfume variants and i was attracted to the green one (Pompom Green Tea) and the pink one (Dodo Rose)'s smell, but as you know, i'm still down with flu and my nose's not really working well, so i tried getting L to help me.

Big mistake. LOLOL. She claimed the green tea one to smell like a wet tissue and only wrinkled her nose in distaste smelling the super light rose one LOLOL. OMG FML. I ended up getting the Rose one because it's super light, the green tea one (i don't normally like green tea-smelling stuffs, but this one's very nice) is a bit strong, i'm afraid if i might find it too overpowering once i'm all healthy and my sensitive nose's working again!

I don't normally purchase Korean-brand cosmetics on their counters because their pricing's outrageous, but in my experience it's okay to get their fragrances. Their price's actually the same (and in Etude House's case, cheaper!) than on online shops, plus no need to pay for shipping (so even if it's slightly more expensive when you count the shipping fee the difference would be minimal). I would never in a million years purchase their BB creams (Etude House's BB cream on the counter's 2-3x the price of online shops WTF) in local counters though.

Oh, when i told L i was looking for a solid perfume she was like, oh L'Occitance got some! Haish, you can tell how different our tastes are, right? I'm a Korean-cosmetic (or Asian to be exact) lover, she prefers Western brands, i'm crazy about cute packaging she's into more luxurious brands. I told her i'm only buying it for the flights, i'm not gonna spend a fortune on a solid perfume that i most probably not going to use much afterward anyway. I paid IDR 139.000 for the super cute solid perfume, show you in the future lah okay :p!

L was looking for mascara, and of course i suggested Maybelline, but she seemed reluctant so i told her to try Max Factor since i heard their mascara's pretty good to. But after she chose what she wanted to BA told us they ran out of the black one, FHL. In the end L bought my HG mascara, Maybelline's Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara after i told her it's dirt cheap, only IDR 65.000 hahahaha. I wonder why she was surprised, did she think it was super expensive when i first suggested it? Guess this girl never bought Maybelline products, eh?

Like usual, Matahari's having their regular promotion, we each got an IDR 25.000 worth of voucher to spend on selected items (with signs on them) for minimum purchase of IDR 100.000. Being a big kiasu that we are, we hurriedly looked for stuffs with signs on them haha. L said she wanted to get a legging (again for the Europe trip), but again, we lost focus. She ended up with two printed loose tees and i with a tribal blazer LOLOL. At least i'm gonna be wearing my blazer to Europe so i'm still not too badly of-course, right? 

When we paid for our clothes the cashier gave us another IDR 25.000 vouchers! WTF! They said no matter how much you spent that voucher would always come out FOL LOLOLOL, L was like "WTF? It's a devil's circle then!!!" Hahahaha. On second thought, i regret not getting another blazer with the voucher zzzz. It can be used until tomorrow though, so we'll see what i'll do haha.

We went round and entered countless shops but we didn't find the stuffs we were looking for and L was whining because she was hungry so we stopped by for a light lunch in our fave date place, The Coffee Bean! Hihihi... It was definitely gossip time as well :p, so nice to catch up!

L told me when her friend found out she was going out with me at TP the friend (that i also knew, met her at L's birthday last December) was so jealous because she never has any time to go out anymore, she had to take care of her little son and had no time for anything else, in the end she asked L to help her buy some stuffs. What shocked me was.. she asked for FOUR lipstick. 

Four lipstick is not much to buy in one go, if it's all different shades. But she asked for one Anna Sui lipstick and three NYX lipstick that's exactly the same color! Why would you need three of the exact same lipstick for??? L said to stock up lor, for me it's still a huge WTF lah hahaha. What does she do, eats'em??? And she said she never had time to go out, so when is she gonna use up (because she bounds to use them up right? If she asked for three to stock up???) if she never goes out? L said again, maybe to the kitchen? To cook? LOLOLOL. 

It didn't stop there, she also sent a picture of a dress, asking L to help her buy it as well. I'm so confused! She even managed to snap the picture (from the store) and knew which size too get, why didn't she buy it when she took that picture? L told me she's a fussy shopper, she'd check the seam of the dress for half an hours. But but but!!! She asked other people to buy for her, other people (like L!) wouldn't even check it for her!!! Isn't it worse??? LOLOLOL... 

I'm not saying all of those to be malicious lah okay, i'm just genuinely perplexed, that's all. For Mar (i called her M in the other post but i need to change it coz my close friend's called M, you'd be confused if i don't change it haha) if you ever gotten to read this, sorry!!! You're just too hilarious i had to share with my readers hehe!

Went to Zara, found their sale section and saw a stunning cobalt blue mini dress (it's bodycon with ruffles on the hips) going for IDR 199.900!!! (Original price IDR 549.000 or something) and it was on a perfect size too, M! I tried it on and it almost fits perfectly, if i have a bigger boobs *FML*, should probably go down a size but there's only 2 pieces left (both sized M) so i bought it anyway, will put on a huge stick on sillicon bra! It's very pretty on! Will also show you in the future okay haha.

Last stop before i had to rush off (because hunny's already picking me up) was Daiso. I was looking for some cute cosmetic pouches to place little stuffs inside for a friend's birthday present. (the little pouch looked pretty good, if i may say so myself. I think i can make a pretty beauty box, i should start my own beauty box company hahahahaha). Somehow L ended up buying twice as much nonsense as i did there LOLOL.

Wah, only #Pink can drag a simple shopping day into a long blog entry eh? Hahaha.. Had so much fun and got some real nice stuffs, really satisfied lah!

Went to CW with hubby straightaway and bought the movie ticket, then since there's still half an hour left before the movie started we rushed to do some grocery shopping for our hotel, we didn't expect the person in front of us (actually his friends, not him) to keep on adding more stuffs so it took way longer than we should queuing up WTF. Barely made it into the cinema before the movie started! I HATE to be late for movies! So even though i was out of breath and sweating like crazy, at least we weren't late!

We watched Cloud Atlas.
It was AWESOMEEEEE!!!I googled and just found out that it's a 2012 movie, dunno why it took them so long to start showing it zzz. I LOVE it! Have you guys watched this? If you haven't and you're a fantasy/sci-fi lover, you need to watch this!
I found it a bit confusing at first because there were so many characters (with the same people playing them) from different eras, from 1800s, 1970s, 2140s, even post-apocalyptic era! The movie jumps back and forth and straight to the heart of each stories at first so confusion is expected. Don't worry if you got confused to at first, the awesome journey just started! The stories would soon start to unfold and you'll get the hook of it fast enough. 
Each stars played different characters (i think i saw Tom Hanks the most! LOL), even with different races. I believe they were experiencing rebirths, and somehow all of the stories interconnected in the end, to a wonderful and magical story that is Cloud Atlas. 
You'll find lawyer from 1849 on an ocean voyage with intrigues and conflicts, a gay composer in the years before being gays are acceptable, political thriller in 1970s, futuristic Seoul with fantastical clones working as mundane workers and being treated like machines, to the world post-apocalypse that i confused with a pre-historic time at first LOLOL. Each stories engaging and powerful on its own, epic as one movie.
There were famous names in this movie, Tom Hanks like i mentioned earlier, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, the guy i just remembered as the Elf in LOTR (Huge Weaving), to the famous China actress (Xun Zhou) and a Korean actress (Doona Bae? This is the first time i heard of her, then again i do not know much Korean actress other than Song Hye Kyo LOL), but the most important for me (that i didn't even knew was in this movie at first) was the ultimate eye candy, Jim Sturgess.
Jim Sturgess
Now, i LOVED Jim Sturgess ever since i first saw him in One Day. He's super cute and endearing (one of not so many guys that #Undecided and i both fancied LOL), he's super good looking but somehow not very photogenic i guess. I kept on looking for a good picture of him and cannot find one that reflects how good looking he is (in movies), in real life Jim Sturgess loves crazy hair and facial hairs *sigh*. I found a decent photo of him taken from One Day so you (if any of you happen not to know him yet) can see a glimpse of how good looking he can be if he shaves and comb his hair *LOL*.
Awwwww, those eyes... So beautiful! That's one of his best feature, that's why i was a bit disturbed seeing him in one of his many (seven!) roles in this movie as a Korean guy, the make up was pretty scary to make his eyes looked half the size of their real size.
If there is one thing i'd complain about this movie, that would be the make up. I dunno, the way the make the actors look of a different race was creepy. And Halle Berry looked horrible when they made her looked old for one of her characters!

In the end, i love this movie a LOT (and not just because Jim Sturgess' in it, i promise), it's one of the most epic one i've watched for quite a bit now :D. If you haven't seen this, i recommend you to do so (but not in you don't like fantasy/sci-fi movies).

Oh, i also wanted to show you my OOTD from last Saturday (when #Undecided and i went birthday pressie shopping while wheezing and complaining the whole way LOL)
Floral Mini Dress : Bugis Junction (Singapore), Woolen Crop Vest : Yellowline (MKG, Jakarta), Black Mini Skirt : Magnolia, Grey Inner : random shop (Singapore)
Yeah, that's the closest thing to a winterish/autumnish fashion we in tropical countries can pull off, a woolen crop vest hahaha, anything else we'd get a heat stroke and faint i think hahahaha. The floral dress is super sweet but as usual, too short, so i had to layer it with a black mini skirt underneath *sigh*.

Okay, that's is for today, folks! Toodles!



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