Looxchallenge : Indonesia Banget (Very Indonesia)

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Hi guys!!!

How y'all doin? I'm currently really annoyed with hunny. I don't understand how guys cannot throw their dirty clothes in the laundry bin, instead they just throw wherever they like, including on top on MY clean towel, or on top of the sink shelve. Anywhere but the right place, like a feet away. Also they will leave the cupboard's door open after taking their clothes, but promptly tries to close the walk in closet whenever i am inside. FYI, i don't always turn on the air conditioner inside  my walk in closet unless i plan to stay there for awhile (like when i'm putting on my make up or playing dress up, etc) so it's really HOT and suffocating if the door leading to the (fully air-conditioned) room's closed. Arghhhhh!!!! Why the eff are they so friggin annoying??? WHY???

Okay, feeling much better already after writing it down *easy* LOL. Anyhoo... You should notice lately i'm really lazy to join any outfit or make up challenge, just been feeling very tired and sleepy (yes, not 100% over the stupid flu yet, it takes up to three weeks for me to get over bad cases of flu zzzz) and whenever i went out i tend to throw whatever on *unlike usual, normally i'd carefully  choose my outfit, top to bottom*. I'm also too lazy to play around with my makeup, just slap on the basic stuffs over and over again LOL. Seriously, flu makes me so lazy and unlively zzz.

But! Been feeling much better already so i decided to pay more attention to my outfits again, and decided to join Looxperiment's latest challenge (this time, unlike usual, they only have one theme that can be incorporated to any outfit, nail art or make up). The theme caught my attention immediately and i've been meaning to join it because of it. It's called : Indonesia Banget (or Very Indonesia). You know i'm a pretty patriotic person *national anthem blaring, posing patriotically* :p. 

So, since it's Saturday night (weekend is when i'm more daring with my makeup and outfits), i decided to dress up to the theme, complete with the complimenting makeup. Yes, time for dramatic make up, after weeks of lazy nude colored make up haha. 

For the outfit challenge, i immediately think of Batik because what's more Indonesia than batik when it comes to clothing, right? Yes yes, i know i'm not creative lah sorry LOL. I know it's not Friday (for non-Indonesian readers : Friday is the official Batik day in Indonesia, everybody's encouraged to wear Batik on Fridays. Even in banks, etc, you'll see the employees all wears batiks on Fridays), but hey, we should always be proud to wear our Batik anytime of the week, right?

Here's the look that i came up with for my Indonesia Banget look :
My Indonesia Banget Outfit
My Indonesia Banget make up
The color theme for the outfit and make up was also inspired by one of the picures Looxperiments posted for inspiration :
Beautiful blue and green colors are dominating the view in Bedugul Temple, Bali
I was highly inspired by all the beautiful blue and green (and in between) in the picture, and i was really happy when i remembered i had this beautiful blue batik patterned dress (FYI again, real hand painted batiks worth a fortune, i don't really own any real ones, just mass-produced batik patterned ones), it's not new for once, had this for years already. 

Only worn it once before though, i do remember my mum complimenting it, telling me the dress was pretty *as i said before, my mum doesn't really approve most of my clothing choices, so any compliments i'd very unlikely going to forget haha. Even dresses she BOUGHT for me like this beautiful Valentino inspired one she didn't remember-or liked. I had to remind her that she bought it for me and she was like "I did?" and then went on criticizing the way i styled the dress. She said my blazer ruined the whole look, that's why she didn't even notice it was the dress she bought me. WTF*

It's a tube/halter dress (can be worn in both ways), of course i had to put on an inner lah haha.
As for the make up, it looks really subtle in the photos, it was really vivid and dramatic in real life lah! Not super crazy though, i think it was still very wearable lah *i did wore it to GM*. We (accidentally) had dinner with A and her hubby and they didn't say i looked crazy or whatever (but that could be down to the fact that i often look crazy??? I sure hope not!) so i guess it was OKAY lah???

Here's a little step by step tutorial, oh first lemme show you the eye shadow colors i used (all from the same Australis make up palette)
Only used the blue and greens, didn't use the purple :p
As usual, start from the base (light foundation+concealer+powder), followed by eye shadow primer. Next i used the lighter green eye shadow on my lid as a base.
Please excuse the little pimple next to my eyebrow, my period's just finished :p
Somehow the eyeshadow looked subtle in the pictures, it's really bright IRL
OH! Also please excuse my crazy eyebrows! LOL! I'm growing them because i'm tired of people telling me "thick eyebrows are in! Korean style, Korean style!" WTF, also because a friend (N) commented a few times when she saw me "What's wrong with your eyebrows?". My plucked eyebrows could look a bit sparse from the wrong angle, you see.
So i decided to let them grow and be naturally thick, don't worry i plan to go to a professional eyebrow-shaper later in Jakarta that once my sis-in-law and niece tried, they looked nice. In the mean time please bear with my uneven and holey brows *LOL*, i seriously have no idea on how to draw them. My eyebrows were always *ahem* nicely shaped, even if it was a little thin (plucked thin, not naturally thin), people sometimes mistaken them as being embroidered of drawn on *LOL*.
Anyway! Next, i used the darker (bright) green eyeshadow on the outer V, all the way in around the eye sockets, blend-blend-blend! Let the middle and above the eye socket alone so they'd create a subtle green-gradations. (I picked on too much eyeshadow so i had to tone them down with a very pale grey eye shadow later so i didn't look nuts!)

I didn't plan on doing a smokey-eye look but there were some fallen eye shadows under my eyes and they looked pretty nice (and too lazy if i had to clean them, i'd have to re-do my under eye concealer!) so i just add some more green under my eyes and viola, instant smokey eyes! LOL. Also applied the blue eyeshadow from the same palette in the middle of the lid, blending them until there were no harsh edges between the three colors. Also applied very pale grey eyeshadow (from the same palette as well but not pictured) on my brow bone and use the rest to blend all of the other colors and lighten them up a bit because it was really bright, like crazy bright!
Don't worry, i know it looked a bit like my Sloth look *LOL* (i really was tired though), it will look awake once you put on eyeliners and mascara :D.
Then of course, black liquid eyeliner on the lid!
Next is mascara (my mascara's running out... i just got one from my stash to bring to Europe, and i realized i was left with four more mascara on my stock, somehow i feel like i don't have enough stock. WTF. *slaps self* FOUR is more than enough #Pink!!!! Haih, i kinda regret not getting some while we were grocery shopping a few days ago, Maybelline's having a sale in Carrefour at the moment, info for my fellow Indonesian!)
Later i also lined my waterline with black pencil eyeliner as usual, halfway in. Lined the rest with a pearly lavender eyeliner, not forgetting the inner corner on my eyes. A little bit of bling there is always a perfect touch. Then i applied a reddish blush on lightly and put on my Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in  Cherry Ice (19). I've been using it non-stop for almost a month, not because i'm very in love or whatever but i tend to wear a new lip color a lot for sometime then chuck them and move on to another color *LOL*, this lipstick is also very subtle and easy to pair with any makeup style (although could look a bit pale on me if i wear very mininal make up), i also been meaning to take pictures for a review and kept forgetting to, and i kept on wearing it because i keep on wanting to take pictures! I know, WTF...

Final look :
So... That's my version of Indonesia Banget! Hope y'all like it :p!

I went shopping with L again yesterday, i finally got the scarf-will tell ya more about our shopping next time! And earlier tonight we (as in me and hunny) shopped some more for stuffs we need for the trip, it's getting closer and closer to the D Day! It's going to be my first long haul flight and i'm a bit panicked thinking of my make up cleanser and a bit of make up to bring to the cabin (coz we're going for the tour straight from the flight, i don't want to look too crazy since i'm 100% sure i'm gonna want to take LOADS of pictures!) plus my contact lens solutions! You know i'm blind as a bat without my contact lenses and am not comfortable going out with my glasses because they confuse me (totally disoriented whenever i go tried to go out with them). Haih. 
I think i'm gonna write an entry to show your guys the makeups i'm bringing to Europe (because i love reading such entries on other blogs so i also want to do one lah hahahaha)! Mostly i purposefully bought (miniature size or non-liquid ones) for the trip hahaha so they'd make a future appearance on my haul post as well :p.
I'm gonna stop now (and go back obsessing over stuffs to bring to Europe, i'm sorry i already told you i'm very easily obsessed), hope you guys are having a rockin' weekend! Toodles!

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  1. cute dress n nice make up dear ^^

    1. Thank you :D, and thank you for dropping by dear :D

  2. cute story, haha, no surprise at all lha about hubby's behavior, mine is the same, but he does the cook, so pretty much forgiven...lol.love the batik dress too, cute!!

    jgn lupa haulnya kalo pas pulang dari europe yaaaaaa!=D

    kiss kiss

  3. Much love,
    "Nice blog <3