Rise from the (Almost) Dead

1:10:00 AM

Hiiii world!!!

Did anyone missed me??? I hope so! From the (slightly exaggerated, yes only slightly lor!) title you should already know why i've been missing for the past few days, i've been very sick hikhik *cough cough, snort snort*, or should i say, i've been really ill (suddenly hearing my Brit friend D's voice ringing in my ears LOL) :p. I've caught a very very bad flu. Oh, i know it's almost a monthly sickness for me, but this is one of the worst flu i've ever got. 

The day before yesterday i couldn't leave my bed *seriously* so i didn't bathe the whole day *ew ew ew i know*, i was in and out of consciousness *sorry, i tend to be even more dramatic when i'm ill* from the heavy medications, my head and bones ached like crazy and i kept on sweating a bucket and then shivering again once the medication wore off WTF FTS -____-.

This is how i felt that day.
Like a zombie
Huh? What? Felt half dead but still must be cute what, so Hello Zombie it is!!! HAHAHAHA! (Sorry, maybe too much medications still in my system, please understand if i apparent to slightly be more insane than usual okay)

It pissed me off even worse that the timing of the flu totally ruined my going out date with my cousin L, zzzz. We're planning to look for some light coats (on her part) and scarves (on my part) to bring to our up and coming *scream!!!* European tour. Now please please please God, just let our visa come out smoothly *biting on pillows*, PUH-LEASE!!!!! I'm a big bag of a worrier you see, before the visa safely issued i wouldn't even let myself 100% believe that we're really going (glass half empty kind of person, i'm really scared of rejection), heard too much horror visa stories as well (the visa only came out minutes before the departure time, etc). Seriously, it's driving me nutz zzz.

Anyway, the European outfit shopping day has been postponed until Sunday, hopefully it won't be L's turn to bail on me (because usually she bails on me, this is highly unusual-me bailing on her twice, two days in a row because initially i thought i'd be in a better condition yesterday-which i was but not by much so there's no way in hell i could muster up the strength to dress up, let alone go out yesterday!!) because i'm totally looking forward to it!

Lemme fill you in with what happened right before i fell really really sick (i don't care if anyone's interested or not, i'm still writing it :p), i actually managed to go out on Wednesday (Wednesdays are the day when Baby Boy goes to his other grandma-hunny's mum-'s home, so that's our fixed movie date day. If there are more than one interesting movies showing in cinemas then we just bring him along to play at the arcade or something), i was already starting to feel unwell, sneezing non stop *HUATCHIIII HUATTCHIIII HUATCHIIIIII* (and if you know me in real life you'd know my sneezes' really weird one zzz, people would always tell me not to hold my sneezes in, i'm not!!! That's just the way i sneeze normally WTF) and my nose was running like a waterfall (i had to stuff tissue papers on my nose LOLOL), but me being me, it didn't stop me from going out *LOL*.

We went to my sister's place *not the huge as a mall one, they haven't properly moved in yet, dunno when they will LOL, maybe next year :p* because... i wanted to borrow coats for our European trip! Dunno if you noticed yet, but i'm pretty stingy when it comes to this kind of stuffs. Coats only, cannot be worn in Indonesia *unless you're mad*, would be worn once a year tops (if we go to other cool weather countries on cooler seasons next year, what if we only go to Thailand next year???), and they mostly looked the same anyway, why not borrow from your sister who goes abroad many times in one year? She has plenty! Hihihihi... And thankfully my sis (who's in a way even stingier than me) totally approves and beckoned me to come sooner LOLOL.

Initially i only wanted to borrow male jackets for hunny lah, because i already bought a few (cheapo) light coats and L said she'd lend me one very thick one so i thought i was already covered, but my sis pulled out her (and my niece Bb's LOL, it's so nice having a growing up daughter eh, you can share clothes with her. I want one too -___-) coats and forced me to borrow some. 

In the end hunny only got one coat (because he's pretty big for an Asian guy, and my bro in law's skinny with huge belly LOLOL, my nephew's are still growing and nowhere as big as my hunny, although if you've seen my hunny's pics in previous posts you'd see he's not fat or whatever-so only two coats fitted him and the other one is almost exactly the same as the one we bought for him last month in Sogo) and i ended up with two LOL. My sis said "You cannot wear only one coat on the whole trip! All the pictures will be you in one clothing!!!" LOLOL okay sissy, if you say so!!!

There were some other coats that i've already been "reserving" for my future travels HAHAHAHA. Hunny also been bugging me to get a new suitcase but me being me (again, this time i mean stingy lah), i want a baby pink suitcase that's not too expensive (the ones on 50-70% off sale, why all so fugly ones? There are a few pretty ones, but still-not baby pink LOLOL). WTF's suitcases so expensive *stingy* *stingy*. Luckily my sis came to the rescue once again, telling us she had a spare suitcase that we can borrow *fist pump*, yes!!! Why buy something that can be borrowed readily??? Save the money to shop in Europe, hunny!!! Please!!! *cheap ass traveller*.

Oh, my niece Bb may looked years maturer than her real age (13) but she's a real baby at heart (just like her lovely aunty here :p), and she hates being left by her mummy (seriously, my mum told me i was a real nuisance when i was little, always crying and won't let her go out, but refusing to go out with her! Sounds like a real annoying little b****, i'd kick that kiddo's ass!!! Oh hey, that's me! LOLOL), my sis and her hubby's going on a Russian (and Scandinavian) tour, on almost the exact date that i'd be going on our European tour. Bb's been sniffling and complaining every night, CW said *LOL*, she was contemplating on staying at my place instead but then she remembered that her fave aunt's also be leaving LOLOLOL, poor Bb!!! Then she resumed her wails :p.

We also managed to caught a movie afterward (yes, with my runny nose and non stop sneezing, if any reader happened to be in the same cinema as us that day i apologize for spreading the virus *grin*), Stoker.
I was always interested in this movie ever since i saw the movie's poster in the cinema, seeing Nicole Kidman and the poses (and the tag lines) i initially thought it'd be a little bit like Stepford Wives (that i quite liked), i couldn't be more wrong *LOL*. I did googled and read the synopsis, and i still thought it was worth watching. 
This movie's directed by a South Korean director, Park Chan Wook. He is apparently well known for his twisted and often brutal (seriously, very) style. I watched quite a lot of Korean thriller and horrors (i personally prefer Japanese, Chinese and Thai horrors though, Korean ones often ended up with a very weird and confusing ending-that really frustrates me) and i noticed a lot of Korean thriller style shoot throughout the movie, including the actors' demeanor and acts. It was quite interesting for me seeing all the Caucasians acted that way, i dunno if you know what i mean, it's slightly different than how they act usually in an American horror/thriller.
Stoker told a story of India, a girl who lost her dad suddenly on an automobile accident and was left with her emotionally unstable mum (played successfully by Nicole Kidman, i noticed she plays crazies well hehe) and the sudden arrival of her uncle who she never even knew existed (there were a lot of rumors on where he was before, one of them jolted me from my seat "He was digging gold in Indonesia"-what are we the Wild Wild West? WTF). Things began happening since his arrival and India starting to suspect him for having ulterior motives, but instead of being scared of him, she becomes increasingly infatuated with him. Can't tell you the rest as usual coz i don't want to spoil it for anyone who plans to see it lah haha.
But seriously *stare hard*, this movie's not your usual thriller lah, it really is twisted and a bit crazy (although a bit slow paced at times, you know like most Korean thriller/horror with their artsy-slow shoots), lots of WTF moments as well, totally not suitable for anyone below 21 lah hahaha. The ending also quite WTF (what do you expect from a South Korean director, huh?), it wasn't particularly confusing but more of a WHY LIKE THAT???? type, if you know what i mean LOL.
I'd suggest people who loves weird, twisted, unpredictable movies to go watch it :D. I am quite strange myself that's why i kinda enjoyed this movie (although i can tell hunny's not really into it LOL, he's a straight-Hollywood-family-friendly-movies type of guy, so crazy twisted movies like this one's definitely out of his comfort zone) hahaha. Just don't expect your usual Hollywood thriller/horror because you'd surely be disappointed.
Then the next two days i had a long long rendez-vouz with my bed zzzz. Moving
forward to today! I am not exactly well yet (spent most of the day snoozing, trying to gain some energies for later), but it's Saturday night and #Undecided and i had been planning for a while to buy A's belated birthday present! (her birthday's on March 25th but then they went to Singapore-which travel posts we should definitely kiss goodbye seeing #Undecided's behavior, doesn't look like she's gonna start writing anytime soon zzzz-and the celebration's only gonna be held on April 15th, it's gonna be the most understated and relaxed birthday ever, you'll see why! I'll make #Undecided write a joint post about it at least!!!)

I'm still so far away from being my normal self that i actually was super dizzy after i finished putting on my make up (coz i'm so sick, i need to put more make up than usual to fake that healthy flush LOL), #Undecided was like "OMG BB, how? Should we not go???" and i was like "No BB, i'm done with my make up. I die also i must go" which cracked her up, glad to amuse you Bb *sour face*.

The level of discomfort was upped triple, because not only i was (am) still very sick (zzzz), the weather's been crazy HOT lately (with crazy thunderstorms. I was jolted awake by a super duper triple LOUD thunder last night, anyone else heard that? I seriously had never heard a louder thunder in my life!), plus we finally got our periods (talking about #Undecided and i, if anyone's hoping for a baby #Pink or baby #Undecided, sorry! Not happening yet! LOL) after being late for almost a month (in my case) and 2 weeks (in #Undecided's case, which is super rare because her period's usually moves up) *TMI? Sorry :D*, like... seriously... this cosmic bonding thingy's seriously getting out of hand. As soon as #Undecided told me she got her period, took my uterus a few hours to decide it was her turn. WTF -___-. 

We were like two grandmas today, moving slowly "So tired.. so tired... Oh my tummy ouch ouch ouch" all the time, and i had to stop and sat down a few time because i was too dizzy. We're such a cool duo, eh?

It was super crowded as well today in GM OMG OMG, bumped up with lots and lost of people we knew. I was "captured" by BB and CW straightway and we were "captured" right away again by my friend M who works on a travel agency (yes, it's that period again, when travel agency holds exhibitions in the malls for their up and coming tours), she saw the big fish hahaha (CW lah, she always take the expensive tours with her hubby and children, 5 persons at a time! I'm a cheapo of course i prefer the cheap tours LOLOL) so we were stuck for a very long time -___-... Walked a few steps only to be captured once again my another close friend of mine O LOLOL, she works on another tour company (ya lah, told you me and hunny are Tourism Major graduates).

With so many bumps and delays (haha, not well yet, dramatic flair still in full blown) #Undecided and i actually managed to find all the perfect things to be made into a birthday parcel for our dear BFF, A *awww, i'm still so fuzzy and warm, love you A, muackkkssss*. Won't reveal what we got now, wait until the celebration then we'll show you *complete with the big announcement, but most of you should've already guessed by now lah haha*.

As usual, we had tons of laughs and fun, i really needed those laughter *glum* (been so low lately), i guess my mood always improves whenever i see my BFF! Love ya #Undecided (although i hate you for not writing for our blog for so long and dunno for how much longer! ZZZZ!!!)! And love y'all for reading my feverish ramblings!
Not a recent OOTD, i was still using my Blackberry to capture my OOTD *LOL*, haven't discovered the gem that is my camera! LOLOL



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  1. Cantik Bener meskipun lagi sakit..get better soon yaaa..smoga visa Europe nya cepat keluar deh!!borongannya jgn lupa di haul.haha!

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    "Brilliant blog <3