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How's your Sunday? Did you have fun going out? Or did you have a super lazy Sunday at home, sleeping in and being a total couch potato? I was the second one *LOL*. Been going out a lot this week and as usual, after being active for a week, the sloth inside of me insisted on a day off haha. Will be going out again starting tomorrow, and we're flying off to Jakarta (our European tour's starting point is Jakarta) on Friday, gyaaaa *muffled scream*, four days to go!!!

If nothing goes wrong (like, suddenly our visa was declined or something, touch wood!!!) then this is going to be my last haul post before Europe! I think i'm gonna leave a drafted haul post for #Undecided to post so you might be able to read another haul post from me while i'm having fun in Europe. 

That reminds me, Rosemary told me she's going to miss my blog posts when i go to Europe (because i won't be around for two weeks), i told her not to worry because i've prepared some filler entries that i'm gonna ask #Undecided to post while i'm in Europe (plus #Undecided suddenly came out from her hiatus a few days ago, that gave me a teeny tiny little hope that she would write at least a few times during my trip, therefore avoiding this blog from turning into a deserted place hehe), and Rosemary was like "Hm yea, but that's if #Undecided won't forget to post them, right?" LOLOLOL!!! Rosemary sure knows #Undecided well, even #Undecided said so herself!

Okay okay, i'll show you guys what i've got this time. All the stuffs were purchased (or received, there are a few gifts i got here too) on February still, OMG, but it's the last haul for February *phewww* :D.
Some of the stuffs, i got some others i didn't take picture of together with the rest, keep on reading to see what those stuffs are!

This time other than beauty stuffs i also got some accessories. 
Lame Gold Wings earrings from Accessorize
I'm sure most of you knows Accessorize, i saw them everywhere whenever i was overseas, it's a famous retailer from UK. Now, i've only been to Asian countries so far and Accessorize stores in those countries mostly sells accessories (obvi) and bags, sometimes they'd have a small section of clothing as well. But i read in some UK blogs that they actually are selling make up and other stuffs as well, how interesting! Accessorize store's only starting opening in Surabaya very recently. 

I quite like their stuffs but find their prices (in Asia) to be quite outrageous. Especially i guess because the accessories market in Indonesia's been spoiled by China made, Korean inspired accessories sold at a super low prices on online shops *LOL*, but the stuffs in Accessorize is definitely superior in quality compared to those cheap China stuffs. Not that i'd buy them much *LOL*, you know i'm a bargain hunter and pretty cheap-assed person *ROFL*.

So i've patronized those Accessorize stores in Surabaya a few times, browsing carefully. Too bad the pretty ones i really liked were selling at a crazy high price (like IDR 200.000-300.000), i didn't love them enough to actually got them! Ha! And one day i got so frustrated because i couldn't find anything to buy at all at GM and i was in a foul mood *i think both my mum and hunny annoyed me a lot that day* and i needed a quick perk-me-up. Been eyeing this lame gold wing earrings for a while, it's actually very cheap but i guess i wasn't that into it at first.
The more i see it, the more i like it, i'm glad i got it. It's only IDR 36.000, with such a nice quality i can say it's dirt cheap hehe. They got a matching dainty bracelet and i was contemplating on buying it too, but it was a lot more expensive (IDR 89.000 or something), i guess i really am too cheap *LOL*. Didn't get the bracelet in the end, Accessorize does hold promotions pretty often, if the bracelet's still there the next time they are having a sale (and provided the bracelet's also on sale!) i might get it :p

Next are stuffs i got from another newly opened accessories store in GM, Chibiland.
They were having an opening sale, 20% off all items. But then i realized that the brand i bought was Valencia Fashion and they are like, almost always on 20% off in department stores WTF. I do like them so i don't regret getting them.
Rose Stone Flower Necklace with Tassles
The original price of this necklace was IDR 79.000 so it was IDR 63.200 after discount. Not bad, eh. Valencia Fashion's stuffs are also quite of a high quality.
Neon Orange and Gold Spiky Bracelet
I love spikes (and studs) and i love neon colors, so this bracelet's perfect! (Oh i know i don't look like the types who likes spikes and studs *LOL*, but i really do!) It's IDR 59.000 before discount, IDR 47.200 after.
Antique Mint and Pink Stretchable Ring
This is my favorite piece from all three! I LOVE pastel colors, the mint and pink against the unique silver platform is a total perfection! It's also the priciest of the bunch, i wouldn't get it if i didn't really like it! It's IDR 99.000 before discount, IDR 79.200 after.

There were other pretty stuffs in the store but they were quite expensive, so i stopped myself after those three items, maybe next time :p.

Next on the accessories haul... I didn't buy these necklaces, it was a gift from G (one of my BFF, in case you didn't know). I think she got it for me when she was in... errmm... Solo? I cannot remember. We got a habit of buying each other (and A and #Undecided) little gifts whenever we went on a vacation outside Surabaya :p. This little things like this i think are quite important to show each other that we still care, and that's essential to make any relationship lasts. No wonder we're all still BFFs after almost 16 years (or in G and i's case, 18!). The price never matters, even if it's more than dirt cheap we'd still appreciate it because of WHO got them for us!
Blue and Pink Apple Necklaces
I think i'm gonna wear the blue one tomorrow. I like wearing stuffs i got from someone when i go out with them, maybe it's my way to let them know i love the stuffs they got me and i really appreciate them. 

Oh, i almost forgot the last piece of accessories i got this time.
Mint Green Flowery Lace Ring
It's dirt cheap lah, only IDR 4000 hahahaha (USD 0.40) but it's really cute on! You can't see it in the picture but there's a little faux pearl in the middle of the laces. I'm really into those floral stuffs nowadays, i'm dying to have flower wreath and stuffs, but i cannot seem to put on such stuffs (coz my hair's really soft and slippery! wreath and stuffs cannot seem to take a hold and stand on my head at all!) so i'm settling down on floral headbands (you'll see them in future hauls posts) huhuhu. Very envious whenever i see those cute bloggers (like XiaXue, Sophie or Cheesie) wearing cute flower wreaths on their blog posts!

Next thing i'm gonna show you, it's more of an outfit stuff than accessories, it's a thick black legging i got from... Okay i gotta be honest, i don't remember where i got this. At all. Not a slightest clue. Zzz. I'm pretty sure i purchased it online, probably from one of those websites (not disdus, i just checked my purchase history. Maybe Hmmm no, i just checked my qoo10 and it's not from there either. PFFFTTTT this is driving me insane!!!) and it was pretty cheap (i'm sure), maybe around IDR 50.000 or so.
Just a basic black thick (knitted) legging, i'm bringing it to Europe, i think i'm gonna wear a leggings and tights everyday there. I'm just not a jeans person and i would need something i'm comfortable in and it also needs to be flexible. I think leggings are the answer for sure. Now, if only i can remember where i got this from... (don't you just hate it when this happens? I'm really curious and yet i cannot remember at all! ZZZ).

Moving on to beauty stuffs!
False Eyelashes Case from Daiso, A Set of 5 Pairs of False Lashes
That eyelashes set was the first upper falsies i ever got (i mistakenly bought lower lashes before). It was dirt cheap, IDR 55.000 i think, i got it from G's cousin's online shop. They came with a tiny little tube of glue, but the glue's a total rubbish. If you got the same set of falsies i suggest you to chuck the glue to the bin straightaway. A total utter rubbish, they took forever to dry out and once they do they'd start peeling from your lids, so what's the point??? 
As soon as i made the decision to buy false eyelashes i hunted for a cute case straightaway *LOL* (yes, i'm hopeless). Wanted the cute round baby pink with black bow kind all of the beauty bloggers seems to have from Daiso but unfortunately they were out of stock in Surabaya's Daiso at that time, i couldn't wait (yes, again, i'm hopeless) so i got this long square one. Not as cute but quite pretty too. Coz it's from Daiso obvi it's IDR 22.500 lah, i think i'm gonna buy the round case too (they already re-stocked them) lah zzz.
Mini O.P.I nail polishes
No no,  didn't get the Burlesque mini set, at least not all of them. And no, one of the nail polish wasn't missing. LOL. Got those minis from G's cousin (the same online shop i got the falsies from), i was interested in Mariah Carey liquid sands ones but wasn't willing to buy the set. Why? Because i was only curious of the liquid sands ones lah, i wasn't sure i was going to like it (because i do not like matte nail polishes), i just wanted to try one out. Then G told me her cousin's splitting the set up, as long as there were people who wanted each polish. So of course i joined in the fun!

I ended up with two liquid sands minis and one from the Burlesque set.
I'm not sure of the name of the shade from Burlesque (I think it's Take The Stage), i will google them later. The liquid sands ones i got in Can't Let Go and The Impossible. I already used The Impossible and i kinda like them i think, i will review them later. I paid IDR 40.000 (USD 4) for each since G's cousin's selling the set for IDR 160.000. It's probably not cheap but it's a good way to try out polishes you are not crazy about in many shades. Minis are the best! (especially if there's a seller who's willing to split sale them LOL).
Last one's from The Body Shop again haha.
If you read this blog since December you'd know i went on a little crazy about The Body Shop for awhile during their sale season. I received a lot of their vouchers, i think i got these two using the last of my IDR 100.000 voucher. I offered hunny to stock up on TBS's deodorant stick since he loves them so much (bought one a few weeks before), those two  deodorants would lasts him a very long time so even though they're pricey (IDR 99.000 i think) it's still very value-for-money, plus we bought both of them using vouchers so... they're practically free, no?

Anyway, since using IDR 100.000 worth of voucher requires you to shop for AT LEAST IDR 100.000 (WTF, only IDR 1000 left zzz), i finally gave in and got myself the Cranberry Joy Lipbalm (i already fot the Ginger one and i am happy now that i have the complete Holiday 2012 limited edition lip balms :p), it was IDR 59.000 so we only paid IDR 58.000 for both items. This is not the last TBS haul you'll see though, they are still having the Buy 1 Get 1 promotions (using BCA credit card on Tuesdays) so i might pop into TBS from time to time (on Tuesdays i mean).

Those are the stuffs you see on the first picture, i still got two more stuffs to show you! Bags!
Square quilted dark brown bag, i forgot to take a clearer picture without the plastic LOL, sorry ah i will show you when i wear them in the future okay. 

Second bag :
Square "Soldier" bag
The picture a bit blurry, i didn't realize, sorry! It's super cute lah in real life, i LURVVVEEE it! Rosemary told me there are other versions for this bag, a Prince version, Princess, and i dunno what else. Mine was the soldier version and i think it's the cutest!!! Closer look on the soldier :
Both bags i got from A (another one of my BFFs hehe)'s little sister's online shop, i shopped a lot from her, she sells the cutest bags with quite low price too! I cannot remember the prices (because mostly they are Pre-ordered and took more than a month to arrive, by the time they did i usually already completely forget their prices, the soldier bag was ready stock though), i think the brown quilted one was under IDR 150.000 and the soldier bag was under IDR 250.000.

That ended my haul post this time! Oh one more thing! I told ya already i signed up for two Beauty Boxes right, one of them's having an affiliate program, Beauty Treats. So if any of you are interested on subscribing, please please please use my referral, just click the link below!

I might get a free box if there are enough people signed up using my referral! Thank you in advance!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, i'm very excited for the new week! Yay!


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