Review : My Beauty Diary Valentine Chocolate Set (Sheet Mask)

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Hi guys...

Hope y'all doing better than me, i'm currently feeling horrible (since yesterday afternoon actually), my bones ache, my throat hurts, i kept on coughing non stop and i'm having an on-and-off fever. I don't know what's happening to me but i hope it'll pass soon! I know it sounds crazy but #Undecided and i have this "cosmic" connection LOL, like when one of us is sick, the other will be sick soon. When one of us is pissed, soon the other will be too. And right now our connection is, both of us are late with our periods zzzzz. I do hope this is not a sign of pregnancy (the sudden illness) :p, please come next year, baby! Mummy's got a packed schedule this year LOLOL.

Actually i felt not so bad this morning/afternoon, i was even energized enough to do lots of work (with the help of lovely Rosemary, thank you so much babe! You really are my hero! I'm hopeless when it comes to editing and photo shopping, even arranging photos in one layout is way out of my abilty LOL, that's when Rosemary came and rescue me), but once the evening came i feel like dying already WTH -___-.

So i didn't feel like writing originally, but since #Undecided seems to going to be missing (i know she's been missing for a while already, i mean a while more lah haha) for awhile (she told me "I have so many things to write, i just don't have the WILL to" FOL) i feel obliged somehow to write more (over compesating-anyone?). Told ya i'm a  creature of habit, once i made myself write regularly it's almost impossible for me not to write. Haish. Probably an OCD thingy as well. FML.

Anyway, i'm gonna review the sheet mask i've been using every week lately (more than half of the box is finished by now) that i've purchased from Sasa My Beauty Diary Valentine Chocolate Set (you can read my haul here
Picture taken from
I think it's a limited edition they came up with for Valentine's Day? I don't really know but it doesn't seem to still be available in Sasa anymore but i thought i'd review them anyway because My Beauty Diary has (LOADS) of other masks and i'm sure they sells chocolate and rose ones (like the ones in this set) separately (or something similar at least like this Chocolate Truffle ones or something), so if you're thinking of buying a similar product from them you'd at least have a clear picture on what to expect, okay :)!

 My Beauty Diary's very famous in Asia (and i read on some UK and American blogs, seems like it's starting to make their way there too!) and i'm sure most of you have already heard of them. They've been around for quite a while but this is the first time i'm trying them out since i'm only very recently getting into the masks routine.
My Beauty Diary Valentine Chocolate Set
The set comes in a quite bulky transparent bulky box, it's quite heavy since they contained 12 pieces of sheet masks. Even though the set is called "Valentine Chocolate Set" but there were not only Chocolate masks inside, there were also Rose masks there (6 of each), Bulgarian White Rose masks to be exact. 

I tried the Bulgarian White Rose mask first (because it actually was the one that attracted me to buy this set, you know Rose's my favorite floral scent).
My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose mask
Comes in a pale baby pink sachet, so pretty
The sachet's pale pink and quite plain (but i'm biased, whenever i see baby pinks i'd immediately fall in love no matter what) with Chinese writings on them (i googled and i think this brand came from Taiwan, please correct me if i'm wrong).
Once you tear off the sachet, you'll find the sheet mask itself, it is folded neatly with a plastic layer inside, probably to make them less prone to tearing. Unlike other sheet masks i used before (NuFace's, Acnes', etc) with sturdier sheets, MBD's (short for My Beauty Diary lah :p) are much softer and thinner, it's not super fragile or anything but you'd want to be gentle with it (and watch those claws LOL), once i removed them roughly and i succesfully tore the sheet in pieces, thankfully it was after i was finished using them.

I love the way this mask smells! LOVE LOVE it! Heavenly rose smell, don't worry if you have a sensitive nose because it's actually quite subtle and now over powering at all, so it won't assault your nose haha. The sheet's absolutely drenched in the serum, after i finished putting them on my face my hands would be absolutely drenched in liquid so i rub them all over my hunny's face *waste not, people*, they are more than enough for his entire face!!!

After a while the masks made my skin tingle a little bit, on the first use the tingling sensation around my mouth was a little bit too much, kinda like when you accidentally wipe your mouth area after touching eucalyptus oil LOL, but less severe of course. 

I removed them after about an hour LOL (instruction said 30 minutes but it was still very wet so i left them a longer :p), and even after one hour when i squeezed the sheet lots of the serum would still be there! I then proceed to use them on hunny's hands and feet, yes all four of them! My hunny's 1.79cm tall okay, so he has very long limbs, and the remaining serum was always enough to cover everything, superb!

I find my skin to be slightly sticky afterward, dries off quite fast (but won't be as dry as Acnes okay since this one's not targeted to control oil on your skin). The next morning my face would be very oily LOL and sticky, but that's okay, it's because this mask is supposed to moisturize (and lighten, but i'm sure they mean brighten) your skin, the oil on my face didn't become worse or anything so no harm done. My face does feel very soft, supple and brighter after each use! I am loving it to the max!
Wahahahaha, did i scare you? (hey, you should be used to photos of me wearing sheet masks by now :p)
What about the chocolate one?
My Beauty Diary Chocolate Mask
The sachet itself is cuter than the Bulgarian White Rose, with its mock cartoon-chocolate bar prints and writings, inside's exactly the same with the Bulgarian Rose so i didn't take any pictures. 

How the chocolate one feels on and after were also almost the same with the Bulgarian Rose, but i personally feel it's less tingly than the other one somehow. I love the smell of this one too (and hunny does too, i think he likes this one better than the rose one coz he's a guy right haha. Yes, of course i also slather the extra serum all over him!), very yummy like a real chocolate! It does not smell like an overpowering artificial chocolate like how most beauty stuffs with chocolate scents tend to be, this mask actually smells really natural. So if you like your masks to smell yummy, this one is a must try!

I love this set and would recommend this MBD masks, i think it'd work well on dry skin as well (because it does my hunny's super dry skin good), and for people with oily skin-there's nothing not to love from these masks. And they are not expensive either! I totally thought MBS' masks would be expensive but this set was USD 13.50, or roughly IDR 130.000 for 12 pieces, so it's actually only IDR 10.800 something each! That's a lot cheaper than those sheet masks you can purchase locally at drugstores or groceries! Even the Acnes ones costs me like IDR 16.000! You can buy it at when they are having a free shipping promo (with minimum purchase, you can buy two sets and stock them or something-an advice from the human squirell)!

So, of course i'd purchase more (actually because i was so in love with these masks i quickly ordered a bunch of other masks from Sasa :p, another dozen or so but from different brands and variants), i'd want to try other variants though (but i'm definitely getting the Bulgarian White Rose again because i love the smell so much!).

Leaving your with a photo of #Undecided and i with our other BFFs (plus my very pregnant cousin, L), taken on my birthday two years ago (i think), the dress code was animal print!! Yes, it was just to piss #Undecided off but she was game enough to actually purchase and wore one! That's how much she loves me! LOL!
Miss hanging out with all of u T.T


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  1. What a great review! And dont didnt scare me. :)

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