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Okay, may as well clarify that from now on (eh, actually been going on for a while now haha) my monthly movie review would be posted somewhere in the next month, most possibly towards the end now to avoid any unrequited expectations HAHAHAHA.

Oh well, here are the movies we watched on October :D :
When hunny told me about this movie, i immediately felt a sense of deja vu. Mark Damon's stranded in other planet alone.. Again? LOL. Only this time he plays the good guy (which suits him better anyway) and the movie's much more entertaining and easier to digest (no weird stuffs) than Interstellar.

During a mission to Mars, the American astronauts were caught in a crazy storm and one of them, Astronaut Matt Watney got badly injured while the rest couldn't find him and must evacuate or risk all of their lives. The whole world thinks Watney's dead, but he miraculously survives and now he has to find a way to keep himself alive (and grow food in a planet where nothing grows) and try to contact the earth to let them know he's still alive.

Unlike Gravity, where we saw a struggle to stay alive that makes us feel well... Kinda depressed, Matt Watney never lost him sense of humor and made us laugh with/at him with his upbeat personality and quirkiness. Of course, it also brought tears to my eyes (towards the end), but this is definitely the kind of movie that gives you hope-a feel good kind of movie (which is fantastic, because sad endings depresses me). Absolutely brilliant, love it! Highly recommending it!

2. The Vatican Tapes
Well. One of the movies which i should've believed the online reviews. As always, too excited for any horror movie-and the trailer didn't look too bad (IMO)-but the reviews mostly are very bad. Still, i persisted because sometimes we ended up liking some movies even though most people hate them (like The Gallows, i thought it was not that bad). Sadly that didn't happen this time, it was... Pretty much crap *LOL*.

Angela Holmes is a very ordinary, normal 27 year old woman, she has a devoted dad (who's just a tad over protective) and loving boyfriend. Life seems to be nothing but normal for her until one day she got into a small accident on her birthday and she immediately began to change. She becomes more and more weird, everything about and around her starting to get really spooky, she somehow even causing others to suffer injuries and death. A priest who witnessed the tragedies around him arranged for an exorcism, but turns out Angela is not possessed by a common demon but by an ancient satanic force more powerful than anyone can ever imagine.

Honestly there are so many possession movies (mostly bad too) nowadays, it's getting tedious. Still, there are a few brilliant ones that make me willing to go through loads of the crappy ones in search for them. Actually i found The Vatican Tapes started off pretty interestingly-albeit predictable-but... it never picked up. I read people saying how the ending's unexpected and brilliant, but i dunno... I didn't like the ending. It's just.... Weird. And somehow it feels like it's ending just when it's about to get interesting. I don't like it at all -____-, just watch other movies and skip this one entirely. Oh, and i really think Michael Pena should stick to comedies.

On the contrary, i wasn't that interested to watch Pan (i'm never interested in Peter Pan, period) and i wouldn't even consider going to watch it if not for Little O (i wasn't interested even after watching the trailer) but like some movies can be, it totally exceeded my (nonexistent) expectation and ended up liking it quite a bit!

Peter lives in an orphanage and with his best friend, he always seems to get into trouble with the horrible head of the orphanage. Peter saw one by one his friends disappeared at night, "adopted" is what they were told but one night he experienced the "adoption" for himself, and he was actually taken to a magical world... the Neverland. But Neverland is not yet like the Neverland we know, it was ruled by a cruel pirate, the Blackbeard (played brilliantly by Hugh Jackman) and Peter started to reveal his origins-to become Peter Pan that we're all familiar with.

Yeah, it's actually a pretty fun movie! Entertaining, colorful, with beautiful costumes and cinematography. It's fast enough to keep me entertained the whole time, no time to get bored! The fantasy world really comes to life (and the mythical creatures, especially the mermaids-they were depicted wonderfully), hunny, Little O and i were really entertained. It was a bit confusing seeing Pan was such a good friend with Hook, i hope a sequel would be made so we'll get to know the direction of this added story will go (i'd love to know how Peter and Hook becomes sworn enemy!). Quite recommended for the whole family!
Another movie that exceeded my expectation. I wasn't sure i'd enjoy a movie based on a true story of Philippe Petit (a French high wire artists), i mean... Wouldn't it be boring? As much as i LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt and all (HATE his hair in this movie, though hahaha). But yup, it's a nice movie alright! With the right amount of amusing scenes, heart stopping scenes (you know, when he's walking the ropes on a crazy height) and heart warming ones.

Philippe Petit has been in love with rope walking since a circus came to his small French hometown, even though his dad didn't approve of his career of choice, he didn't care. He found a mentor in Papa Rudy and dream of walking the twin towers of WTC in New York City. He is determined enough to make his dream a reality and concocted a mad plan with his gang (which includes his then girlfriend, his best friend and some other people they recruited).

Seriously, i found it a bit hard to believe that a movie which center is about a man trying to walk on a rope between two skyscrapers could be so gripping, interesting and entertaing-but it was! So much drama, so much craziness and silliness as well! I hate Joseph's accent (and i repeat, his hair) but he's brilliant as Philippe Petit (he's always brilliant anyway, right?). And i just realized that there is no English metaphor for Indonesian's saying "Nasi sudah menjadi bubur" (literal translation would be "Rice has become porridge". Pretty much meaning "It's done, nothing we can do about it") but there's a French one (i dunno the French words, but it literally means "The carrot's cooked") LOL.

I was a HUGE fan of Goosebumps series when i was young, i have lots and LOTS of the books and never missed one. My son actually likes creepy stories too, but unlike me (i was a strange little kid... A loner too), he's a chicken hahaha. He's always curious, but then he'd get really scared and can't even be left alone anywhere (even in the middle of the day) after watching anything mildly scary (he's better now, though). He recently showed some interests in Goosebumps (yes, they're reprinting the old ones-and maybe there are new ones as well? I dunno) but sadly i've sold all of my old Goosebumps books. He was very excited about Goosebumps the movie, and Goosebumps' never that scary anyway so i knew it was the perfect slightly-creepy movie for Little O to watch.

Zach Cooper recently moved from a big city to a small town and he's having some difficulties adjusting to his new life. He then meets a pretty girl who lives next door who has a very strange and strict dad-who turns out to be R.L Stine of Goosebumps fame. Apparently, R.L. Stine's monsters becomes real and he has to keep them trapped in the books, until Zach accidentally opens one-leading to all of the other books getting opened as well! Now it's all up to Zach, Hannah, R.L. Stine and Zach friend Champ (yes, that's his real name) to get them back into the books before they destroy the whole world!

Er... I dunno, i guess i have a high expectation for this movie (afterall it's not everyday that your favorite childhood series's made into a movie) and it's not bad but it's not fantastic either. Little O was thoroughly entertained (and a bit spooked *LOL*), while i got slightly sleepy at some parts (i guess childhood faves are not the same once you're a full grown adult hahaha). It's still pretty entertaining, funny too (Champ is hilarous), and it's fantastic to see all those monsters come to life. I would recommend this especially if you have children (above 7, the younger ones might find it too scary) who are interested in spooky movies but can't watch the real deal yet!

6. Crimson Peak
Oh.... I LOVEEEEEE this oneeeee :D! It's such a beautiful movie, twisted too hahaha-perfect for an oddball like me! I knew i'd love it since i saw the trailer, and for once i am not disappointed! I love it even more than i thought i would! I love Tom Hiddleston even more now... I'll always choose Loki over Thor hahaha. Oh FYI, this is NOT a horror movie-it's a gothic romance, and that's another thing altogether so don't expect spooky ghosts! There are some jump-out-of-the-seat scenes actually, but not much and the ghosts are often ugly but never scary, just mesmerizing!

Edith Cushing is a rather modern woman for her time, she's a writer and unlike most women writer at that era, she's more into horror stories. One day she meets this tall, dark (not the skin tone, just the hair and eye color hahaha), handsome stranger and she fell in love with him. Her dad disapprove after hiring a detective to look into Thomas Sharpe's background, but he soon die tragically and nothing prevents Edith from marrying Thomas. Once she moves to his castle with him and his sister, ghosts of his past starting to bug her, revealing his dark secrets.

The whole movie has this ethereal, dreamy but dark quality in them. The costume, the dialog... Everything's perfect. I don't find Mia Wasikowska pretty so i'd prefer someone else aesthetically, but she plays the part beautifully so i don't really mind. Tom however, was perfect as tormented, confused but charming and dark Thomas Sharpe, and of course Jessica Chastain.... So wickedly delicious! Love all the crazy twists too! The story's pretty straight forward, but the twist is pretty crazy.  I LOOOOVEEEE this, highly recommending this movie for all who are into dark fantasy kind of movie!

I'm not a fan of Vin Diesel and the only movie he stars in that i enjoy's Fast n Furious franchise (or, i like him as Groot too, but only because i couldn't see his face and he can only say groot, heh heh heh), so i was not that enthusiastic when hunny insisted on watching this movie. Fortunately, unlike his other movies (i especially dislike his Riddick movies), this one's full of mythical creatures, magic and witches-which i love! And yep, i quite like this movie!

Hundreds of years ago, the Queen Witch released the black plague that kills so many lives, the devastated families of the victim swore to hunt her down and kill her, including Kaulder (Vin Diesel) who lost both his wife and young daughter. He succeeded in slaying her, but just before she died, she cursed him with immortality. Fast forward to present time, Kaulder is now the last witch hunter, serving the Axe and Cross to protect humanity from evil witches. In his work, he's always accompanied by a priest called "Dolan" and on the eve of the current Dolan's retirement, he dies in his sleep. Kaulder suspected foul play and found out that a witch killed him. After some investigation, Kaulder and the next Dolan realized that a witch is trying to resurrect the Queen Witch and they had to work together to prevent it from happening.

Yep, i quite like this movie. With all the crazy things witches can do, it's pretty awesome! Even Vin Diesel couldn't spoil the movie for me *LOL*. It's very entertaining, if you like fusion between dark fantasy and action, this is a pretty worthy movie to spend some time on!

Andddd that's all of the movies we watched on October! Mostly are decent and pretty good with the exception of The Vatican Tapes. My fave's definitely Crimson Peak, i spent many days obsessing over dreamy Tom Hiddleston after watching it *LOL*.

Another thing that i've been obsessing over (and still am, since i am currently reading the book number four of the Dollanganger series) is the Flowers in the Attic series. If you like twisted, weird family saga, you might want to check it out! It's a TV movie (s) though so you can only watch it online now. I won't go into detail as i plan to review them separately!
Gotta go now, toodles!


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