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Hi guys!!!

By the time you guys are reading this entry i'd be somewhere in Europe hohohoho *fingers crossed, everything would be smooth!*. You know in professional blogs when the blogger's away they'd write "this is a scheduled post" and i always feel that sounds so sophisticated LOLOL, i don't really understand what that means actually :p. 

Is there some program to make sure your scheduled post would be posted automatically at the time you already set? Haish, i don't even know how to make a widget appear on our blog, let alone figuring out how to do a "scheduled post", so as much as i'd like to say that this is a scheduled post, the truth is i just forced #Undecided to post my drafted entries once every three days (so make sure you guys keep on checking this space for new posts!)

Anyway, as you should already know, I won the very first ever (and so far the only one LOLOL) giveaway I’ve ever joined (because most giveaways are so complicated, I’m not a tech-savvy person, too much clauses confuses me and in the end I simply never bothered to join them LOL), Elrica‘s BioEssence Bio Spring Water giveaway

I waited for quite a while for it to arrive (Elrica contacted me and told me Singapore Post refused to ship it because it’s in liquid form so she had to wait until she went back to Jakarta for CNY to post it), and I was really excited when this little wonder finally arrived :D!

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to facial sprays or that sorts, my only experience with this type of product was with Za Energy Water I bought many many years ago. I was attracted to it when I saw their advert (like usual :P) and got them but I was too lazy and forgot to use them not even halfway through the massive bottle *LOL*. But I was determined to use this baby because now I have a blog and I love nothing more than to share my reviews hihihi..

Other than that, I was curious too, especially when i read the descriptions and it promises to be a miracle water with so much benefits *LOL*, I have to be honest I was quite skeptical at first, after all it was only water, can water bring so much benefits to you? It can be used on face, body and hair. It promises to help oil control, refines pores, lifts and firm skin, reduce eye bags and dark circles, relieve redness and pimples and moisturizes and nourish the skin, to name a few (the few which really sparked my interest, the other ones like whitens your skin doesn’t concern me LOL). It was even suitable for babies (I used them on Baby Boy a lot too LOL).
This is the biggest size of the Spring Water available, no i didn't get this huge bottle one *LOL*

I wanted to share it with #Undecided too, so I first opened it just before we went to Gunung Kawi. We used it a LOT during that trip (on us and on our hubbies too!), and  I ended up loving it so MUCH that I finished the whole 25ml bottles within less than two weeks LOL. I admit, I was going crazy and kept on spraying it on everybody because I loved it so much (plus maybe because it was free so I didn’t really think when I used it LOLOL).
This is the one i got, the 25ml one

It really refreshes you *when I was really sleepy I sprayed it on to wake me up, and when #Undecided’s hubby was driving and yawned a bit I quickly sprayed it a lot on him to wake him up LOL* but then again it is expected from any facial spray so that’s not very important *LOL*. Let’s see the significant improvements I notice from about two weeks of using this non stop.

I was on a “serious” full beauty blogger mode *LOL* that I decided to stop using my current skin care completely and use only this Spring Water on my face. To my surprise, it really does moisturizes my skin well (I feel my skin to be softer and suppler), probably a little too well because I discovered a few tiny bumps (only a little) which happens whenever I over moisturizes my skin (because my skin’s very oily, too rich  of a moisturizer could break my skin out) but it can also due to me not going for my regular facial yet LOL, I do need my pores to be de-clogged routinely you know.

I only used this for my skin care and my skin wasn’t dry and I didn’t experience any break out (whenever I’m too lazy to put on my creams and lotions for an extended period of time my skin tends to be drier on certain areas and sometimes pimples would appear, maybe just one but still!!!), it was very soft and supple. It also works well under my make up. Spraying it on after my make up also didn’t ruin of melt them, just don’t rub them all over your face please *LOL*.

I used them on my hunny and his super sad dry skin and his skin also shows improvements, on Baby Boy and his soft baby skin it works really well too. Baby Boy does have some dry patches and eczema (he sadly inherited hunny’s bad skin genes and not mine :( poor baby) and I used it on them a few times and seems to be working well too.

As for refining my pores… I didn’t pay too much attention to it, sorry LOL. It was okay I guess, maybe it’d be better if I keep on using them (but I can’t because I don’t think it’s available here, isn’t it?? I’m not so sure. I’m not even sure if Bio Essence is available in Indonesia, anyone knows? I’m pretty sure this Spring Water’s not available here yet though because I’ve never seen them in any shop in Surabaya).

Dark circle and eye bags? I don’t see any difference, maybe because my dark circle’s too horrible already haha. I also did not see it helping with my oil control, in fact I think it’s making my skin oilier! LOL! Moisturizing of course, but it definitely didn’t do anything to control my oil. I sprayed them on before I go to bed *in place of my night cream* and woke up to a super oily *but soft* face. That’s how it was on me though, I don’t know how it’d work on other skin *shrug*.

All in all I love this a lot, but I’m also concern about the price *stingy*, I mean the smallest bottle (like mine) costs around SGD 5.90 or so, and I finished them in less than two weeks (okay, if I wasn’t so crazy maybe it’d last three :p) so it’s kinda pricey lah. But I think I’d purchase them anyway next time I go to Singapore (plan : on June) because I love it so much. Highly recommended!

Now I’m addicted to facial sprays *FML*, my sister in law CL told me Evian’s facial spray’s very good also (and more affordable), I am waiting for Guardian to have a promotion on them (the +1000 get 2 promo), Evian facial spray’s one of the items most frequented on their promotions, too bad I wasn’t interested in them when they were constantly on sale, nowadays they are not on promotions (the last few months, not since wanted it FML) zzzz, but I will persist and wait for the promotion *kiasu pride*! LOL!
A photo of me taken in KLCC on 2011 :p

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  3. I have started using bio spray n i love it. It calms my skin n hydrate it very well.