Another Haul! Masks Galore :D

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Hi guys...

How's your Sunday? Are you staying in just like me? Yeah, i'm still recuperating from the stupid flu, but guess what... i had another bout of insomnia last night FML. In fact, that happens a lot whenever i'm slightly better after a bad case of flu. My theory's because i've rested so much for days on end, when i'm starting to feel better my body thinks it doesn't need any more rest, its got too much already! LOL! Not only i couldn't sleep until 4 AM or something, i also jerked awake at 7 or something O.O... such a waste of a lazy Sunday zzz.

Okay lah, let's close this week (next week be healthy already okay #Pink, i'm so bored of staying at home sleeping already zzzz) with my weekly haul post :D! Yes, the craziness still going strong, but don't worry, this purchase was made on February! I promise i did much better lately, mainly because there are no interesting things to buy lah hahaha. 

In case you're wondering, it's my's 5th haul hihihi. Quick glimpse of what i got this time first!
Hohohohoo lots of pretty colors *googly eyed* :p. Let's check out the packaging they came from, as usual they were safely packed and bubble-wrapped by people :
Like you see in the photo (and also from the entry's title lah, d'oh #Pink-sorry ah my brain's still a bit slow, probably gonna take some days to wear off all the medications hahaha), i went a little crazy about sheet masks this time qiqiqiqi, but totally justified lah because i really dilligently apply sheet masks every week on my face! These all will be gone within a few months lah :p. I chose the masks mostly by looking at the packaging lah FML, others i picked because they were dirt cheap hahahaha.
Dermal : 2 Fresh Aloe Essence Masks, 1 Apricot Collagen Essence Mask, 2 Coenzyme Q10 Essence Masks
Those Dermal masks were the ones i picked based on their price la haha (of course, the packaging so unappealing LOL), they were USD 0.90 each (no shipping, i make sure i shop here only when they are having a free shipping promo for minimum purchase of USD 22 or USD 29). Picked aloes ones because aloes are good for your skin, right? Apricot one because its got collagen (i'm an old bird, i need extra collagen!!!) and the Coenzyme ones... i dunno why i picked that one, i don't even know what coenzyme was (will google them later), honestly i just pick at random lah, i get each of the available ones LOL.
Sexy Look Duo Lifting Effect (Yogurt Extract)
Wah, i just realize that the mask's brand is Sexy Look! LOLOL, what kind of a brand was that! I naturally was attracted to the pale baby pink packaging lah, so cute i was blinded instantly. Only now i realize that it's actually the kind of sheet masks i've been wanting to try lately, the ones with extra hook for your ears? They are supposedly going to give your more of a lifting effect (again, must stress that i'm OLD. I need all the lifting they can give me!), plus it's got Yogurt extract (one of my favorite ingredients, both for consuming and applying LOL). For USD 1.20 it's a perfect sheet mask for me! (saying this before trying, sorry lah hahaha)
Sexy Look Beauty Queen Moisturizing Mask
Wah, another Sexy Look mask haha. Also attracted to the baby blue with white dotty packaging lah hahaha. Beauty Queen Moisturizing Mask? What's that supposed to mean? You'd look like a Beauty Queen after putting this on? I don't want!!! *Shriek in horror* LOLOL, sorry lah, i just don't like pageant thingys and don't necessarily find any of the contestants pretty *LOL*, they all kinda look the same to me haha. Anyway, moisturizing is always good, it's also USD 1.20.
Providence Beauty Cherry Brightening Sparkly Mask
Now this one i cannot remember why i was attracted to, the packaging's pink so maybe that's why (and the crown logo..), but reading its name maybe it's "Cherry" and it's "sparkly", you know sometimes my brains only picked up the words i like LOLOL. I dunno what sparkly mask means??? I hope it's not drenched in a glittery liquid (i do fancy Edward Cullen but i don't intend to look like him) or something LOLOL. I think not lah, i'll let you know once i've used it. It's only USD 1.
My Beauty Diary : Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask
Okay this one's from a very famous sheet mask brand lah, MBS (read my review on their masks here), so i was most probaly attracted to the brand and the chocolate truffle. Can't resist anything that promises yummy smells! It's USD 1.50, making it slightly more expensive than the other brands. We'll see if it really is superior compared to the others.
BeautyMate Baby Skin Ultra Moisture Barrier Mask
This one with one glance you should know i got because of the packaging lah! SO CUTEEEE!!! My favorite one in the bunch (yes, i'm a 5 year old little girl at heart, i yearn for my dollies), i saw the picture and i automatically clicked the add to cart button. Now reading the name it's a good thing i do so, Baby Skin leh, who doesn't want baby skin, right? Hehehe. It's USD 1.30.

Okay!!! I'm finally done with the masks! Moving on to decorative stuffs  :D
Kose Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek
It's a blush on! So CUTEEE, right?? The pink fluffy thingy on the right is a tiny puff! Dunno if it's gonna be effective to put on the actual blush on, but i don't even care, so CUTEEEEEE *wailing like a banshee*. Sorry sorry, i cannot stand too much cuteness, i tend to experience temporary insanities when they are around. It was on a sale (although only reduced by USD 3 or something, but still better than nothing right LOLOL), i kept on trying not to buy but in the end the inner crazies won *as usual*, i got this for USD 13.40.
Mai Doll Eyeliner Pen Set
I just love the brand's name. Mai Doll... So cute and girly. I bought their BB cream set before (read that haul here -i've swatched the BB cream on my hand and i love it! Will be bringing it on my trip, will review it then), wonder why all of their stuffs come in pairs? Not that i'm complaining! I love that fact! LOL. Anyway, bought this because my Dior eyeliner (which i don't love at all, i wrote a review on it already, will be posting it sometime soon) is running out and i only got one spare (must...have...spares...) so this is my spare! Plus it's got brown ones, always wanted to try brown liquid eyeliner for Ulzzang-inspired look haha. It was on sale too, only USD 5.90! For two!!!

Last item... not so interesting lah haha..
Neogence Deep Cleansing Make Up Removing Liquid
It's tiny, only 30ml, perfect for travelling (not that i paid attention to the size when i bought it, i saw it was USD 2.60 and i just clicked it. Horrible horrible habit *slap self*) and i always love to read "Deep Cleansing" on a make up remover, immediately make me feel my pore's cleaner already HAHAHAHA. Oh, it was the last item i bought but i got a freebie from Sasa. A very weird one.
What's that???
Okay, so according to the invoice, it's a hair piece. But.. but... what kind of a hair piece was that?? It's so scary!!! Very stiff and... hairy *LOLOLOL*. It's actually a scrunchy-i later realize. But... Why? Does it look nice to wear a wild hair shaped scrunchy on your ponytail? Hmmmm... Seriously weird... They also include this cute little calendar card that i immediately misplaced somewhere but so cute i just gotta put the picture here anyway.
So, that's what i got from Sasa! Yes, i still got two more hauls to cover, and they are all purchased in February as well LOLOL, but that means i haven't bought anything from them since March! Improvement right! On the other hand i've subscribed to two Beauty Boxes (Vanity Trove and Beauty Treats), i've been longing to be able to to subscribe to such boxes (especially Ipsy coz i kinda like Michelle Phan) for so long and when they finally appears in Indonesia... They come on drones!!! There are two more (at least) that i know of, but they took so long to launch they got sidetracked by those two hahaha. Can't wait to receive my very first Beauty Box!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, you guys!
At Fisher Man Wharf, Macau


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  1. nice haul hihi

  2. same here.. I am addicted to face mask too! :)

  3. woww itu keliatan kalo kardusnya gede banget
    dan yep yang blush on kose emmg lucu banget, jadi berasa kayak sailor moon ga sih, kayak punya bros ajaib :D
    nice post btw

    1. Hehe masa sih, ini engga sbrp besar yg sbelumnya ada yg lbh buesarrrr hihihi.. thank you for dropping by, dear..

  4. Wow, so many great products! What an awesome haul! :)

    Style Without Limits

  5. wah banyak bangett LOLOL,ditunggu reviewnya dear


    1. Thank u for dropping by, dear :D.. okayyyreview yahh hihi

  6. Much love,
    "Thank you for the post<3