#Undecided: 7 Random Facts about Me

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Hello Loves!! #Undecided here *grin*

So I won't get into details as to why I have been (continuously) MIA, I believe #Pink has done a marvelous job stating that on her posts as of late LOL, but I just have to say this: boy, I miss writing! (Well not much, but I do miss it... *straight face*).

Okay, I lied. I DO want to tell you why I haven't been writing. It's simple really: I suck. Every single piece I drafted ended up in the trash (figuratively ya, who writes with pen and paper these days, right!). Every single time I read my draft, I hated myself *drama alert*. So, it's not that I haven't tried, you guys... *sigh* It's the many times I've tried and failed and tried some more and failed again and again and then I was like whatever lah!!! I quit!! I don't want to be a writer anymore!! I want to be a dog walker!! *cue dramatic background sound - throws hands in the air desperately, LOL*

#Pink (being the helpful friend that she is) kept on persuading me to write and seemed to think that it's me manifesting what my brain is thinking. I wish she's right. Therefore here I am, making my brain think that I'm fab, and trying to write a simple entry. Bear with me, okay?

So some times ago one of our readers nominated #Pink for The Versatile Blogger Award. 

I cannot be more proud of her LOL. She so deserves to be nominated. Her entries are funny and awesome and informative. I am her (self-proclaimed) #1 reader!! And due to one of the rules to the award nomination, she is making me write my "7 Random Facts about Me" because (in her own words) "you're the author of this blog too, #Undecided!!". LOL.

Obviously I had nothing to do with this nomination, but if I should play by the rule and nominate another blogger I would so nominate #Pink (vain much, #Undecided, nominating your own blog?! LOL) and Arman (tag, Arman, you're it!!!) and Xia Xue (can we nominate non-Indonesian bloggers?!) because honestly I don't read blogs all that much (no time, really... I'd love to but I have no time *sob*), but since #Pink has done this part so let me just get on with my "7 Random Facts about Me", okay?

Gee #Undecided, for someone who claimed to be stuck in a rut, you've been yappin a lot now, haven't you?!

Yay me!!

"Does this mean that you'll write more, #Undecided?!" >> this is what #Pink must be thinking right now. LOL. We'll see, #Pink... We'll see...

But I digress. Let's go!

Fact #1: (as if I'm not saying this a lot as it is) I am a dog person. And lately I have been following some Animal Defender crews on Twitter (@ADefenders@doniiblis@InfoGukGuk@NengInaaa) and I have to say that they inspire me to do more for dogs (not just mine - but dogs in general). I even told hubby if one day we have our own house, I want to open my own animal shelter. The amount of animal abuse is getting overwhelming. I want to do my share to help. But since I live in an apartment now, I try my best to do what I can: spreading the words (among friends) about the importance of dog walking and actually do weekly dog walk with them. You guys are welcomed to join - just send me an email and I'll give you the details. 
my everything (yes, hubby included lah hahaha)

Jerome and Kalista

Fact #2: I LOVE GLEE!!! Yes, that TV show Glee. If you have been living in a hut somewhere remote, Glee is a TV show about how underdogs can do big things too. Inspirational. And lots of good music. I just LOVE it.

Fact #3: I suck at video games. Seriously. The only video game I can do is Tetris. And Hay Day. LOL.
my latest obsession

Fact #4: There were times when I would feel super lonely even though I was in the middle of friends and family. Yes, I was dramatic even when I was younger LOL. But that feeling is long gone now and I guess it's because I have hubby around now.

Fact #5: I have mixed feelings about babies and kids. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I cannot stand them. LOL. This is why I have mixed feelings about being preggo and have a baby on my own. As for now, protected sex it is!

Fact #6: if #Pink is cray about her face and wardrobe, then I'm obsessive about my hair. 

Fact #7: I have a soft spot for guys with crazy sense of humor and brain - hence my obsession towards Indra Herlambang LOL. 
taken from his instagram: http://instagram.com/indraherlambang
go check it out - there are some awesome photos there!

So there you have it, everybody.

I hope you enjoy reading this one :)


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  1. This is my first time visiting your blog and I never read Pink's writing but for what it's worth, she must be one hell of a great writer because I think you are good at writing and you said hers are even better. (and she's nominated for that award).
    But hey, since I first read yours too and I'm myself a drama queen too I guess I'll stick with you as my favorite. ;)
    And I love dogs too, and I used to be obsessing Hayday too (phew glad those days are over) but unfortunately now I'm stuck with Candy Crush; and I have mixed feelings about babies too! =)

    1. Thanks so much dear. I just visited your blog and read your entry about dolphins. It's heartwarming to learn that there are people out there (like you and I) who care about our animal friends. We have dolphin shows here in Indonesia too, and JAAN (you can google them) is working on putting an end to this madness. Paws up :)

  2. thanks for tagging me! :)
    however, I don't do that on my blog, so I will do it here. :D

    and since I have written a lot about myself which you can read on my blog, here I will write facts about me based on the facts about you! does it sound good? Huahahaha :P

    fact #1: i'm not a dog person. actually i'm not pet person at all. any pet. I don't like to even touch animals. don't know why, but I don't feel comfortable to touch them. looking at them is fine, especially puppies or kittens, but no touching. :P on top of that, i'm allergic to dog's hair. I will not stop sneezing when i'm near a dog for certain period of time.

    fact #2: I used to love Glee! :D I was following the 1st season of Glee. And I started losing my interest on the second half of season 2. After that I stopped following Glee. But actually I love musicals. Now, I love Smash more than Glee. Have you ever watched Smash? Loooveee the songs!! It's more Broadway. And the characters are adults, so maybe I can relate more. *old sign... huhuhu* :P

    If you've never watched Smash before, try to watch it. It's on 2nd season now.

    fact #3: I don't suck at games, but I just don't like playing games. :P It's very rarely that I am into a game. I'd rather to watch TV or read a book than playing games.

    fact #4: you know what... I know exactly how you feel! I felt that way too... before I met Esther! Huahahaha. :D I wrote the story once on my blog. I don't know how old you are, but from what I know, this feeling is very common for people in their 25-ish. It's called quarter life crisis. Been experienced it and glad that I have overcome it. :D

    fact #5: always love babies and kids. ever since I was a kid. I still remember that I always loved to come with my mom to visit anyone who gave birth at the hospital so that I can see the 'baby show'! Hahaha. love to play with babies and younger kids also. even I have the thought of my kids since I was very very young. and you know what... I already have my kids' names when I was in high school! :P one of them is Andrew's name. I have 'Mark Andrew' name on my mind since I was in high school, and fortunately Esther loved that name as well, so when we first found out that she was pregnant with a boy, we didn't have to think of finding a name for the baby anymore. :P

    fact #6: hmmm I don't know what i'm obsessive about, in terms of body part. but I don't like my chubby chick and double chins. so I always have a thought that if I'm rich, I will do chick and chin surgery. huahahaha. :P

    fact #7: in terms of opposite gender, I think every guy has soft spot for pretty girls. huahaha. :P

    so... there you go! :D

    1. Hi Arman! Two things: 1/ I'll watch Smash. 2/ You should write in English more :)
      As always, thanks for dropping by (and actually provided us with something else to read!!) ^^

  3. Hi #undecided, I think you are a great writer! You and #pink have similar style in writing and I love you both (it sounds kinda creepy, I meant your writing style LOL!)

    1. Aww thanks, dear! Thanks for reading xo

  4. say helo to #pink...lol..tell her i would love to go shopping with her someday..i guess we need to rent U-haul truck for the stuff afterwards...hehe...

    great p0st #undecided...those dogs are super cute! =D

    1. Hahaha I wouldn't want to be around you and #Pink during the shopping spree!! That would be madness LOL. Thanks for dropping by, dear! Jerome and Kalista say hi *woof*

  5. Much love,
    "Keep up your posts :)!!