What I Got for My Bday

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Did anyone notice i started blogging regularly again? Yeah, i've been staying home mostly this week and i managed to go back into my normal blogging rhythm again. I don't even know if this a good or a bad thing, i mean... It's good that i'm blogging so much again, that means i don't spend my days doing nothing (errr, playing games on my Iphone/Ipad doesn't count as doing something, right?) but it's bad because i'm so bored i could cry -____-. I really don't know what i want, so busy i have no time to blog or don't have anything else to do and can write all day long if i want to. Sigh.

Anyway, let's talk about cheerier subject, one that would always manage to make me happy : pretty things! LOL. As you may (SHOULD) already know, i celebrated my 32nd bday last month (God, next it's going to be matching double digits and not the number that i want LOL) and i received a lot of love in the form of some awesome gifts hahaha.
Two piles because the second pile was received long after the first one's picture's taken and stored away
Let's see the first pile first :
I mentioned this many times already, my BFFs and i have long passed the awkward/shy stage when it comes to what we want on our bdays-and to make sure we like what we get, we usually would make a request hahaha. Then new friends comes and they can also pitch in so there'd be less money for the husbands (whose responsibility is to top what whatever shortage from the total birthday budget hahaha) to pay LOLOLOL. Here's what my girls got me (chosen by myself of course) this year :
A swarovski wrap leather bracelet full with blings hahaha
Thank you #Undecided, A, G, Av and also Lid+Silv for pitching in ^^! Silv also out of the blue gave me this fluffy bag charm (coz she's generous like that) so i decided to chuck it in this post as well :
Next's gifts from my cousin L :
She just got back from US (landed a day before my celebration, thank you for coming despite the exhaustion!) and she got me this uber cute skirt (which i already featured here) and a Vegas tote bag. She also gave hunny gifts (money clips?) and also a tee for Little O. Thank you!
Fluffy monster bag charm and a polo shirt for hunny from LL and her hubby (she's always very thoughtful about getting us gifts that we can use together or double gifts although she clearly doesn't have to! I mean, hunny's not important, just get ME gifts! LOLOLOL)
My blogging friends knows what i love best and showered me with mostly beauty products *hugs*. Sabsab must've cleared her whole stash and gave me a truckload of items :
She got me this uber cute furry phone pouch and also assorted of beauty items hahaha
Both Sabsab and Kathy often give away products that they're not using (which is very generous of them, while i... am too big of a hoarder to do so. I'd rather buy people new items than part with my own things -___- horrible, i know) and Sabsab gathered so many things to gave me that day *LOL*. Always been pretty curious about Roro Mendut, should try them out soon!

More makeups from Kathy *so happy* <333!
More beauty stuffs from Cynthian, thank you!
My other friends O and MM are very busy people who travel for a living (tour leaders hahaha) and we only manage to have a very belated bday dinner earlier this month. Their pressies also sent me to cloud #9 hahaha.
<333 both of them have been traveling to Japan lately, that explains all the Canmake products hahaha
Zara EDP (with the CUTEST bird cage bottle!) and Canmake eyeshadow palette from MM
And Canmake Best Collection + set of four glittery nail polishes (Homei... Never heard of this brand before, but it's made in Taiwan) from O (and before anyone shamelessly commented "Oh, same eyeshadow palettes, pass one to me?" allow me to burst your bubble by telling you now "they're different shades, honey" LOL)

I feel totally spoilt and sooo loved, thank you everybody! Of course, you don't need to shower me with material things to let me know that i am loved, but whenever you do... I'm not complaining! LOL.

Geez, blogging about things that i love really do lift my mood! Maybe i should continue the good-feeling streak by shopping *LOLOLOL*.


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