#Pink and Hunny's Bday Bash

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Hohohoho, finally a celebration post that is not 4-5 months late! Just errrr... 1.5 months so it's a  huge improvement alright :p.

Last October both hunny and i celebrated our 32nd birthdays (one week apart!) and here's our biggest celebration (we have smaller dinners 3 more times later -___-)
We (well, i) decided to have a birthday high tea (because it was at 3 PM haha. Lunch is like my kryptonite coz i hate afternoons *LOL* and dinner would be hard on Sunday since most of my guests have work the next day and some have little children (i was also concerned about Little O who got school the next day, but in the end he couldn't even come because it was also my nephew's birthday and his mum threw a bday party for him and his little sister that day) at Carpentier.
Carpentier Kitchen 
 Jl.Untung Suropati 83 Sby 

Like i mentioned in my previous post, Carpentier offered us to have the place for ourselves that day when i booked the venue for 20 people so we practically had our private restaurant!

I have actually been there before with L for a (very) quick lunch (and one more time with hunny and Silv to book the venue), that's when i saw how cute the place was and had a taste of their food (yum!) that i thought it'd be a very nice place to host our bday bash! Not only a restaurant, Carpentier shares the space with Ore-an eclectic store with a distro vibe that curates unique items from various brands.
So you can shop before/after/while having your meal haha
Love the raw, but clean looking decor
G and her hubby rode with us because the road in front of their house was blocked (due to the passing of their neighbor. Who's a year younger than us, and a young mommy! Very horrific :(...)-and of course G being G, the first thing she did when we arrived? Went to the huge mirror on the wall
Of course, i don't have to tell you that this is a very photo heavy post with loads of self-centred photos, no? LOL.
Before anyone else arrived, we already snapped hundreds of photos hahaha
My fave fake candid pose, holding hand and staring to each other's eyes while trying our darndest not to laugh hahahaha
Okay, it's time to window shop hahaha
Lots of unique looking shoes available there. These are quite affordable actually
Trinkets and accessories
Even kids wear
And cutleries!
I actually never bought anything in Ore, hunny on the contrary-kept on shopping. One Android figurines every single time he comes
Here's another early bird ^^. Cheek-kissing with Av is not a very pleasant feeling, she's gotten so skinny (not skinny skinny, more like super fit. She's super athletic!) that whenever our cheeks bumps into hers it's like bumping into a concrete hahahaha
Checking out Mel shoes. I really want one, but i can't find the type that i want :(.... Damn Mataharimall for breaking my heart (i waited for almost a month for my order, they kept on being "pending shipment" until we had to call their CS and finally told that it's out of stock WTF! I effing hate them now and refuse to even attempt to shop there anymore)
Av who's super drawn to vintage cameras as props *LOL*
Mirror wefie *teehee*
Bromance brewing at the backyard
Then we went to explore the second floor
Second floor's dominated by male items
So you guys no need to complain when we go hang out at Carpentier, i actually think it's a better place for males to shop than females!
Spotted another nice spot to camwhore
Please note that 99% of candid pictures in this blog consist of us trying so hard not to look at the camera and holding our pose for 5 minutes. NOT REAL CANDID hahaha.
Told ya about the vintage camera didn't i
Although i still have the hardest time when i ask hunny to shop for (his) clothes, my shopaholic tendencies rubs on him a bit-he collects bags and shoes too now -___-
Our fave photo taking spot, the light's just perf haha
Still amazed that formerly horrible photog G now takes such beautiful pics such as this one!
Hehe. Ore should pay us for keep on posing with their stuffs-hence promoting them hahaha
Either G or Av made me pose and took another "candid"
Look who showed up next ^^, not the last person to arrive for once!
Av drooling over Mel shoes hahaha
LL arrived too and look at her expression while i made a makeshift "leaf crown" for Kathy
Because three of us wore white
One more
Then my personal nail artist Kiki Kwee arrived and immediately start taking pictures of my nails (which were done by her, of course)
My genuine reaction when Kiki took too long taking those pics zzzz
My selfie stick/Sabsab arrived!
In my outfit post you can see the final results, but here's the actual condition of the photo shoot-me trying hard to stop laughing like a maniac when they forced me to do weird poses
Minion group, Bob-Stuart-Kevin
More fake candid with my BFF A
Hold your grin girls, hold it!!!
After this was taken, ko Hen did something to the bike and it was out of the bolts, they (and a staff) took forever to place it back on hahahaha
Because the stair's so pretty
With lovely LL
The last to arrive that day (usually she's always the first to arrive though!) was Silv... or was it L?
Decided to be non-creative (LOL, as usual) and ordered what i ordered last time : All day breakfast! It's yum but it was nicer last time because it was hot, dunno why this time it was a bit cold
L just arrived the previous day from a trip to USA, and she's SO SUNBURNED! LL plopped her huge flower crown on L and i thought L looked pretty nutz hahahaha
LL's little daughter busy playing
Luca and his very hilarious hair cut, what did you do mama A???
Luca was being super cheeky and kept on pestering the "pretty older girl" huahahahah
Ohhh, now i remember, Cynthian was the last person to arrive! LOL. Look at her crazy skinny waist, it's like the size of one of my thigh WTF
Again busy promoting Ore's items LOLOLOL
Group pic
And guys
Either L or A insisted on another mirror selfie hahaha
Sabsab and Av's dresses kinda matches...
That sure was one fun afternoon, although it was crazy hot and all haha. Good company makes us forgot about the weather most of the time. I generally had a positive experience throwing my party at Carpentier and i think they're very accomodating-except for one incident. A few days before the D-day, Carpentier's people gave us a call and asked for an ESTIMATION of the number of people ordering salad since they have to stock on fresh veggies. I told them not too much, i'm sure no more than 10 people would order salad. And in the end-only 2 persons ordered salad.
What annoyed me was when the staff asked how about the other 8? Since we estimated 10 people would order salad, they stocked up for 10 portion. HUH WHAT, COME AGAIN? EXCUSE ME!!! LOL yeah, i almost exploded. You asked us the estimation, not how much we wanted to order in advance! If you explained from the beginning that you can only serve salad if we order in advance then i'd probably ask you to scratch salad from the order-able (we made the order open for all the items in the menu, also their suggestion) menu! GRRRR. Thankfully they didn't insist that we pay for all the 10 salads or i'd really throw a table down or something -___-. So if you're thinking of throwing a similar party like ours, maybe you need to keep this in mind so the same incident won't happen again.

But that incident didn't ruin the great time we had! Thank you for all of our friends who took their time to attend and celebrate our bdays ^^!
#Pink and Hunny

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