Review : Ash Blue Ombre Hair at Etienne Hairdressing & Lounge (SPONSORED)

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First of all let me wish y'all (well, those who celebrate, that is!) a happy Chinese New Year!

I've been meaning to blog more diligently this month, and i got off a very good start, but then all the CNY preparation (all Chinese people, especially who are big with tradition, can relate!) totally got me sidetracked! I have loads of fun today as usual, but CNY's also always very tiring! CNY's never easy on the pocket as well, but at least my son doesn't understand the value of money just yet so i got to possess all of his ang paos HAHAHAHA. No lah, i save them for him of course :p.

Anyway, all the stories about CNY 2016 will be available in another blog post, but for now i want to introduce you (who haven't heard about them yet) to the hippest hair salon in town, Etienne Hairdressing & Lounge!
Jl. Opak no.47 Surabaya 
 📞 031 - 568 4537
L-R : Me-Kathy-Trixie ^^
Those who are living in Surabaya's West area might already be familiar with Etinne Hairdressing since they already have a branch at Plaza Graha Family D-10 for a few years already, but the others (like me. I actually never heard about them before, until my cousin L told me about it) might not be. They recently opened a new branch in Jl. Opak and it's absolutely lovely!

I was lucky enough to get to try out their services (and just in time for CNY! Y'know, we need everything new for CNY, including hair :p!) and now i will share with you about that said experience ^^
I loveee the concept and design of Etienne Hairdressing & Lounge, all white and super pretty! No wonder lots of local celebgrams love to snap pics here!

Once you step in the front door, you'd be greeted with a very homely but chic ambience. And what's even more special about this hair salon is those who are waiting (usually husbands or boyfriends teehee. Or busy moms who can't really leave their kids at home, the kids and their nannies can also wait here without being assaulted by chemical scents since the location of the lounge is separated but easily connected to the hair salon area) can actually wait around comfortably while snacking or drinking because they also have a very cozy lounge-as their name already suggested-serving various kinds of foods and drinks.

More about the lounge later, let me show you the hair salon area first!
The spacious lobby/reception area
You can also purchase some hair products and treatments here as well
View from my seat :D
Kathy was also there that day (and we both returned the next day for different reasons which i will explain later), please excuse my juvenile pose
The hair washing section. Their hair washing station's really comfortable, long are the days where hair salons use those stiff and ill fitting washing basin which hurts our neck, i hated those! Nowadays those stations are so comfy that i can feel myself falling asleep when i get my hair washed *LOL*
Lots of pretty nooks and crannies in this place, all very well decorated! So perfect for OOTD shots!
This room is the manicure/pedicure room i think
Let's take a look at the lounge, shall we?
Yep, that's my cousin L who was my chaffeur of the day, danke cousin :p!
I love how well lit this area is, again perfect for OOTDs (which i did take the next day hahaha)
This is actually taken the next day while we were waiting for Kathy to finish getting her hair done, look how comfortable hunny and Trixie were *LOL*
Now that i'm done taking you for a virtual tour of the place, let's get started on the real deal! The review (you already know i love the place, now let's see about the services), of course. You must already know by now how much i enjoy playing with my hair color nowadays, ever since i got my hair ombre-d for the first time, there's just no going back for me. Last time i used (well, my maid slash hair dresser did) Shasha hair color to dye the lower part of my hair purple, it didn't last very long and it had really started to turn brown-to a point where it's almost non-ombre no more *LOL*.
It looks more like a discoloration rather than ombre by then hahaha
I got so bored of my rather normal-looking hair so i already knew i wanted to have not-so-normal hair again. I have very sensitive scalp so even though my ultimate dream is to have baby pink hair (or violet), i don't really want to bleach my roots (last time when i first got the ombre, the bleaching agent touched a part of my scalp and it ended up being wounded :(...) so my option is another ombre *LOL*. 

When the owner showed me their color chart, i was at loss at what color to choose, thereforei asked for her suggestion and since ash color's super IN right now, she suggested ash blue (partly because i want it to last longer and she said blue is the color that stick on the longest, i can totally relate to this prior to my own hair history)-i'm game for any color so i decided to follow her suggestion.
The seat that was to become an extension of my butt body for the next 6 hours T.T
There's absolutely no reason for this pic except that i liked how i look when they started sectioning my hair and put them on both sides of my head like this hahahaha
Since my hair's turned quite dark again (thanks to the purple dye i used), the first step was to get that area that was to be ombre-d bleached
Kathy kept on calling this device UFO -___-
When they checked my hair later, it's still not light enough (you need to get your hair bleached to white if you want the true color of the dye to show, since we're going for blue it's even more essential. Remember how L's hair turned turquoise last time because the hair salon didn't bleach her hair enough so it was still very yellow, yellow+blue = green!) they added more bleach
Second round of bleach, my butt was crying at this stage as i was already sitting for about 4 hours T.T
Thankfully after the second round my hair was light enough so i was asked to get my hair washed and then dried
Wonder how i'd look with a full head of platinum blonde?
Then they started to add the color in
And tadahhhh!!!
Looks a bit dark because they purposefully darkened it so it'll last longer. The true color would show after 2-3 washes (it already shows now!) and it'll turn silvery blue
The result
We actually had the appointment at 11 but somehow L (who were supposed to get her hair done as well) picked me up at 12 -___-, we arrived around 12.30 and it was pretty much full house so i had to wait around for another hour to get started. It's also probably due to their perfectionist nature (which is not a bad thing, of course), but the application and all was also quite long so my suggestion if you want to get your hair ombre-d (or any work that takes quite a while) here is to arrive as early as possible so you can be worked on immediately (if i'm, not mistaken they open at 11, so be there at 11!) so you won't have to wait around. Also try to get appointment (via phone call) beforehand.

Make sure you clear your schedule for the day since getting your dream hair might take a whole day (or even two), you need to also prepare your butt! Wear something comfortable and bring your book/tablet/game/whatever to help you pass the time without getting too bored. Kathy had an appointment at 5 so she had to leave at 5, at that time her hair's still at the second bleach stage so she ended up having to return the next day to get the color.

I was there until 7 (and they actually closed at 6.30 so i applaud them for making sure that every customer left without feeling hurried and actually stayed open for us) and i was very very tired, but also very satisfied with the result.

As it was already dark when my hair was done, as the owner suggested-i decided to return the next day so i can take more pictures of my new hair color with proper lighting.

When i arrived the next day, Kathy was already there :
Etienne closed early that day at 4 PM, but we left at 5 and they still weren't closed *LOL*
Kathy's hair's result. Hers is a mix of four or so color and more in highlight style. Check out her Youtube channel to see the result more clearly (i don't think she posted the video yet though so stay tuned!)
And more photos of MY hair color :
The curls has loosened up (they didn't actually use any hair spray on my hair but since my hair end's a bit drier due to bleaching, the curl actually stayed until the next day, which is totally unheard of for my normal hair!) but i love it more this way, it was very mermaid looking!
Brought my personal photog to snap my photos
Please ignore the double chin, i gotta do something about it (or learn to photoshop)
I'm definitely satisfied with the result, people seems to approve as well since i received a lot of love in my social medias when i posted the result!

The price list :
Thank you Etienne Hairdressing & Lounge for having me and for the awesome result.

What do you think about my new hair color?


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  1. nice banget hasilnya ce ^^
    harganya juga ga gt mahal yaa.. jd pengen perm juga :P

  2. Halo, salam kenal ya.

    Aku suka banget sm hasilnya. Please update dong warna rambutnya setelah 1minggu atau 2 minggu. Trus mau tanya, rambutmu jadi kering banget nggak?
    Setuju sm Xiao Vee. Harganya cukup bersahabat dikantong :)

    1. Salam kenal!
      Aduh aq tuh lupaaa foto setelah 1-2 minggu, maaf yah! Tp bisa lihat progress pudarnya di Instagram aq sih, kelihatan di foto2nya hehehe, warnanya lmyn cepet pudar sih (sekarang udah hampir silver).
      Rambutku tuh aslinya sehat banget dan lembut banget, jd nya agak kering ujungnya tp setelah 1 mingguan udah membaik dan skrg udah ngga kering (pake conditioner+serum tiap kali keramas).

      Sorry for the late reply!

  3. Halo, salam kenal 😊

    Masih suka ke Etienne ngga? Apa masih rekomen? Clueless nih mau potong rambut dimana... Makasih

  4. blh tau harga highlight kaya teman sis brp ya? thx hehe