Valentine's Day 2016

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Hello guys ^^...

How's everybody doin'? I can't believe it's already passed the half month mark and this is only my second lifestyle type of post *sigh*. I miss rambling on my blog. I've been so busy with my social life and blogging related stuffs this month that i am oh so tired at the end of the day. I love to go out and the idea to hang out with my friends always appeals to me, but i can't do that everyday-i need time to recharge and well, hibernate. It gets me thinking (mostly after reading a blog post from one of my current frequently read blog Finding Femme when she wrote about being an introvert but isn't shy and actually enjoys being around people). 

I wouldn't go as far as calling myself an introvert (that's probably a bit stretching it), but it got me thinking-i'm probably not 100% extroverted as i always thought i am (i am uncomfortable around new people or people who are not my friends-even if i've known them for a while, i am actually very shy and i hate talking to strangers/going to events alone/introduce myself to someone, and i always need my me-time badly), is there such a thing? After all, the world is not always black and white, and that totally applied to personality, i think.

Anyway, i've been pretty much on go go go mode for a few weeks now and i am simply exhausted. I think it's probably time to hibernate and hide in my room for a week (yes, i do that from time to time).

Wogh, that's definitely quite a ramble... I am here to talk about our Valentine's Day!
This pretty pic was taken by Meatshop & Gourmet's waiter, he's so so good and he took 3 pictures from different angle, he also told us to check it out and if we're unhappy with the result he'd be happy to take another one. I like that guy, i want to adopt him and make him my personaly photographer! LOL
We'll talk about that dinner later, let's backtrack a bit.. The important deets, what i wore and all :p!
I've been putting a bit more of an effort lately and did more than my usual basic makeup :p. Used baby blue and baby pink eyeshadow because i was practicing using Pantone color of the year's inspired colors as i want to do a special post for it. Will talk more about the makeup and outfit in another post (Btw, my lashes look quite okay on the far right pic, yes? Only mascara!)
Hunny out of character-ly snapped this beautiful pic of me on a spot in Ciputra World. There was also a special photo spots set up for Valentine but it was too crowded and i am always super self-conscious taking photos in public. My God, i wish people would stare less
Overdosed in pinkkk
If you read my Valentine's Day post last year, you'd know that we actually celebrated it with our son-but this year hunny was quite adamant about having some alone time (i do think it's important for parents to have these adult times that i like to call our date times, remember that you are a couple and not only a father and mother) and Little O is also not very keen on going out too much nowadays (i kept on thinking that he's in those emo phases, but he's only 8! LOL) so we decided to watch :

Gosh, i LOVE Deadpool! That guy is so hilarious and unbelievable. I've never had any fave super hero before, but now i do! Oh wait, he's actually an anti-hero but well, it's basically the same thing. I guess i prefer villains (Loki!!!) and anti heroes, heroes are so boring! Geez, the dramas and controversy this movie brings... When the problem lies obviously on those stupid parents who refused to follow the rating and bring their kids to the movie (and Indonesia's cinemas for not being strict enough to refuse to let underage kids in, no matter what). Anyway, not a very romantic movie to watch on Valentine's Day but i am not much of a romantic movie kind of gal anyway (i prefer horror movies actually...).

Then we went for dinner.

About that dinner. I don't know if you can tell, but i am actually very cheap when it comes to food. I do like luxury things (preferably designer bags and accessories. Oh and diamonds) and am willing to pay a lot for certain things, food has never been one of them. I know some people (like CL) prefers to blow their money on food than other things, hunny's pretty similar (he's quite a foodie, i am not. I'm not very fussy or anything, but i don't like to try new things and tend to stick to what i know i like).

We used to go to fancy dinners on Valentine's Day when we were young, before we were married-every single year we'd go to 5 starred hotels for candle lit dinner by the pool or whatever. Until we got married. Priority changes, i prefer to buy my son's milk powder and pay for his tuition fee than over priced food *LOL*, i always try to make out Valentine dinners cheap and simple-aiming for expensive gifts instead *LOLOLOL* but this year hunny's not having any of my bullshit *LOL*. 

I actually vetoed his first plan to have dinner at Consulate at 1914 that costs 1mill per couple (can't we go somewhere we can spend less than 500k? They all going to be sh*t the next day anyway!), but then he asked about Valentine's package at Meat Shop & Gourmet (that costs around 1.7 in total) and said yes even when i flapped around in the background trying to tell him NO NO NO. Pfffftttt. Oh well, we gotta indulge once in a while, no?  

Btw, hunny thought we HAVE to get the Valentine's package to have dinner there that day, but when we got there we saw a lot of walk-ins (i think they would only let you reserve if you take the package but you can still go without previous reservation) so we felt a bit cheated *LOL*. Because we're not a big fan of some of the menu (it's a fixed set so you can't choose anything else), it'd be better if we could order ala carte...

The menu
White wine because i hate red wine (i prefer Rose, but there's no Rose choice in the package hahaha)
Seriously, we only saw a handful of reserved tables and they're very easy to spot because they provided some gifts on those tables
Hunny took this pic of me and annoyingly sent it to my family's WA group zzzzzz. So irritating. Older people doesn't understand this kind of thing (by older people i'm talking about CW *LOLOLOL*)
Wefie with ma baby
The welcome breads that hunny said was .... (if it's acceptable he'd have no problem finishing the two but he refused to hahaha) and the green paste and tomato pieces are enough to make me refuse to even touch it -____-.
Super weird salad with fruit slices and sauce that tastes like rujak sauce, especially when you got the young mango bits *LOLOLOL*. Hunny was like, why can't these restaurant serves normal Caesar Salad and not try so hard to be fancy and cool when in reality people won't even eat it because it's too weird/yucky. True story, almost every salad we had on Valentine's Day in various restaurants were inedible WTF
The tortilla soup's not bad, tastes like chilli hahaha
I almost choked when i saw them serving hot pink farfalle. It just looks so.... unappetizing *LOL*. It's actually not bad (except the fact that it was served half cold) but the aesthetic is just... I know they probably wanted to keep up with the V-day theme, but the color choice is so scary... I guess making baby pink farfalle is out of the question?
Look at my half doubtful half amused look
The star of the night, the wagyu steak that prompted hunny to insist on having dinner here *sigh*. The meat's awesome of course, but we asked for medium well and got medium RARE instead (complete with the blood and all *LOLOLOL*). Plus we got a (i think) newbie waitress who didn't understand anything and kept on getting confused, it was a bit annoying
Time for dessert
I'm not into sweet things, but even for me (who actually likes bland food, weird as it may sound), the cheesecake was way too bland even when i pour a lot of the syrup on it
Apple Rose Puff that's actually quite nice but sadly very tough *sigh*. I wouldn't recommend getting any dessert here based on what they served us that night. In short, food's not bad but not fantastic either (too many misses for us). Would probably come back for normal meals, not for celebrations (especially when you have to get the package)
Here's what's inside the gift bag they provided for us

As you may already guess, i'm totally fed up with the whole say no to Valentine's Day thingy, i'm a big believer in respecting other people-and i respect anyone's choice to celebrate or not celebrate it. Just because you think it's not your culture/suitable for your religion or whatever doesn't mean you have the right to condemn others who do decide to celebrate it. Just like they respect your decision that it's not for you, you should respect their decision to the the opposite. Personally i see Valentine's Day as an excuse to dress up in thematic dressing (all pink in my case), eat good food and get a nice pressie!

I have long given up the dream of my hunny coming up with the perfect gift by himself without any hint so this year i went even further and bought my own pressie when i was out on a girly day out, win win for both of us! I got what i want and he can just pay without having to get the headache trying to figure out what i want hahahaha.
Happy to add this slim leather bracelet to my collection :D!
As for him... He asked for this :

BB 8 chocolates LOLOLOL. He is obsessed OMG. And it's still on PO, dunno when it'll arrive!
We had a fun Valentine's Day as usual, although my heart still ache about the bill but i know he did it for me, it's hard to be romantic when your wife is not (and quite stingy too) LOLOL.

What did you guys do in Valentine's Day? I hope you had a good one!


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  1. You look beautiful!!! I am especially in love with your eye makeup! :) You guys looked like you guys had a fun dinner! :)


  2. Unyuuu banget Valentine's nya :D Say no to Valentine's apa to ce? Aku malah belom pernah denger.