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Helloooow yellowwww :D! 

Yep yep, someone's in a good mood! I just got my hair ombre-d again (if there's even such a word) and i'm in love with the result! But that's not what i'm here to talk about today so let's re-focus *deep breath*!

Today i'm gonna talk about Pediscrub at House of Dura Surabaya!

Me, in the middle of having pediscrub, shamelessly taking a selfie :p
You might still remember that i went to House of Dura for facial treatments, i was supposed to get a nail treatment as well but it was getting really late and hunny was already waiting for me so i decided to come back another day and opted for a pediscrub. What's a pediscrub? Well, it's basically a pedicure but more thorough since you'd get your feet scrubbed as well (which i love). It's no secret that my feet are the part of of my body which i totally ignore >.<, that's why i got calluses, dry and cracked heels at times, uneven toe nails, etc etc... My feet are basically GROSS and in desperate need of some TLC! That's where the pediscrub comes in! 

I must warn you that this post is filled with loads of pics of my feet and they're not pretty :P LOLOLOL!

Most clients would love to get their nails treated when they're getting facials as well, so i guess that's why the treatments were also done at the same room where we got facial treatments last time. While it's no biggie (you can either lie down or opt for the treatment bed to be inclined so you can seat comfortably like i did), i did feel a bit uncomfortable when i had to soak my feet at the beginning of the treatment because the bed is pretty high and there's just no way that i could seat while soaking my feet in normally-my feet would be dangling in midair (and i'm not exactly short either!) so i had to sort of half-stood on my tiptoe *LOL*.
I imagine it'd be doubly as hard to do if the client's also getting a facial at the same time?
I was also a bit shocked because the water was really hot (to sanitize your feet maybe?), the therapist of the day (Mbak Duwi, who's very thorough and patient) did ask me if the water was too hot but i decided not to be a baby and dip my feet in (when i compare it with hot baths in Jimlibang/Onsen last time it was nothing anyway!)
Then my feet was cleaned more with a towel cloth
Pediscrub in House of Dura uses Gehwol products (which i'm sure most of you'd already know to be one of the best products for foot care), it was started with this Gehwol Loiton that's spritzed and massaged into my legs
Continued with nail cares, including buffing and cleaning all of the nails. I always cut my toe nails super short (because i hate long nails in general and they hurt if i wear close toed shoes. Speaking of close toed shoes, Mbak Duwi asked me if i wear them a lot? Which i do nowadays, and that's why i got some fungus problem on my pinky toe *ewww!*. I wouldn't even know it if she didn't tell me!) so there was nothing left to be cut haha, Mbak Duwi shaped my nails instead
Then Mbak Duwi used Gehwol Callus Softener which she prayed on my feet. Unlike other pedicures i've been to before, they use a special drilling machine to file off your calluses and that resulted in the SOFTEST result and my calluses are practically gone (without hurting my skin at all!)
Continued by filing off the left over skin manually, cleaning off my cuticles, cleaning off the area under the nails and then wiped clean again
Next step is to apply emulsion on my feet then (of course) wiped clean before another step began
Which is scrub (excuse my hairy feet *LOL*, i have even less leg hairs ever since the SHR treatment so i get even lazier to Veet them :p)! She mixed the scrub with Lipidro Cream
Then she sprayed some Aquadest and continue scrubbing. I was quite surprised that she wrapped my legs with cling wraps (told ya i'm quite unfamiliar with foot treatments!) and waited for 10 minutes (with some minor tingling and itching sensation, totally bearable tho) before they were cleaned off
I totally didn't expect Pediscrub to have so many steps (for optimal result, of course!)-next is to moisturize and they used some Leg Balm and then Fusskraft Bleu for my feet
We're almost at the end, here Mbak Duwi was spraying a foot deodorant and then buffing my nails until they shine!
The last step was to apply Protective Nail and Skin Oil and we're done!
It was a very interesting (and pampering!) experience and i LOVED the result! My feet became super soft, smooth and definitely a lot less gross hehe :p.
Didn't paint my toes because Mbak Duwi told me that it's advisable to not paint your nails after treatments, let them breathe first! You can't really see it on the pic (due to insufficient lighting) but my nails were are actually very shiny!
I totally forgot to snap the before picture but i usually have horrible calluses under my second toe and on my big toe, but after the Pediscrub my feet are super duper soft like a baby's feet! Super love!
Thank you House of Dura for having me once again and for the awesome Pediscrub! 

House of Dura
 Jl.R.A Kartini no.135 Surabaya
 Pin: 5A9D142C 
WA: 081901111830

With Mbak Duwi!

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