Singapore Trip 2015 (Part 5) : Gardens by the Bay-Cloud Forest

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Hey guys.

So my plan held, i did a bit of a hibernation this week. And hello creativity! But i really confuse myself sometimes, when i'm always out and about i get super tired and unproductive, now that i have some time off to do nothing-i get bored -___-. Then i totally overbooked myself for the weekend and next week as well FML. I guess i do enjoy this roller coaster life hahaha.

Anyway, this is actually the last of the Singapore Trip 2015 series (finally!!!), i might do another round up with the other smaller activities we did during the trip that didn't make it to earlier posts though. And even though it's the last one for Singapore, the trip itself is just halfway done because i have more to blog about : the Malaysia part.

At least i made some progress.

Oh and we actually went to Malaysia first before going back to Singapore, and this visit to Gardens by the Way happened after we went back to Singapore. Probably the first time i am not OCD enough to blog according to the timeline *LOL*.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know we already went to Gardens by the Bay back in 2013 (scoffing at my own photos from back then. I think i've improved so much #smug) but the part which i really wanted to go to was closed for maintenance. Last year we finally went to :
The Cloud Forest! With so much more members as well hahaha

So many of us that we filled the buggy to the brim!
LOLOLOLOL at KC's crazy face!!!
My Little O loves brochures and would always seriously ponder upon them. I was like that too when i was little, and a little worse-i collect those brochures. I guess i've always been a hoarder
My Aunt joined us that day, she's a Singaporean and she's never been to Gardens by the Bay before tsk tsk tsk

Welcome to Cloud Forest!
The breath-taking sight that greeted us once we stepped into the Cloud Forest
Yep, it was a wee bit wet there hahaha
Hunny took almost every pic in this blog post (some of the lower quality ones were taken using my Ipad Mini since i did not have Iphone yet back then, and some others were stolen from CL's FB), and again i must say he has better eye for me when it comes to sceneries/unanimated objects
I guess he's also a lot more into botany than me #boredalready
Little O was being cheeky and said he was cold so my mum wrapped him in her scarf, looks like he's wearing a poncho, no?
My cray hubby. EH WTF, i just realized that he wore the same EXACT tee as the first time we went there???? LOLOLOL. What are the odds? He does have a LOT of clothes too okay (have i told you i left 90% of his clothes when we go to Singapore? I asked my maid to iron his clothes, which were mostly new-then i forgot to put them into the luggage!!! He had to survive over a week in Singapore with three tops and one short >.< until KC's family came bringing the rest of his clothes)
Okay, these are mostly legos but still very stunning okay!
I guess we don't really want to be around a real Rafflesia Arnoldii anyway... The smell and all. Speaking of this type of plant, have you heard about the Amorphophallus titanum's spadix got bent and then broke off in an Indonesian national park because some idiot threw a rock at it??? WTF. The culprit should be punished severely so nobody would dare to even think of doing it in the future!!!
Dunno when and why hunny snapped this pic of KC and the drinking water fountain. Need to pull that kind of face meh, KC?
Big Bro and i. My butt looks big in it. I have a flat butt IRL.
Fam in green. I still find it perplexing on how i dressed hunny in the exact same thing to the same destination without even realizing it. At least his short's different
#selfie with mummy
I found this cluster of flower fit to be a flower crown and soon people started using it as a prop too
Little O and grandpa
Unconsciously picked green for a garden visit...
While we were at the platform, CL was busy trying to snap a follow me kind of selfie, it was harder than it looks so i decided to give it a try. Not bad, except for the background of them trying to do the same thing *LOLOLOL*
What about this one? LOLOLOLOL
More silliness insued
Skechers group. We went for a shopping spree at Skechers because our feet were getting super painful with all the walks without proper footwear. Classic Indonesian problem, we rely too much on our cars back home!
Then these were the outcasts because they were not wearing Skechers and weren't welcome on the pic above, they decided to snap their own pic hahahaha
I was looking at this Amethyst when KC said " Why are you looking at that? We have plenty in Martapura!", which is true... But still!!!
So... green....
Interactive 3D maket
Got a bit of an Amazonian feel, no?
At the souvenir shop
Can't ever miss the souvenir coin making...
And with that, we come to the end of the post! Cloud Forest is pretty amazing, i think it's quite a must visit-at least once! 

Will continue the journey to the Malaysia part next, stay tune!


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  1. Baca tulisan kamu jadi pengen balik lagi ke Spore hihihihihi. Keren yaaaaaa. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Seru ya, kalau bisa jalan-jalan sama keluarga besar :D


    1. Iyah, tp lbh seru lg kalo bisa full team hahaha

  3. wow this is great =)