Singapore 2015 Trip (Part 4) : Universal Studio Singapore

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One thing that i "really" like about being a woman is how your life is basically a roller-coaster of emotion. One minute i am happy as can be, the next i feel super down and sad without any reason at all. No, i am not bipolar-i'm just hormonal. Woke up feeling like a failure (again, with no reason at all), suspected PMS of course and true enough, i got my period in the next few hours. Oh well, at least that means i'd be super happy again pretty soon. Can't wait.

Anyway. I know myself enough for a quick remedy for Monday blues (i just realized that it's Monday. Wonder if it affects me although i don't have to go to work?), writing about my travels!

Like i said in my last Singapore post, the next destination is Universal Studio Singapore!
My happy little family at  Universal Studio Singapore
This was hunny and i's second time to USS but Little O's first time (for those judgmental people out there, yes we do go to theme parks as a couple sometimes even after we have a son. I think we should always be able to do this without getting a lot of flacks, but the fact is there are too many self-righteous out people out there who love nothing but making irritating, unwanted, worthless comments about other people). 

I don't like to have to explain, but we do prefer to take our son to expensive theme parks when he can actually ride them, he was too young back then (and way too short) that he wouldn't be able to ride most of the fun ones there. Rather than spending unnecessary money on disappointing him (he sure would when we tell him he can't ride this and that), we decided to be selfish and went first and take him again later when he's a bit older.

That time has come and boy, wasn't he excited.
Yay for being tall enough to ride everything!!!

We went during fasting period, which was both a good and a bad thing *LOL*. The good thing is, USS was quite empty that we hardly had to queue, in most rides we could simply jump in! The bad thing? It closes at 6 PM or something. We didn't know that, if we did then we'd go there earlier instead of taking our sweet time in S.E.A Aquarium cooling ourselves down. 

Speaking of cooling down, ever since we experienced theme parks in cold weather... I think that spoils it for us! I simply can't enjoy theme parks in heat anymore, it's just so uncomfortable and i tend to get super tired a lot faster *sigh*. Time to shift all of our traveling budgets towards winter holidays... (actually any season is fine as long as it's not sweltering hot!)
You can tell from the pictures that it's quite empty, yea?
But it was still hard to take pictures without people crowding around you. I waited for the longest time for this area to clear down a bit (in the first 4 or 5 pictures there are a few Caucasian who refused to leave behind me *LOL*. So weird. They were just loitering around, right behind or beside me!) for an OOTD pic, but then this happened! Annoying KC *LOL*
This is a far cry from what we experienced the first time we were there, when it was just opened. It was crazy crowded back then!
I didn't take a lot of pictures, mostly just of Little O (because we went there especially for him and all. Plus because it was so hot i simply didn't bother)
This is how the queue looks like in most of the rides, 10 minutes max
No one behind us *LOL*
Sweaty selfie with Au
There are a few new rides that weren't available when we were there before and that's out main focus, like this Puss in Boots' one
Probably where we had to queue the longest at, it was not very long though. OMG hunny's tum
With a new ride, comes a new merchandise store of course *LOL*. Personally i prefer Disneyland merchandises, i am not too attracted to Universal Studios' merchandises while i'd easily spend million in Disney's
My boy is growing up so fast it makes me sad, the more reason i like to take pictures that showcase his small-ness haha
No space for those big dolls (is that the right term to describe them?) so we only let him buy small tokens instead :p
Hunny's big on merchandises and he insisted on buying this super overpriced bottle *sigh*, at least the drink was yum (Little O, who's not a fan of sweets like me, refused to try it but when i insisted, he fell in love and hog it. Classic Little O) and he actually keeps the bottle in our room now so it's not a total loss...
Wonder if it's life size? Vin Diesel's not that big then....
Caught a glimpse of the performance
Look! Practically deserted!
Our fave gigantic pizza
Minion cupcake
OMG my face. I had to stand on my tip toe and it's not easy to maintain your facial expression while trying to balance on your toe. Yeah, i don't really like taking pictures with characters, i have this strange dislike (i don't want to say fear) of people in character costumes. So i am definitely not interested in queuing for hours just to take pics with them, but once in a while when we're in a big group and there's no need to queue, that's okay!
I remember the first time we rode The Mummy we had to queue forever, this time we just walk right in *LOL*. Is it just me or the ride got shorter now???
Messy hair selfie
Is that Syahrini photo bombing epic-ly? Nope, that's CL *LOL*
Our first time riding Transformer too. It's pretty cool!
We got our underwear soaked after Jurassic Park...
Shrek Castle!
One mo, one mo!
It was just getting dark (the sun set a lot later in Singapore compared to Surabaya. In our place, it would get dark right after 5) getting more and more deserted, then we realized that it's closing soon! Thankfully we already managed to get in most of the nice rides, thanks to the short queuing time! On the way out, we spotted the most crowded area in USS that day :
The new Minion store
Little O had a great time (i was just sorry that the fun was cut short because we didn't know it would closeso early), and we did manage to have fun too although honestly the theme park's so small that the second visit was a lot less exciting for the adults. At least we got to ride two new rides and all. 

I would actually recommend going to USS during fasting period for less crowd and shorter queuing time, but keep in mind they also close 3 hours earlier to you should get there early to get the most out of your ticket.

I am determined to finish this trip's posts before my next trip, i have to! Gotta go prepping the next post's photos, we're going to Gardens by the Bay next!


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  1. the one I really want to go right after disney sea. I don't have that huge intention on Disneyland tho hehe. Seru ce fotonya dan sepi... gila sepi banget segitu mah...
    So bad closingnya lebih cepat:(

    1. This one? It's not bad, but i really want to go to the one in Osaka instead hehehe. Iyah, kalo mau ksini aq recommend waktu puasa tp dr buka yah, dijamin selesai kok meskipun early closing!

  2. Iyaa setuju ce, mendingan ngajak anak pas udah gedean biar bisa fully enjoy theme parknya haha. Oiya, theme blog yang baru jadi ga keliatan ya postnya di post tanggal/bulan berapa