Unboxing and Review : Dresslink (SPONSORED)

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Hey guyssss :D!

You might still remember that earlier this month i posted about my wishlist from an online fashion mall called Dresslink? If you do then you might also remember that i mentioned my plan to review their items (because i already placed an order from them when i wrote that). After waiting (very impatiently, if i can add >.<. Thankfully i opted for shipping with tracking code so i knew where my order was at all time! Highly recommending this type of shipping) for exactly 26 days (Dresslink ships from China so the length of time to reach Indonesia is pretty normal compared to our previous experiencse shopping from China based websites) i finally receive the parcel today!

Let's check out the items i ordered from Dresslink first :

Black, white and gold mostly, i guess i was in a dark mood when i made the order? Hahaha
Here's how the parcel looks like :
Because my order was less than USD 50 there, was no problem with tax and custom. These are the only extra cost i had to pay
Here they are! I was a bit worried about the condition of my items since i ordered sun glasses-what if it arrives crushed or something, but thankfully everything arrived in perfect condition!
I know the main concern of online shopping is how the items in real life look (especially because Dresslink's products are sooo affordable!), do they look the same as their catalog pictures or are reality far from the image? LOL. That's why i decided to do an extensive review so you'd know what to expect if you decided to order from them.

Let's talk about them one by one!

First is this mini dress :

Is this not something you'd expect me to order? LOL. I actually saw this dress somewhere else before Halloween and thought it'd be such a perfect dress for Halloween (or any time of the year!), then when i got the chance to try to shop at Dresslink, i saw it again and i knew i had to put it in my cart! It's only USD 5.81!
I apologize for the color in the pic. I swear it's very black, exactly like the stock photo, somehow my camera refused to pick up the actual color and all the photos turned out rather grey *sigh*
I also apologize for the crinkles *LOL*. I decided to take the pic as the items arrive and didn't iron it first or whatever.
Most low cost clothing pay no attention to details and usually they'd overlook any details in the back. According to the website, there should be another pair of skeletal hands at the back
And there they are :D
The hands are printed very nicely, it's raised and rubbery (i'm pretty useless when it comes to explaining this kind of things >.<), very smooth and the quality's good. I was a bit afraid it'd come very badly printed like most local replica made clothes, but it's really good!
The fabric is thinner than i expected (well, the description says cotton blend, no indication that it should be thick so that's totally my own fault for thinking it'd be thick like a sweater *LOL*) but not bad at all. It's soft, smooth and has a good stretch. The stitching and cutting are really nice too (i will show you how it looks when worn in another post, okay!). I would say it look 95% like the catalog picture (i know my photos don't do justice to them tho >.<).

Another concern when shopping online is sizing. I also always feel anxious about ordering stuffs online for the first time, so to ease your mind to shop at Dresslink, i measured the dress to compare with the size chart on the website ^^! I always size up when it comes to China made items and i also don't want this dress to be too tight so i ordered an XL (it's available in S, M, L and XL).
Length is supposed to be 79 cm and it's 79 cm!
Bust should be 99 cm and 49.5x2 IS 99 cm so the measurement is accurate!
Judging from this, i'd say their chart is quite reliable! However, i'd strongly suggest you to follow the cm/inches instead of the sizing. I normally wear US 8 (which is L for this item in Dresslink) so my decision to size up is a good decision because although it fits quite loosely around the chest and waist, if i follow my normal size the arm would be too tight. Personally i would advise you to size up (or two!). I don't think this dress can really fit people who normally wears XL.

I am satisfied with the dress tho! Nice fabric, nice cutting, very comfortable and almost exactly the same as the pictures!

Next item is this round, clock shaped bag!
It's priced at USD 2.89-which is totally insane -___-
I picked the white one with gold pattern
I'd say it looks exactly like the photo! A bit out of shape due to shipping, but can be easily fixed!
Be careful when you remove the stuffing inside the bag, there's a long strap hidden inside too- wrapped in the exact same crumpled paper used to stuff it-i almost accidentally threw it away after freaking out about not getting the strap *LOL*
The width should be 20 cm and it's exactly 20 cm!
So far i am impressed by Dresslink's measurements! No need to worry about your products arriving in different sizes than the measurement chart!

The bag is synthetic (of course), not exactly the most sturdy bag i ever had *LOL*, but when you see the price (seriously, the price is insane!) it's actually way nicer than i expected! It's super cute and looks just like the pictures, i'd give it 10 out of 10! You can buy all three available colors to match your every style without feeling (too) guilty about it haha.

After picking the dress (which is more like a tunic for me coz it barely covers my butt *LOL*. I am pretty tall for Asian girls. Not very tall, but not short either and most Asian clothing seems to be made for petite, under 165 cm girls!) and the bag, i still had some funds left in the allowance so i browsed for some accessories.

I've been wanting a heart shaped sunnies for a while so i was delighted when i saw this :
The only item that confused when i try to pick which color to get. It was a bit unclear which one is which (i mean there's a green choice and i don't even know which one on the picture is green!) , i wish they'd just number each color!
I wanted this one
And thankfully the right color arrived *LOL*
The sunnies is probably the item that surprise me the most in terms of quality. For USD 1.85, i was expecting something super flimsy and light that it'd snap when i try to put it on *LOL*, but it's not bad at all! It's heavier than i expected and the frame is actually quite nice! Of course, it's not like those expensive sunnies you buy at optics, but it's so much better than those cheap sunnies you can find at street stalls (that'd cost you the same/more!).

If you're looking for a cute, okay quality, super cheap fun sunnies, i highly recommend this!

The last item is this golden necklace :
For USD 1.36, this necklace again exceeded my expectation!
It looks exactly like the picture and it has some weight in it. The material's not bad too, it wouldn't snap when you wear it! There's just one issue, i have a fat, thick neck (URGHH i hate that, is there any surgery to elongate one's neck? LOL) and even though it fits perfectly, it requires some struggle to put it on/off and there's some sharp edges that i almost hurt myself -___-. Not to worry, it's easily fixed!
I simply file off the sharp edges with nail buffers!
Want extra protection? I did, so i use a bit of hot glue to cover the inner edges! Problem solved :D!
All in all, i am extremely satisfied with my shopping experience with Dresslink! Yes, shipping took a while, but i already knew that would happen-you need to have the patience when it comes to international shipping, and trust me : it's worth the wait.

I did not pay for any of the items (hello, i already wrote sponsored in the title, isn't it disclaimer enough? LOL) but the total amount for all four items are less than USD 21 (including tracked shipping to Indonesia), that's pretty darn fantastic, no???
A whole set of outfit (okay, minus the shoes la) for less than USD 21!
I would definitely highly recommend shopping at Dresslink for those of you looking for cool, fashionable items that would not break your bank (while having a decent quality still!).

I would not recommend it only for those of you who has no patience to wait for the shipping!

Would i shop there with my own money? ABSOLUTELY! I am eyeing a pair of LED sneakers (that i featured in my wishlist) and i might have to place an order soon!

What do you think? Do you think Dresslink is a good place to shop? I will do an outfit post with these items, it'd be fun!
Me and my photobomber ^^!

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  1. I purchased $110.00 worth of merchandise from them and then I receive an email asking me to send a copy of my ID and a copy of my credit card REALLY after they took my money or they wouldn’t send me my items
    TOTAL SCAM i won’t ever have anything nice to say about this RIPOFF company DRESSLINK

    1. I'm really sorry to hear that, that's so messed up! I however am not related or affiliated with them in any way. I was just one of the bloggers who got the chance to try out their shopping program in exchange with free products, it was a one that thing and although the PR was totally a pain in the ass, everything i wrote about the experience is my honest experience...