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Hey guys!

As you all probably know by now, i am all about body positivity and strongly believe that we all can be beautiful no matter what our sizes are. Having said that, i'm also all about being healthy (and happy!) and fit, please understand the difference between fit and skinny! I no longer care if i can ever again be a size 0, but i want to be as healthy and fit as i can possibly be! That means i continually try my best to live healthily and make healthy choices (but that doesn't mean i don't indulge once in a while, you gotta live and not exist-an unhappy life is more like a miserable existance, that's not really living!). 

One of the healthy choices i encorporate into my life is snack healthily!
Indulging in healthy snack with Fitbar after our yoga class :D! Please excuse our sweaty, flushed faces, that's how you really look after a good workout!
I'm sure most of you are familiar with Fitbar already, at least you must've seen them in supermarkets!
I was lucky enough to get sent these so i can start my healthier life with no shortage of low calories snacks in tow :D!
Now, a little bit about Fitbar first! Fitbar, under Kalbe Nutritionals, is a healthy snack with lower calories from your regular snacks (you'd be surprised at how much calories your comforting little snacks are! For example, a chocolate donut has 133 kkal, fried pastries around 208 kkal and sticky rice cake has 177 kkal. I spend all day with my pedometer and hardly burn enough calories for one of those things *horrified* >.< no wonder i haven't been able to shift any excess weight!).

Even though Fitbar is a healthy snack choice, that doesn't mean that they taste bad! On the contrary, they are so yummy that it's hard to believe they're actually good for ya! 
Fitbar's available in 3 yummy flavors : Fruits, Nuts and Chocolate!
I've always enjoyed Fitbar because of their taste (and of course, the fact that it's not so sinful so i wouldn't feel guilty when i have them!), i also make my whole family try them and guess what : they also love them!
My favorite flavor is the Fruits Fitbar! It has the right amount of sweetness (because i cannot take too sweet things, they make me sick!) and it's super satisfying with its layer of white chocolate and raisin (100% from real fruit)
The Nuts Fruitbar is my husband's favorite flavor!
He loves to indulge while playing PS4 >.<. He said that the nuts variant is crunchy, sweet and salty-just the way he likes it! He is a big fan of peanuts, i guess that's part of the reason why it's his fave flavor
What about the Chocolate Fitbar made with healthy dark chocolate and contains only 90 kkal?
Well, it's my 8 year old son's favorite!
In case you suspect me of using him as a prop *LOL*, he immediately tore and bit into the chocolate Fitbar after i snapped the first pic. Little O loves the chocolatey taste and the crunchiness from the corn flakes! Now, if it's yummy enough for a fussy 8-year-old, i bet it's yummy for you too!
If i haven't manage to convince you of its goodness, you need to know that Fitbar is also a great source of fibre (which contains vitamin and mineral's goodness to support your daily activities), free of cholesterol (which is super important of course! Maintaining cholesterol level is very very important in your attempt to maintain your heart's health) and trans fat (trans fat increase bad cholesterol in your body, it'd also increase your risk of getting a cardiovascular heart disease and type 2 diabetes)! 

Now that you've been informed about Fitbar and its goodness, let me tell you about this awesome program they are currently having!
As a developing country, there is one common problem that Indonesia is currently facing about its nation's health. It's called double burden malnutrition. According to World Bank data in 2015, there still 8.4 million children under 5 that suffer from chronic malnutrition and dwarfism due to poverty and the parents' lack of understanding of the right nutrient standard. This condition can hamper brain's development and increase the chances for diabetes, obesity and heart disease in the future.

On the other hand, according to Basic Health Research in 2013, Indonesian adults suffering from obesity (result of over consumption of calories) has doubled in numbers during this decade, currently 24 million males and 40 million females in Indonesia are obese. Obesity can be caused by many things, but 90% of the cases are caused by surplus in food intake that is not followed by enough activities to burn the extra energy off. 

This is caused by 4 factors :  hormone imbalance (usually happens in women over 25. The fluctuation of growth hormones that function to maintain muscle mass results in decrease of muscle mass), the slowing of body metabolism (it decreases up to 5% every 10 years after hitting 25, and commonly Indonesian adults consume 500 kkal more than what we need), lack of physical activities, and lack of sleep (causing havoc in body metabolism. According to a research recoded in Archives of Disease in Childhood, lack of resting time can influence glucose formation that can lead to diabetes).

With these knowledge, Fitbar under Kalbe Nutritionals launched Fitbar Donor Kalori to help minimalizing effects of those two conditions. Now with just burning calories, people in Indonesia can already participate in building a healthier generation!

With this program Fitbar encourage us all to donor their calories (OMG just what i've been looking for my whole life T.T *LOL*) and pool 10 million calories among us to help street kids to have better quality lives. Hand in hand with Yayasan Sahabat Anak (a nonprofit organization that fights for marginal children's rights and Jakarta street kids so that they won't keep on living in the street and have a better future).

You and i can participate and help make a difference for them with some super simple steps!
All you need to do is to sign up at, use any application in your Smartphone (or a pedometer if you have) that can record the number of calorie you've burned-snap a picture of the numbers, up
load it in your account and your is done! Easy as ABC!
I know not everybody has the time to dedicate fully for running a marathon or whatever, don't worry about it! You can burn your calories in the most simple ways (like walking, going up and down on the stairs or anything at all!)-just remember, those calories we burn will be converted to IDR 500 million for kids in need! The program is already running but you still have until the end of April to donate, so let's get going!

According to Adinia Wirasti (actress, sports enthusiast and member of Pertemanan Sehat) "This is a program that calls to the people to do good for both themselves and for others. By joining Fitbar Donor Kalori, anyone can give donation and help kids in need."

Of course, i am not just preaching, i am also taking part of this program and managed to donate more than 1000 kkal in the past five days (totally plan on continue donating!). I live my life normally and although the numbers i produced are not fantastic, they can be significant if i am joined by lots of you! Let's see what my daily activities looks like and how they help me burn those calories off (i've always wanted to do a "Day in a life of a blogger" type of post and here it is finally!).     
Armed with Fitbar to help sustain me through the day!
This is me, just woken up *LOL*. I admit i am not an early riser :p and i always wish i never have to leave my bed in the morning hahaha
Then i'd hop in the shower and for most days i would start getting ready to go out (there are days where i just shower and be done *without putting on any makeup or whatever* because i am a stay at home mum as well as full time blogger, i also have other jobs that i can do at home so my office is my room haha).
I notice even when i apply my make up and change my clothes, i get up and down a lot to fetch my things-that made an impact in the pedometer!
On those days when i have to get out of the house (3-5 times a week), i often have no time for a proper meal (because i take a while to get ready hehehe >.<), that's when Fitbar comes in handy!
I just slip one in my bag!
And nom it on the way!
When i go out, i typically go to run errands (you know, to get groceries, or go to banks), attend meetings (blog related/other job related)....
Or attend blogging events
I might also just go hangout with my friends/family/go shopping or any other fun activities
I never pegged myself as an athletic person, but i found out how much i love working out and producing a good sweat during my latter teenage life (and that i have good stamina!). I do my best to join workout classes which i enjoy (when you enjoy something, you're more likely to stick to it and not bail!). For the past 2 years, i found my favorite workout : yoga.
We have yoga classes at least once a week
My favorite resting position hahaha
Getting more and more flexible each day
Yes, i prefer to be the one supporting because i am heavy *LOL*
Before i started taking yoga classes, i didn't know that i could even do it!
Sometimes i would not have time to eat before the class (which is a total bad news because if i don't eat, i would have no energy to work out!), with Fitbar i can spare a few seconds to down them and get of boost of energy!
Then of course, i must do my work : blogging.
With Fitbar in hand in case i got a craving hahaha
The typical work of a blogger
At night, after i've done all of my work, i like to watch horror movie (my favorite genre) online :
Don't get any funny idea, that's a horror movie titled Horse Head on the screen!
I always feel peckish at night (such a bad habit!) and with Fitbar i can now snack healthily (FYI, i do not eat so many Fitbars during a day *LOL*, the pictures are taken in many days as an illustration) and without worrying about getting fatter!

Result of my mundane life is not so bad :
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and become part of this awesome program! If I can do it, YOU can do it!


*This post is written to join Fitbar's blogging competition. I received the goodies with no further compensation. All opinions are mine and unbiased

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