Good News from Sociolla and a Wish List

2:21:00 PM

Hey guys!!!

I have good news for ya! Now you only have to spend IDR 200.000 to get IDR 50.000 off when shopping at Sociolla! All you need to do is click here , start shopping and then enter MP50 at checkout!

Isn't it awesome?? Now i feel like shopping too! Wonder if I can use my own code to shop? Teehee. Anyway, as a beauty junkie (and a shopaholic in general), i always, always have endless wishlist(s) and i thought it'd be fun to share some of the products in my Sociolla wishlist :D! Just a little bit because if i list all of the things i want from Sociolla, well... LOL, you're gonna be here until the next two days.

Since it's a WISH list, money is no issue *LOL* (coz y'all know i'm actually pretty cheap when it comes to beauty products) so i'm ignoring the prices :p and just add whatever caught my fancy. Who knows one of you might get posessed be tempted to get me one, or maybe Sociolla wants to send me everything some? HAHAHA.

Let's start!
It's no longer a secret that i'm a lipstick junkie now, so of course i gotta add some lipsticks on my wishlist! The History of Whoo is a new addition to Sociolla's growing available brands, i'm honestly more attracted to the unique packaging (knowing me, that's totally normal eh!). Although it's not the kind of packaging i would normally be drawn to, i think it looks very majestic and i can pretend that i'm a Korean Queen when i use it *LOL*. I also would like to know how an IDR 709.000 lipstick would feel hahaha
Yes, another lipstick. I had to close the lip section after this or else i'd be adding another 50 -___-. Still in love with Laneige and would loveee to try out their lippie. Any of their lippies would do actually!

In the past few months my skin has been acting out-of-characterly annoying and all those white heads are driving me crazy. I've heard crazy raves for Glamglow's masks and i would really love to try them out and see if they really works!

Same thing about Menard, and if i were about to try out a more expensive brand i'd go for base makeup rather than say, lipsticks (please ignore this when you see product on the top of this list *LOL*)
I'm definitely a blush person (i can go out without any eye makeup or lip colors, just let me add a bit of blusher please!), i'd also love to try out The Balm so this blush on and lipstick palette would be a great item to get myself acquainted with them! Made to resemble apples, how much cuter can it be?
I'm all about gift sets and this gorgeous set from Studio Makeup caught my eyes. It's rather pricey, but it'd make an awesome gift for myself *LOL*. Hey, one gotta pamper themselves from time to time okay!
Speaking of sets, here's a more affordable one and not any less gorgeous from one of my fave local brands, Beauty Story! Ohhh i'm sooo itching to click buy now!
The most expensive item in my wishlist, and it's been on all of my wishlists for a while : Babyliss Pro's Miracurl! I've been wanting it ever since the first time i heard about it and when i got to sample it, i want it even more!!!
Heh the wishlist's starting to get out of hand *sigh*, but before i wrap this post up there's another one that i really want to try from Sociolla :
Sociolla Box! Ya know how much i love subscription beauty boxes, i used to sign up to all that were available in Indonesia *LOL*
Oh well, that's all for now! Don't forget to use my referral if you shop at Sociolla and use the discount code too!

Happy shopping!

In this pic i was wearing Emina's Oh So Kissable lipstick i bought at Sociolla, which i will review soon!

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  1. ce mindyyy... followback dong aku adhel dari sociolla blogger:D

  2. Hai mindy..
    Ini aku rima dari grup Sociolla di Line.. ^^

    Folback ya :)