Foodgasm 13 : Antler Cabin

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Anyone missed my lifestyle posts?

Sorry for the back to back (to back to back *LOL*) sponsored posts, i didn't have much time to blog and once i do, i always prioritize sponsored posts because you know, responsibility. Anyway, i haven't post about food related posts for a while, and for once i am ignoring my super long-due old drafts of once-hip-new-places (but no longer, coz i postpone writing about them for so long *LOL*) and decided to blog about one of the latest one i went to, Antler Cabin :
Antler Cabin
Jl. Raya Darmo Permai 2 Blok D No.16, Dukuh Pakis
Sorry for the shielded photo of the place, it's rather small and with the car parked in front of it there's just no way for me to snap a better picture. Btw i actually didn't bring my camera with me that day and it turns out to be a good thing because when i use only my Iphone to take pictures i tend to be less lazy to blog about it somehow. Maybe because i detest having to move my photos from my camera to the PC, so much hassle. Yes, such first world problem, what can i say : i am lazy. So yeah, all of the pictures in this post were taken using my Iphone and since it was in the middle of the day with ample natural lighting, it worked just fine.
Went with my favorite hip-new-place hunting partner, L!
The sight that greeted us once we opened the door. I think it fits the "cabin" part of the name to a tee, i feel like i was in a cabin in the wood somewhere not in Indonesia *LOL*. And there are plenty of antlers too :p
The place's actually quite small, L said it looks big on the pictures and i can see why. I mean, it does look pretty spacious even in my pictures haha, but it's not. There are like... 7 tables on the first floor, and more upstairs. Needless to say we're grateful to arrive during off peak hour haha
The coziest spot, but the low table's not very convenient for eating so we didn't sit there. It'd be perfect to hang out over coffee if you don't plan to have any heavy meal tho
The menu. Price range's pretty normal compared to most local cafes, not too expensive but not dirt cheap either. The menu's also quite standard Western cafe type, i like how they have three different types of breakfast and even though i found the Mexican one to be interesting, as a huge fan of American breakfast, i ended up choosing the very familiar Antler's Big Breakfast (it's not that big, FYI)
Went for my usual iced coffee latte and wasn't dissappointed
There's a rather embarrassing incident while L's paying -___-. We're so used to pay our foods in cafes with credit cards that we didn't remotely consider the possibility of cafes not having the credit card machine. I'm the type that do not carry a lot (if any >.<) cash with me and L who usually does didn't. I just changed to a new (smaller) wallet (because i was wearing my tiny bag) and left my BCA debit card on the other wallet (please note that at the moment they only accept BCA debit WTF) and L has like....3 BCA debit card but no money in them WTF FOL. We had to cancel our order and scoot to the corner while contemplating what to do (me wait there like a hostage while L make a dash to the ATM?), then she made someone transferred some money to her BCA pffffftttt. Seriously embarrassing because there were people queuing behind us and all -____-
Cute barrel shaped receipt holder
You can also shop for dr. Soap's products here
No, they do not sell kue leker here, L saw a seller outside and asked if she can order and bring it in *LOL* she was starving to a point that scared the shit out of me that day
Yes, we were practicing the 101 on "How to be a celebgram poses" LOLOLOL
The food that we ordered.
L ordered this thing... I have no idea what kind of pastry this is *LOL*, if i remember correctly she kinda liked it. I tried it and it's not bad, but not my type of pastry (meaning i wouldn't order it for myself)
L's Spagetti Carbonara, which she said very so so, i tasted it and it was pretty nice-nothing special tho
My Antler's Big Breakfast. Like i said, it's not even that big *LOL*, if you're starving then you definitely wouldn't be that full after eating it. I like the scrambled egg, everything else are pretty standard
The right pose to post on Instagram
The not-so-right one HAHAHA
They have a rather cozy (but so hot, not ideal to hang out) patio area that's so pretty for taking pictures.
When i see a space for OOTD...
L's photography skill has improved a lot (LOVE this snap) but unfortunately it's very bipolar, kinda like her.... Anyway, she scolded me for sticking my feet like that but i actually think it looks good on the pic!
And made me pose like this *LOL*. I like the other pic better!
In conclusion... Antler's Cabin is definitely quite unique-decoration wise, and totally Instagram worthy, but the food's kinda mediocre. I wouldn't mind to come back, but i definitely won't purposefully go there just to eat-especially since it's so far away!

Do you think it's interesting too?

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