Lip-Talk 14 : Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick in 05 Cherry Pie

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Hello girlsss (again because i don't think my male readers read my lipstick reviews >.<)

I am back with my 14th lip product review (and i have two more in the pipeline that i plan to review ASAP!) and it is from one of my current (if not my ACTUAL) favorite Indonesian cosmetic brand : Emina! (I got a request to review my Emina lipsticks when i post about my Sociolla haul, and i'm pretty happy when i get requests although sometimes i forgot about them, i clearly remember this time!)
Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick in 05 Cherry Pie
I first learnt about their "mini lipstick" from Instagram (of course, how can one live without Instagram these days???) and immediately went to panic mode because i just gotta have it! Back then Emina was still pretty hard to find in Surabaya (now they have counters in SPI and Lotte Mart!) so i was super happy when i learned that Sociolla sells them! 

The price is making me happy (what can i say, i love cheap stuffs :D) only IDR 25.000 and when i got the product, i got even happier! When they say mini lipstick, i expected smaller, travel size size-but although the bullet is slightly smaller than regular lipsticks, it contains 3.4g worth of product and that's actually aplenty! I personally think it's almost the same size as most normal sized lipsticks! I will show you the comparison with another lipstick later but for now let's talk packaging first!
Emina Oh so Kissable lipstick comes with a pale pink cardboard box with a clear window in the front side
I got the darkest color available (there were only three colors in this line before, but they recently added new colors which color charts are sadly nowhere to be found yet) number 5, Cherry Pie (personally i found the color to lean more to tomato red than cherry red tho)
Information on the manufacturer, expiry date, etc
Ingredient list
The lipstick itself is made of lightweight but definitely NOT cheap looking matte plastic that has a matte and velvety feeling. The shape is oblong, which makes the pale pink casing looks even cuter (although some might argue that it looks like a toy. I happen to like my items looking like toys :p). 

The only thing that concerns me about the packing is the slightly loose cap, it can become detached with the softest pull-that's a bit worrying! I did brought it to Japan for a week and it didn't detached itself in my pouch but still i hope they'll work towards making sure that the cap can close more safely in the future.

Cherry Pie is a bright orange-ish red in the tube and translates pretty well to my lips
I don't know if you can see it from the photo above, but the bullet is definitely not mini (my mini lipsticks contains 1.5gr or 2gr worth of product, not 3.4!), so here's a comparison to my normal sized Pixy lipstick (that contains 3.8gr worth of product)

Not much difference, no?

The lipstick color looks different depending on the lighting, but it looks close to how it looks in real life in this picture
My pale pink bare lips
Wearing it very lightly as a lip tint that day. Sorry for the messy looking application, i swear it didn't look that bad IRL! With natural sunlight it looks like it has a hint of pink. I wore moisturizing lipbalm underneath so the result looks more glossy than when used on its own
With full makeup on
I dunno why the color looks pinkish on the photos taken using Marshmallow, but here's some more pictures using my Iphone which gives the real color more justice :

Looks more orange-ish in these pics, no? I think when it's super bright it looks more pink, but when it's dimmer then it looks a lot more orange
Emina Oh So Kissable lipstick glides on easily and feels creamy and soft upon application. It is quite pigmented and gives bold color with one easy swipe, that's why i used it softly in dabbing motions when i want to use it like a lip tint as in the pictures above (it was for an afternoon event, i didn't want to look too loud).

According to the website, Oh So Kissable has a satin finish and i agree, it is not dead matte but has a little shine (not too glossy at all, don't worry). Like i said earlier, i wore rather glossy lip balm underneath so it looks shiny, but when i wear it with less glossy lipbalm it looks a lot more satiny.

Here are some photos taken in Japan when i wore this lipstick that shows the real color and finishing better :
I wore it in full capacity and immediately looked like a Geisha *LOL*
The lipstick has an artificial sweet scent (vanilla??) that's not too strong or disturbing for me. It last pretty much the whole day for me when i wear it on its own/with non glossy lipbalm and leaves a beautiful stain even after heavy meals. It disappears easier when i wear very glossy lip balm underneath, obviously. It doesn't dry out my lips (but definitely recommending using a lip balm beforehand, like any other lipstick) and in conclusion? I do love this product a lot!

These are the original available colors :
L-R : 03 (Peach Cream), 04 (Flame Pea), 05 (Cherry Pie), which looks rather similar to each other in the stock photos that it confused me a lot
They have added four more colors recently : Orange Slush, Jelly Blush, Pink Berry and Fantasti-Cho. I plan to visit Emina's store soon and swatch them and see if there's any new color that caught my fancy!

Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick in Cherry Pie is a great affordable, satiny, non-drying, pigmented lip color, highly recommending it for you who are looking for orange-ish red lip color (it brightens up one's complexion!) that are not going to make a hole in your pocket and leaves a pretty stain. Not recommending it for those who.... hates cutesy packaging and artificial scents on their lipsticks (can't find any other fault!)

I bought mine from Sociolla, sadly they've sold out this variant for the moment (please restock soon! And the new colors too!) but when they do restock (of you're interested in Emina other products. They said the Creme de la Creme lipstick is pretty much the same thing but with bigger size), you can use my referral and discount code for IDR 50.000 off with minimum spending of only IDR 200.000 :
Will i repurchase? Yes! In all of the cother colors! I mean, 25.000 x 6 is only IDR 150.000, i'll just add some other thing in and use my code-then i'd just have to pay IDR 150.000! How awesome is that? Definitely worth collecting every color *LOL*.

For more information on Emina, you can follow their social medias :
Instagram : Emina Cosmetics 

What do you think of this Oh So Kissable Lipstick? Something you'd like to try too or not?
With my travel mates at Asakusa Shrine, still wearing Cherry Pie! Missing Japan badly now...

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