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Hey guys! 

Can't believe it's weekend again *i know i've said this hundreds of times, but it's really crazy how time pass so quickly nowadays >.<!*. I have yet another jam-packed week, hence the no increase in number of posts *LOL*. Seriously, i need a week of hibernation...


Have you heard of Gaya Spa? The name sounds familiar to me even before i was invited to their grand opening event. I think they're already pretty well-known in Jakarta and some Jakarta bloggers had mentioned them. Now they are also available in Surabaya, yay!
Gaya Spa Wellness
Klinik Wijaya Ashma Center

Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur No 7 Mulyorejo

In case you're like me, or most others when they first heard about Gaya Spa's location-Klinik Wijaya Ashma Center, it is that clinic very close to Galaxy Mall. You must pass it before you get to GM so pretty much everybody in Surabaya would have a memory of passing the clinic somehow (although not necessarily pay any attention to it) haha. 

I must admit that the location is pretty strange for a spa, and the security guard of the clinic was less than pleasant (Silv kindly accompanied me there and while we were fumbling around at the lift, he barked at us "FIRST FLOOR!!!!" Which turned out to be the receptionist of the clinic. I'm sure you do not have to go through receptionist to go to the spa because hunny came to their floor right away when he picked me up. He also made a comment about the rude security guard that he also encountered -____-), but don't let it hinder you from giving this spa a chance!

After we waited a while (feeling totally awkward and confused), a staff of Gaya Spa went down and escort us up to their floor, everything went smoothly from there ^^.
The receptionist area's very basic and simple, there's also a table and two chairs for the clients to wait for their rooms to be prepared. They immediately handed me their menu and ask me to choose what treatment i would like to try. Gaya Spa is well known for their various choices of Indonesian style massages and treatments, there are really a LOT of choices of massages and treatment styles inspired by different cultures in Indonesia.
Sorry about my unruly hair, i actually forgot to brush my hair that day after changing. True story
Since the menu's rather extensive, i'm just going to show you the part that shows the treatment that i went for that day okay!
Some of you might already know, i suffered from a BAD bug bites last December in Jogjakarta, the back of my right leg was ridden with numerous red, swollen bumps that itched like INSANE. They have healed since, but the marks are still there until today. They have turned brownish and oh-so-ugly, it has began to fade with time, but it's going to take a LONG time to disappear.

I've read before that the best way to encourage the fading process to go faster is to regularly use a body scrub (and brightening lotion). The problem is... I'm super lazy >.<. I always have a tub of scrub in my bathroom and i want to make myself use it at least once a week, but there's been many many weeks and i didn't touch it once -____-. So when i had the chance to get someone else to do all the hard work for me, i went for it *LOL*. 

With Gaya Spa's staff's recommendation, i chose White Glow Body Scrub!

Ohh, would love to try out their Hair & Scalp Treatment, and also their Slimming range!
After waiting for a brief time for the therapist to prepare the room, i was ushered to the treatment room.
The room is fairly basic, it's also not too big but not cramped either
There's also a shower in the room so you can shower inside after the treatment without  leaving the room
I was asked to change into this kimono robe (they also prepare a paper underwear so you don't have to worry about getting yours dirty or whatever) and sound the bell when i am done. That's so... special *LOL*, sorry i can be pretty excited over novelty things hehe. I was like, would she hear the bell? Since the door's closed and all, but apparently the therapist has been waiting in front of the door the whole time (i feel bad because i took my sweet time changing and chatting with Silv, then even took some photos for this blog post) and she went in the second the bell rings!
The products used for the treatment, a fresh towel, the aforementioned bell and a unique vintage looking jewelry box to store, well... your jewelries.
The session formally began and i was asked to sit in the chair in the corner. My therapist of the day was Mbak Venny (i hope i write her name correctly), she's super friendly and her massage was just right for me, highly recommending her!
Here she is showing me the oil (didn't catch the name of the oil) that's going to be added into the bowl of water to soak my feet it. The oil's going to improve your blood circulation and also for antiseptic purposes
Then she washes off both of my feet and legs with light massages
Drying my feet off before i was asked to lie on the bed
One thing that i really love about Gaya Spa is how they always cover you up so you won't feel cold (contrary to popular believe, even though i have a lot of fat, i get cold very easily. So please hold that type of comments the next time you heard me feeling cold). They're also big on modestly, constantly making sure i was covered and the therapist even pull a sheet up when i was putting on the robe after the session-even though we're both women and most other spas' therapists wouldn't even bother. I feel very very comfortable this way, as i am actually quite shy and dislike being naked around strangers
The therapist compressing my legs, arms and chest area before start scrubbing, she said it helps to open my pores up so the products used can penetrate my skin better and do a better job
The she began scrubbing
You would also be pampered with some light massage during scrubbing (Mbak Venny also continuously checking with me if the pressure is already enough, which is important since every client would have different preference)
I felt very relaxed the entire time-and that comes down to one thing : professional and experienced therapist. I am not the biggest fan of massage and i used to despise spas because i hate being touched by strangers and scrubbing makes me ticklish-but now as i've been introduced to proper masseurs who know what they are doing, i began to learn to enjoy going for spas! 

The scrub used for White Glow Body Scrub is actually quite soft and totally non-abrasive, but it still works really really well! I felt my skin immediately became softer and smoother, and i actually think my bug bite marks fades even more, just from one session! And there's these spots on my ankle which gets really dirty (OMG ew #Pink!!!) because i don't scrub enough, well, they're squeaky clean now! Also that spots and elbows tend to be very dry, they're super soft now yay!

I can't fully judge their massage since i went for Body Scrub treatment, which only involves a tiny bit of massaging-but i can say that it was promising. I wouldn't mind trying out their massage treatments next, and that's saying a lot since i don't usually voluntarily go for massages hahaha.

In conclusion, i am definitely quite satisfied with the body scrub, it totally exceeded my expectation, but for the full spa experience i would recommend you to try out their packages instead. 

The only thing i would like to mention is... Please provide shower caps for your clients! I have (very) long hair and i really wanted to shower after the session was done, but since it's a shower and i don't bring anything to tie up my hair/cover it, there's just no way for me to shower without wetting my hair (not an option!) so i had to settle with being wiped! Other than that (and the scary security guard, but he belongs to the clinic so i guess that's not Gaya Spa's fault haha), i am happy with everything else!

Thank you Gaya Spa for having me, i really enjoyed the treatment!

For more information and updates, you can follow their social medias :


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