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I once said i love outfit posts as filler posts because i don't have to work too much for them, the center of the post is the outfit so it should tell the story-not me. But what's the point of taking loads of them when i'm still too lazy to pick and edit them? LOL.

That's why this is the first (and probably the only, seeing the month's almost over) outfit pic in February (oh gee, i just realized that i didn't post any last month either >.<! So much for wanting to be a personal style blogger!).

Instead of the usual settings of my room/any cafe i happen to be at/somewhere i am not too embarrassed to pose like i'm some sort of mid-sized supermodel (i am way too huge to be a normal model while i definitely do not fall into the plus size category either, seeing i wear mostly size 8 in most brands), while i'm actually dying of embarrassment inside, this photo series was taken when i went to attend La Senza's event at CW with Kathy and Sabsab.

Kathy is one of the not-so-many people who knows my angle and make me look not too huge hahaha so whenever i go out with her, i tend to ask her to take my outfit pictures (and vice versa). Plus, it's less embarrassing when you take the pictures in group instead of by yourself. So we actually wandered around CW and took quite some of them haha.
It was almost Chinese New Year back and even though i don't particularly like red (i like red lipsticks and nail polish, but not so much on clothing) all that much, i tend to wear them around this time of the year. Especially since the invitation seem to suggest the theme to be red and black. This outfit is predominantly black, then i peppered it with some reds.
I loveee this shot but then this uncle had to photobombed me zzzz so i decided to slap on a sticker on his face coz i dunno how to blur him out hahahaha
The majority of the attendees were stuck up socialites (seriously, i can't stand them *LOL*), we can so sense them judging out outfit, but who cares??? I dress the way i like, i prefer to be me instead of trying hard to blend in to get the approval of people that i can't even stand
Btw, the red and black part? That's actually a body con dress *LOL*. The material is crazy clingy (it's those cheap local made replica clothes) and shows every bump and rolls, so i would never wear it on its own but i think it's pretty nice for layering!
Kathy found this long seat and forced me to pose there. This first pic came out rather haunting and creepy, but i like it hahaha
I love my blacks, and of course i gotta have black tutu right? Somehow whenever i post my girly outfits in black people would make gothic lolita comments, although it's never my intention-i guess i can't escape the lolita in me
I also like how my makeup turned out that day, so... please be prepared for a lot of selfies!!! FOTD/MOTD :
Apparently this is the new trending selfie pose? Fish gape or something hahahahaa WTF
List of products used :
1. Anna Sui Makeup Primer
2. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
5. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
6. Color Concept Eye shadow
7. NYX Candy Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
8. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
9.  C/o Collection No Clumps Definition Mascara in 01 Black
10.  M Lash Beauty Perfection in Pretty Woman
11. Color Concept blush on 
12. C/o Simply Stay compact powder for nose contouring
13. Shimmery white eyeshadow for nose highlight
14. Oriflame Tender Care
15. Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick in 05 Cherry Pie
16. DHC Medicated Concealer 
17. Oxy Face Powder
Taken under natural sunlight. My mesmerizing contact lenses are sponsored by Eyecandy_Id (read the review here), i got so many compliments on those contact lenses, they really are beautiful!
I think i was planning for brown eyeshadows, but after blending and stuff i think they look more grey than black *sigh*
Okay okay, sorry for the selfie spam. I don't often put on so much effort on my makeup you know. Some pictures from the event (thank you Wulan for inviting us!)
Back on the outfit, here are more photos we took...
I like these silly ones most :)))

Outfit details :
Black Lace Inner : Magnolia
Red Lace Dress (wore as top) : Online
Obi : can't remember >.< very old
Tutu Skirt : Quinnbee Jogja (Instagram)
High Top Sneakers : Bugis Street, Singapore
Round Red Body Sling : H & M  

And these last two were taken by hunny later on :
Btw, the red lipstick i wore in all of the pictures in this post costed me IDR 25.000 (that's less than USD 2), you can purchase it from Sociolla and even get a discount using my discount code :
Hope you enjoyed the post, TTYS!


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  1. you are such a cutie.
    anyways, the event looks so fun.
    glad you had a great time.
    and your make-up is on point.
    love it.

    Ms. Kei