South Korea Winter Trip : Day 1 Part 2 (Jeju Island Arrival, Trick ArtMuseum)

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Hi guys...

So like the title said, imma continue the Day 1 of our South Korea winter trip and the highlight of this post is our visit to Trick Art Museum.
Mummy and daddy being crazy while Baby Boy watched in disgust *LOL*
But first, i need to rant. You can skip the next four paragraphs if you're in no mood to read someone bitching, but i do have some quite important information included so you should really read it anyway *LOL*.(NOTE : this post was written yesterday, i am feeling a lot better today!)

I've been having a strange day. Strange and a little bit unpleasant -___-. I'm still oh-so-tired after all of the festivities we've had lately and there's always a sense of post-festivities blues around-for those who needs a little clue on how we're feeling (coz only Chinese people celebrate CNY right), it's just like how you feel after Christmas haha. We were having too much fun and ate way too much good food, it just feels a bit sad now that we have to get back to normal life.

Not to mention some crazy scammer trying to (obviously) scam us by telling us one of our nephew's been arrested for drug problem (WTF?), which is already ridiculous to begin with but you know how you brain refuse to work when you're in panic-but thankfully we didn't fall for it (when the "policeman" asked us to go to the ATM and transfer some money to him, i immediately knew it was a scam zzz. And at the same time my niece told me that her brother's in the supermarket with their parents so we went and played the stupid scammer along for a bit. Pretended like we're at the ATM already and when he gave us his account number and asked what's on the screen, hunny said "It says that you're a con" and the fuckwit still had the decency to LAUGH. Can you believe this madness???)

It just pisses me off so bad that people would do these kind of things and what's worse is that it's not the first time we've experienced this. Last time someone tried to pull off a well-known scam (we already received a newsletter from Baby Boy's school to warn us against this scam since some of the students' parents had been victims!) asking us to transfer some money immediately because *touch wood* my son fell and needed an operation ASAP. Dafuck. I get so mad thinking about how someone would casually say something so bad about someone's kid like that! Please please please be aware of these mothafucka scammers, they exists and flourish (because panic parents/grandparents are easy targets) so you can be extra careful from now on. Never believe what some unknown number callers tell you! Check and recheck!!!

I am tired and i am irritable, so when my mum pulled a tantrum just because we refused to join her to go have some noodle, i get even more pissed off now. The world is conspiring against me to ruin my mood today. I need to do yoga soon, it keeps me sane! LOL.

Okay, rants done! I actually was about to do a review but since writing about my oversea trips makes me feel good (and look forward to do more in the future, which gives me a sense of purpose-so i ended up feeling even better!) i decided to do this post instead!

In the last post we were on the way to Gimpo International Airport (different airport than the one we arrived in, which was Incheon International Airport) and here we are :
Ta dahhh
Ahhh i love this pic ^^
Now, a little embarrassing confession... This is a characteristic that many Asian, especially Chinese, have. That is we're kiasu. We always try to get the best out of everything and will milk the hell out of anything that we could. So... Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) we steal airline's cutlery *LOLOLOL*. In my case it's not because i am a kleptomaniac or that i liked the cutlery (really -___-??? Who does?) but because i feel like we might need them in the trip. You know, to feed Baby Boy medicines if needed, or eat stuffs in the hotel room.

Trust me when i say that my kiasuness is still mid-level (my big sis and mum are at the expert level LOLOLOL) and i wouldn't swipe them if i didn't feel like it needed it. Thing is... I totally forgot that we're going to fly again on the same day so i wouldn't have time to keep my stolen cutlery them in the luggage and just tossed it into one of our cabin bags, so of course we got stopped at the security -____-. 

It's not the fact that we got stopped that was embarrassing (a lot of others also got stopped all the time for double checking so, no problem. They also got very curious of hunny's luggage scale, which does have a suspicious shape hahahaha. This happened before in Europe so i was a bit annoyed because he just repeat the same mistake over and over again, that stupid scale needs to go in the checked in luggage grrrrrr!!!!) but the part where they fished out the Asiana cutlery (which was clearly stolen) made me wish the earth would swallow me zzzzzz.

Later on DB told me she also got stopped and they fished out HER stolen cutlery from her bag LOLOLOLOLOL. Haish. I bet Chinese Indonesians got stopped a lot for smuggling stolen cutlery....
Anyway, when they finally let us pass (after we played the pantomime trying to explain "scale" in body language since they don't understand English zzzz) this is the view that greeted us
Super spacious and clean airport
I need to say this, i was mesmerized by the fact that even airport security guards (the female) wore so much makeup (the kawaii, ulzzang type of makeup) and wear enlarging contact lenses. Not that they shouldn't, but it's just not something i see everywhere else. Don't get me wrong, i like to see that, they were so cute (and they wear bling2 eyeliners...), it's just something new to me. 

Later on Sonny (the local guide) told us in one of his guiding times about the importance of looking good (in their very specific, homogenous standard) in South Korea. They demand their people to be both good looking and smart, if you're smart but ugly then you'd never get a job-vice versa. That's why plastic surgery's flourishing in South Korea! And that is also the reason why South Korea has the highest rate of suicide. Their perfectionist and competitive nature make them feel like suicide is the only option they have if they cannot compete. Such a sad reality, but oh so fascinating...

In short i feel super lucky to be an Indonesian, here we totally respect differences in looks. We have such diverse races that there are a lot of different kinds of beauty-all appreciated and celebrated. Even though like most Asian countries, we tend to prefer fair skins (i don't), when someone's super tanned and pretty we'd still call them pretty! 

Okay, i seem to ramble so much in this post, i'm definitely in a chatty mood *LOL*... Anyway, we were supposed to wait just about an hour for the flight but since the weather in Jeju was quite bad, our flight just kept on being delayed... We waited at a little coffee shop at first and when it was close to the flight time, we moved to the waiting area near the gate.
And we waited...
And waited
To a point where exhaustion sinks in and Baby Boy fell asleep *LOL*.
I think it was an hour or so from the scheduled time when we finally were asked to board the plane.
Wefie first... Yes, i know we're not supposed to take photos on the tarmac area, but people keep on doing it anyway :p (was that lady in purple jacket also smiled for our camera?)
It was a short flight (about one hour) and a little bumpy, but the shocking part was when we were casually looking outside the window and a lightning struck the wing of our plane! It was loud and the lighting was super bright, i think all of the passengers were super shocked -____-.
Arrived at the super windy Jeju Island. The temperature's in Jeju's actually higher than Seoul, but the air was quite still in Seoul (do you know that Korean pronounce Seoul like lengthened "soul"? Soo... ul. Not Seee ooo ull) so it was highly tolerable while the super strong wind in Jeju was... It was quite painful *LOL* (plus it was raining zzzz, so double the torment hahahaha. The bus was parked quite far away so we had to walk and tow our huge luggage while bracing the bitterly cold wind and rain!
Selfie with Baby Boy once we're safe and warm inside the bus!
We're supposed to stop by another place but it was rescheduled on another day (again *LOL*) because we arrived latter than the schedule due to the delayed flight so we went straight to the trick art museum.
The sight that greeted us once we stepped into the warm museum building
You must go to the upper level (was it second or third level? I don't remember >.<) to get to the museum itself and since there were only two lifts and there were so many of us, the younger crowds opted to climb the stairs rather than waste our precious time (if you ever join a tour group you'd know what i mean!) waiting for the lift!

One of the most annoying thing about winter trips is that you're dressed for the crazy cold weather (up to -18 degrees celcius when we were there) with super thick jackets and all, then you go to an indoor tourist attraction and it's warm as a toast -____-. There's no where to leave your jacket and toting them while trying to take endless pictures' too much of a hassle you ended up having to endure the heat. *sigh*.

AAAAAAAnyway... Are you ready to see endless pictures of me and my family members posing crazily?
Then let the adventure begin!!!
Hunny and his harem in their magic carpet. Is it just me or the harem looks suspiciously a lot like Jennifer Lopez? LOL
Hunny, you leave that poor elephant alone!!!
See, that's your karma for hurting the elephant *LOL*
Oh, oops :p
My precioussss... ca ching!
Rescue meee my handsome Prince Charming!
Hmmm, seems like this other Prince Charming of mine's a bit suicidal *LOL*
Errrr, i think i should be a little more frightened than that...
Indiana Boy hehe
No seriously, he's pretty good at posing, no?
Seriously non stop posing, wonder why he couldn't muster the same enthusiasm for our family photo shoot, just 10% of the excitement he showed here would be sufficient!
Where are we again?
There were a few different sections with different themes in the museum, all of the pictures were taken from two different cameras (the ones with me in it was using Samsung NX 300 while the ones without me in it was using Samsung Mini, hunny and i brought one camera each) so please excuse the different photo qualities (clearly NX 300 is far more superior than my Marshmallow for indoor photo with glaring lighting) and i cannot remember the exact sequence so i might accidentally mix up between sections...
Second section is celebrities and lifestyle and it began with this walk with The Beatles...
Then Baby Boy receiving an Oscar from Brangelina
Me reaping my money tree... Didn't realize that someone should've stood on the other side and "hold" the watering can...
Ewww, Baby Boy NO!
Hunny, the average man
Baby Boy feeding the hungry giant...
Oh, oops!
Similar to the one in Suroboyo Carnival, but still amazing nonetheless
Did i ever tell you that my family's male members are perverts? Exhibit one :
And two. LOL
Baby Boy in the news for... Who can read what's on the screen???
Whoopsss don't rip that Baby Boy!!! Let's run!!!
Playing hair dresser for the Medusa... Sounds a bit dangerous
Baby Boy "Gimmie back my wallettt i wanna buy Hot Wheel trackssss!!!"
Looking a bit too gleeful for someone about to be beheaded, no?
Hunny forced me to poke my head in that hole and i couldn't see the picture, and this is the result *LOL*. Duck faced astronout!
Moving on to Super Heroes section
Whelps. Sorry, Hulk!
Just hanging out in the ceiling with my buddy Spiderman...
Monkey Gods
Gimmie back my Baby Boy, Optimus Prime!
A new child prodigy's here....
Looking through your eyeeesss
Okay, that seems like a lot of fun :D
Yeah, i'm hangryyy gimmie some!
LOLOLOL, hunny's a good poser too

Remember when i told you earlier about perverts?
Exhibit three
I cannot stop laughing looking at KC's face!!!
LOLOLOLOLOL, one of the best expression in this blog post!!!
Hang in boyssss
Baby Boy was reaching with all his might in for this pic okay *LOL*

This one's the hardest to capture due to the glare. And i don't think most people bring a pink camera into their coffin, hun!
It's always fun finding the right pose and seeing the results, but i've been in three trick art museums (two in Indonesia) within 2014 and i must say that they all pretty similar to each other. But we had fun anyway. Once we're done with the museum, we still got some time left from the appointed gathering time, and hunny saw this cafe selling a boba drink so we went in.
And Baby Boy immediately spotted the ice cream *LOL*. Ice cream in the middle of frigidly cold winter : checked!
Love all the gigantic plush animals ^^
Every photogenic spot must be fully utilized
How cute are those real sized St. Bernards plushies?
When we arrived at the meeting point, Hana (the TL) told us to go in to this ice sculpture exhibition since there were still some time left.
Hunny insisted this pose with the ice Dol Hareubang because we watched The Return of the Superman that mentioned Dol Hareubang to being a symbol of fertility. He's so weird, we definitely have no fertility problem, we don't get pregnant because there's an intrauterine device preventing us to *LOL*
Pretty flowers incased in ice ^^
I have fond memories of these kind of ice sculpture exhibitions, we used to go to an imported one (from China) when i was little and the first time was magical-i can still remember that day vividly! Sadly nowadays there's no imported ones anymore, instead there are local imitation which are a far cry from the real deal. The cave in the pictures above brings me back to my childhood and so did these ice slides :
From my IG
OK, here's a better quality one taken with camera
The cold, the smell.. The sculpture.. Ahhh, beautiful memories!
Love love love this shot!
Disney Princesses would be jealous *LOL*
This is a proof on how time flies. We went to a local ice sculpture exhibition a few years ago and Baby Boy cried because it was too cold and he was uncomfortable. Look how happy he is, just a few short years later! We had to practically drag him out *LOL*
Frozen mania haha
Seriously, i do not mean to undermine local talents, but seeing the Korean (and remembering the Chinese) iced sculpture and the details just makes the local one even sadder in comparison zzzz
They even had a bat mobile
Mama oso want haha
My little gnome hahaha
Happy face ^^
One snap with the gigantic Santa Claus before running through the crazy cold wind again to the bus!
And it was time for dinner, yay!!!
It was our first dinner in Korea so i still bothered to snap the banchan
Dinner was a clear beef soup (i think it's called galbi-tang?)
I liked it a lot, and after the scary lunch Baby Boy seemed to embrace the tastier dinner hehehe
There was a little hilarious incident... After dinner, i went out first with CL, totally expecting hunny who was still inside to bring Baby Boy out. Later on hunny came out hand in hand with KC (and the legend of Sutinah and Paijo was born LOLOLOL. KC called hunny Sutinah *it's like a very traditional Indonesian maiden name* because hunny kept on wrapping his scarf around his head like a shy village girl and then we started calling KC Paijo, Sutinah's boyfriend HAHAHAHA), he thought i already brought Baby Boy out. We stayed outside for a bit to snap pics and goofing around, fully expecting Baby Boy to be inside the bus already with MT and Au, and then quite a long time later... Hana came out of the restaurant toting a confused looking Baby Boy. LOLOLOLOLOL. We actually left him inside the restaurant WTF. 

This happens two more times in this trip, it's pretty ridiculous because we've never had this kind of experience before. I guess it's more dangerous going on a trip with so many other family members because we tend to get carried away and expect Baby Boy to be with one of us. I also wonder why he has tendencies to space out and not paying attention to his surroundings *sigh*. Don't worry, we're never close to get separated with him, just a few steps away at most :p.
I was snapping a pic of KC and hunny holding each other like a pair of lunatics but it was so windy (the restuarant's glass windows were shaking scarily!) with ice showers that all of the pictures i took became super blurry! That tall guy watching us in amusement is Tom, our photographer. He was probably wondering why we're so loud and if we're slightly insane :p
These crazy duo *sigh*
Bought the cute owl hard case backpack especially for this trip ^^. Can you see the ice showers? Sonny said it's definitely not snow but ice drops *LOL*
Our next destination is the hotel! We're staying in Jeju Palace Hotel, which is a simple, kinda old hotel. Very basic and no-nonsense. Not the kind of hotel i'd pick myself, to be completely honest with you-but it's totally expected from a budget tour group!
You'd know when i don't feel like a hotel room's clean enough when i always wear the room sandals inside haha
That single bed's for Baby Boy because he is very violent in his sleep and i am a very light sleeper. If he sleeps with his daddy, they'd fight all through the night and if i sleep with him then i'd get no sleep at all-so getting his own bed is the right answer!
Like i said, it's small and basic. Kinda old. Nothing too scary though hahaha
One thing about Korean hotels that i notice is that they always pay attention to skin cares. And in the smaller hotels, they don't provide small amneties but big ones (from drugstore/mass brands) that you can use (but definitely not bring home la okay).
Like these. It was a lotion and a toner, if i was right (i have no idea what skin conditioner is). I used the lotion for my body instead of my face though... (oh geez, i just googled and apparently Character is a men grooming brand by LG!)
And that marks the end of the long and eventful Day 1 of our South Korea trip! We visited more fun places on Day 2 so please look forward to the post!


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  1. I can stay for hours and hours just taking pictures inside the trick art museum! It's so great to see creative and fun backgrounds that make one mind-blown. Having a camera per person is most ideal in this case. :) I love the shots and hope to visit there one day!

    1. Yeah, me too-but we had to be swift because they gave us pretty short time so we just snap snap snap hahaha