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10:18:00 PM

Hello guys *glum*.

How's everybody doing? Me, not so good. No idea what happened but i had to get up almost 7 times last night because i had a severe case of... errrr... There's no gentle way to say this : diarrhea *LOL*. Apparently not only me, my mum and Baby Boy also suffered from the same thing (so was a few of our maids). Baby Boy was so dizzy that he threw up this morning when we tried to get him ready for school, so of course he had to stay at home despite having a test today *sigh*. Thankfully he's already feeling good in the afternoon, the same sadly cannot be said about my mum and i. 

I missed a whole day sleeping and couldn't even sit too long without feeling like puking *double sigh*. I am better now, but still nauseated and dizzy-really hope that i'd be completely healthy tomorrow, it's Chinese New Year's eve! We got the whole celebration planned out already, i cannot afford to be sick tomorrow! Plus being a superstitious Chinese that i am, i believe i need to welcome the new year with full health so that i would be healthy throughout the year too. Weird logic? LOL. 

Anyway, it was a well needed rest anyway, i had a very full weekend+Monday... And i planned to blog about this yesterday night-too tired to do so though, but here it is at last : my Pink Valentine's Day look :
Yes, i know i look very cliche and Valentine-ish that i was a bit embarrassed when we went to the mall that day haha (yes, people stared. They always do). I almost always dress in pink on Valentine's Day because i love thematic looks but also because as you should already know by heart, i LOVE pink! But this was not exactly the look i would've gone for if not for Cherish's birthday dresscode! LL asked me to wear a tutu and a plain tee. While i do have a few other (okay, a lot -___-) of tutu skirts, what my wardrobe lack of is... Plain tee! What do you know... 

I am not much of a tee person (i wear tee for housewear and to exercise, mainly!), and those tees i have... They're not plain. I finally found this plain pink tee with ruffled and ribbony chiffon sleeves, and that's the best i can do!
I was still having my period and was super bloated :(...
I really do love tutu skirts although it's not exactly very flattering, it makes my hips looks big and it's not even that big (i mean... It's big if you compare it to skinny girls' hips, but it's very normal for my proportion) but sometimes girls just dress on whatever way they want to dress, even if it doesn't make her look skinnier
Angling is everything though, i am quite amazed at how sharp my chin looks in this pic *LOL*. My face's round like a moon IRL
I was quite happy of how the whole look ended up together, even if i was a bit self conscious about looking like a beached whale
Here's my simple and soft #FOTD or #MOTD to compliment the softness of the outfit :
Why do i look like a chipmunk sometimes?
Here's the list of products used to achieve this look :
1. Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker
2. Johnson's Mini Face Powder in Rose Pink
3. Daiso (Ellefar Color) Glitter Eye Shadow Palette in Lilac (i only use the pink color)
4. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
5. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
6. Collection Work the Color Eye Shadow Pencil in Vintage Blush
7. Canmake Loose Cheek Blush On in 01
8. Bee Balm (use as lip balm)
9. Hello Kitty pale pink lipstick
10. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in 060 Shine That Pink
11. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder to highlight my nose bridge  
(edit : totally forgot to add elf eye primer, DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer and Clinique All About Eyes Concealer that i use in every look hahaha)

Have i ever told you how much i love Daiso's glitter eye shadow palettes? I have two, and i will be keeping my eyes and see if they have other shades in June :D (coz Indonesian Daiso's so lame, they do not carry the cosmetics here).
So shiny, glittery and pretty... I love it more than other eyeshadow triple its price!
Errrr laugh lines alert, should i start considering botox...
Pale pink's definitely the theme here. I kinda felt weird because i haven't been wearing such a sheer color in a while!
I also chose pinky accessories of course, i totally forgot to snap a pic of them together but here are some of what i wore... Eh, i also forgot to snap pic of the necklace by itself but you can see from the photos above that i am wearing a baby pink stone necklace.
It's actually from Green Earth, i have quite a collection of them although i didn't buy them for the benefit but purely because i like how they look, i ended up clutching on hope that it really works. I have been unreasonably down and losing my sense of self worth lately, it just makes me feel so ugly. I don't normally believe in worldly possessions being able to change you mood/luck/whatever, but at times like these i grasp on anything that can bring positivity into my life-even if it's just a suggestion. I chose this necklace because it goes with my outfit, but when i read the words "heal the heart" and "possitive affirmations for self-trusts and self-worth" i feel like it's totally meant to be. Been wearing this every time i go out haha
I also wore Flash Tattoo from Me-Nail again, this time in the shape of seashells
Baby pink Aigner leather wrap bracelet and a beautiful tear drop ring on my right hand
Outfit details :
Pink Top with Chiffon Sleeves : J-Rep
Tutu Skirt : Mifasol Room
Braided belt : Jakarta
Baby Pink Bag : Rebecca Minkoff
Jelly wedges : Online

I'm not gonna lie, when is see the pictures i zoomed in on my huge arms zzz. But like Leah said, i should focus on what my arms has done for me instead of beating myself up for not having a smaller pair ^^.

That's all for now, i better get back to resting so that i would feel top notch tomorrow!

Oh yeah, have you joined my All About Fashion Giveaway? Would mean the world for me if you could! Thank you!


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  1. ce aku suka bajunya . bagusssss dan cantik

  2. super cute outfit! Love the flash tattoos :)

    stop by and chat ♥ :)

  3. Nice outfit and your Aigner leather strap just caught my intention a lot! :)

    noniq's diary | A blog by Noniq

    1. Thank you ^^. I am obsessed with leather wrap bracelets ^^

  4. ci aku selalu suka sama outfit yg cici pakai , cantik2 . mengingatkan pada baju2 princess hhihihih.