Pink's All About Fashion GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

9:21:00 PM

Yes, you read that right, i am having another giveaway :D!!!
So sorry for my beauty junkie readers, i do not have any beauty products to giveaway for now because like the title already stated, it's all about fashion ^^! But i figured, not every girl likes makeups but every girl have to wear clothes, right? LOL.

I'm sure my loyal readers know that i absolutely LOVE fashion (every bit as much as i love makeups hehe) and would pick my outfits very carefully everytime, what you might not know is that i used to own a fashion boutique that was quite successful, it was on the run for 6 or 7 years (which is quite awesome for a standalone boutique in the middle of office buildings) before i very sadly had to let it go in order for our hostel to expand.

While financially, it makes a lot more sense to give up the business for something thrice as profitable, fashion and shopping have always been a huge passion of mine that i could incorporate in my work, i LOVED my job (even though i had to deal with insane customers on daily basis, as you know-patience is not my strongest suit so it was quite a hard thing for me to face). Ever since i stopped being able to shop to make profits, well.. My wardrobe exploded more than triple its original size because i still have that huge appetite for fashion and now i am only shopping for myself!

Since Chinese New Year's approaching, traditonally we'd start cleaning our house-which includes our wardrobe of course. I finally managed to organize all those crazy clothing hauls i did lately that i was too lazy to keep properly, just store them on top of my wardrobe-still inside plastic bags >.<! I also managed to throw out a basket full of clothes (a few months ago i threw out THREE baskets), which didn't make even the slightest dent whatsoever -___-. But still, better some than nothing *LOL*.

I also have some clothes from my old boutique's stocks that sat on two boxes unloved. I had managed to sell majority of them away, but i still got quite some in my hand. #Undecided, A, Av, G and i planned to sell our pre-loved (what a weird term..) items on Instagram, but i guess working with procrastinators like them is not really going to work, i was the only one (and Av's sister) who ended up taking pictures and uploading my items WTF! I planned to promote the online store in this blog but since the project never really happened... I am still stuck with clothes that i have no idea what to do with.

So... What's better than to give them away? For FREE??? *throw confetti* RIGHT??? It's just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year too, yay! Btw, this giveaway is open for those of you who has INDONESIAN address only. So sorry, but i have no budget for international shipping yet >.<!

I would be giving away PIECES pieces of clothing with total worth more than IDR 1.000.000 for three lucky winners, so each winner would get a set of 5!
Everything's brand new and still got tags on, you just need to wash them because they're old stocks!
I have divided all of the sets for fashionistas with different tastes!

First set is for the Youthful Kawaii Girls :
1. Colorful checked halter neck
2. Double loose tank
3. Black minidress with ruffled strap (my personal favorite, if i have smaller arms i'd keep this for myself haha)
4. Patchwork playdress
5. Two piece playful dress

I would say that this category's closest to my taste, but i've grown up a tiny little bit and like to experience with less kiddie clothing. Most of the time anyway hahaha. If your style is youthful, fun and playful, this set it the one you should definitely aim for!

Second set is for the Sophisticated Fashionista :
1. Grey and black tube jumpsuit (my fave, so cool!)
2. Bold and flashy yellow striped dress
3. Simple fake two pieces dress
4. Sexy red and white stripes
4. Micro mini dress with bow elastic obi

This set is for you who has a distinctive style, you dress either in simple, key pieces that you mix and match with other pieces or bold choices that nobody else dares to wear.

Third set is for the Nature Lover
1. Satin and chiffon dress with seashell charms
2. Simple black dress with bright yellow bow
3. Pretty cream floral dress
4. Simple bat sleeved burnt orange dress
5. Moss green 120 denier tights

This set contains clothing with earthy, natural tone-hence the name with simplicity of nature. The theme is even more defined with the appearance of seashell and floral pattern in two of the dresses. Perfect for those of you who likes natural tones and silhouette but still want to look trendy.

Now on to the rules, since i don't have many lucks with Rafflecopter myself, i decided not to use it for this giveaway hehe :p. This giveaway's open for everybody (who has an Indonesian address, like i said earlier), blogger or non blogger, the rules just differ slightly.

First, the common rules for everybody :

1. Follow this blog via GFC, or Bloglovin if you don't have GFC. If you're not a blogger, you still need to follow this blog via G+ (it's super easy and fast to make if you don't already have one!)
2. Follow my Instagram @MGirl83
3. Like our blog's Facebook Page
4. Follow my Twitter @MGirl83

For bloggers, please :
Put this banner on your sidebar (please do not remove until i've announced the winner because if you win, then i would need to check your blog), make sure youlink the banner to this blog post
OR make a brief blog post about this giveaway, please remember if you put more effort you'd be more likely to win! You can also share about this giveaway on your social medias to get more points.

For non-bloggers :
Grab the same banner or any pictures of the prizes, share them in AT LEAST 3 social medias (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are prioritized) and do not forget to tag 5 friends.

Once you've done everything, leave a comment below with your
1. Name
2. E-mail address
3. Your blog post (or just your blog url if you prefer to put the banner on your sidebar) or the non bloggers, your id name on your social medias and the link to the post where you tag 5 friends. Tag me and use hashtag #pinkallaboutfashion
4. List all of your social media shares for extra points.
5. Answer this question : which set would you like to win and why?

This giveaway accepts the last answer on Saturday, 12 PM ^^!

I will choose one winner with the best answer and efforts, #Undecided will choose one and the final winner will be picked randomly (from the entries you've accumulated by doing all the rules). First winner will get to choose the first, if the second winner's choice's the same as the first winner-i'm gonna have to ask you to choose again, and the third winner will get whatever set's left hehehe :p. 

Please make sure you done every mandatory rules because if you miss one then i'm gonna have to disqualify you :(.

If hope y'all going to join, if this giveaway's successful i'm going to do another one coz i have more stocks hahahaha!

Good luck!

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  1. Name: Azzahra Nadiyah
    my blog:
    twitter @zarnad, Fb azzahra nadiyah, instagram @zarnad94
    i want Sophisticated Fashionista set sooo bad =( bcause it looks comfy and it fits my 'medium' size. iim in love with the bright yellow color and die for grey jumpsuit, please?

  2. facebook:



    1. Jgn lupa ngikutin semua rules nya ya dear, dan ngisi datanya hrs lengkap seperti entry di Azzahra di atas ^^. Btw itu link mu ga bisa d buka semua :)

  3. 1. Name: Ida Wahyuni
    2. E-mail address:
    3. My blog:
    4. twitter: Cathy Beauty Shop @cathybeautyshop
    instagram: idawahyuni13
    5. The set i would like to win is Nature Lover.
    I like to be natural, specially for fashion, i thinks thats look good and calm.
    I also inspired from your fashion style that have pastel look, i love it,
    please give me the Third set, thanks...

  4. 1.Name : Vina Jihan Fahera : :
    blogpost :
    4. twitter : @reistilldoll, instagram : @reistilldoll, facebook : Rei StillDoll
    5. I would like to win Youthful Kawai Girl, because i love pink and red, most of them is pink, yeah i love the colour so much. So colourful and Cute. i really want to try them out >.< hope them suit to me, i want look more kawaii. the set suitable for kawaii~harajuku style.
    Wish me luck

  5. Ikutan ya cee

    Name : Nessya Arnelitha
    Email :
    Blog :
    Twitter : @NAhunney
    Instagram : Nessyaarnelithaa
    And I wwould Like to win Youthful Kawaii Girls So Much because many pink and red there and i love u (i mean i'm your huge fans) and i know u are #Pink

    Wish me a tons of luck!

  6. Join ya ce :D
    Nama : Widya
    Email :
    GFC : Widya Moonz
    Blog :
    G+ : Widya Asri
    Facebook : Widya As-Mellow
    Twitter : @WidyaMellowNver
    Instagram : @widya_moonz
    Link share : -
    I would like to win Youthful Kawaii Girls, soalnya set yang ini paling lucu-lucu dan agak seksi hot gimana gitu >_< sering suka sama fashion style cc .. klo prnh ingt pas dl cc mo ikut fashion show aku blg cc klo pake bj bgs" bisa maduin ootd lucu-lucu .. Semoga aja bisa ketularan kawaii pake baju lucu dengan menangin set ini huakakaka xD
    Wish me luck, and thanks for the giveaway ..

    1. FB Link Share : -

      thanks cece >_<

  7. 1. Name : Vania Hendra Gunawan
    2. E-mail address :
    3. Your blog post : ada side banner nya juga ^^
    4. Social Media :
    FB :
    Twitter :

    5. Answer this question :
    I like Youthful Kawaii Girls set, ci. Kenapa aku suka set ini? karena set ini cocok buat anak kuliahan dan buat hangout. Buat anak kuliahan se aku, tampil stylish dan Kawaii itu penting banget hehehe