Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day, you guys!!!
Greetings from my little family-who were all so disoriented and couldn't look at the same direction *LOLOLOL*
So did you do anything special today? I know some of you celebrate Valentine's Day while some others think it's stupid and over-rated, but we all can have different opinions and still respect each other, i believe?

While i never really think too deeply about Valentine's Day nor that i think it's absolutely a law to celebrate it, i've almost always celebrate Valentine's Day with my hunny (except that one year when it's practically the same day as Chinese New Year and we couldn't celebrate it because my mum would kill us *LOL*) since 2002 (we started dating on 2001)-just the normal stuffs, we'd get each other presents (errrr, actually i've stopped getting him presents for a while now >.<) and go for a nice dinner date (sometimes we'd watch a movie too if there's a nice one playing)-basically we do all of the stuffs other couples do on Valentines' Day but without being too emotionally invested *LOL*. Seriously, every day is Valentine's Day in our household ^^.

For the most part, we just LOVE to celebrate anything and everything so why would Valentine's Day be an exception? Hehe. I always make sure i dress up extra nicely, just because. Since we're married (for almost 8 years now) and all, i am guilty of not trying to look pretty on our dates anymore (i actually put more makeups and dress nicer when i'm going out with my girlfriends :p. I seriously dress for myself-and other women-rather than for men hahaha) so i think i owe it to him to at least looks nice just for him on Valentine's Day and our anniversaries *but we're so bad with dates that we missed our anniversary few times LOLOLOL*. 

As for today, it was the longest and most tiring Valentine's Day in our 14 years (and counting) together!

I woke up early...
To doll up ^^. Decided to go super simple and light today because our day started so early in the morning and because i feel like i should look sweeter and more "innocent" on Val Day hahahaha. I finally got my bangs trimmed last night and hunny kept on telling me i look like Dora the Explorer. ZZZ.
I was up since 9 (which is like, super early for weekends for me) because we had to leave home at 11. We were invited to Cherish's, LL's little daughter, birthday party at her home. The invitation was at 12, and on a normal day we should be able to arrive around 12.15 there-but for some reasons the traffic was an absolute nightmare! It took us 1.5 hours to reach their area, and then we got absolutely lost trying to find their house-spent 20 minutes going round and round in a circle.
So we took a wefie hehehe
One with le hubby
People kept on commenting about his expression in that picture *LOL*,  but it was taken BEFORE we were stuck in a jam. And he didn't get angry before we were trapped for the second time anyway. Maybe he's emulating me (the girl who refuses to smile on her pictures) coz he often pulls that kind of face whenever i drag him for a wefie :p.

After almost two hours in the car, we finally arrived... Spent the entire afternoon snapping endless pic with LL hahaha...
Coz we're two very narcissistic mummies hahaha! I mean, look at that wonderfully decorated sweet corner, it'd be a total waste if we didn't take 1500 pics!
If you're wondering where the birthday girl was, here she is with Baby Boy!
Of course #wefie is also in order!
I am so used to bold lips now that i feel that i look super pale with softer lip colors now *sigh*. To think that i only started using bold lippies since two years ago and went for this kind of lip color for more than 10. 

Anyway, more pictures of Cherish's birthday on another post okay, the decor itself deserves a blog post all on itself!

We spent around two hours hanging out at LL's, then we decided to go to CW to watch Kingsman before dinner (hunny made a last minute reservation at Wagyu Smith)-but the journey that was supposed to be less than half an hour became almost two hours because of the ridiculous traffic-it was totally INSANE! Hunny was quite upset because we ended up missing the movie (it's his movie) because we're not the kind of people who insist on getting in after the movie's playing for 10 minutes. I hate being late for movies-and he does too.

We ended up having some ice cream at Ron's Laboratory (that he's been craving for a bit) and did a bit of shopping (very boring kind-at Gramedia book store *LOL*. Office stationary and some comic books :)), i also decided since it's Valentine's Day we should let Baby Boy pick a toy as his gift hahaha.

Then we decided to leave for Wagyu Smith real early (our slot's not actually until 8 but we arrived at 7.15) because we're traumatized by the earlier traffics-and what do you know... There was no traffic! LOL. Thankfully even though we were ridiculously early, they had a table for us.
My Mr. Valentine. Do you know that he's my only one? I used to date non-exclusively only before him, and my longest prior relationship was 3 months *LOL*, somehow i was always date-less on Valentine's Day before!
Wagyu Smith was softly decorated, nothing to outrageous and tacky hahaha. I remember when Valentine's Day's considered sacred-it was before we got married, every restaurant went all out for this day. Somehow i feel like it has lost its crazy hold today (in Surabaya)? Or maybe we're just too old and out of touch? LOL. Every restaurants we went to when we were younger gave us roses and chocolates! I haven't seen that in most places in the last few years. Hunny said even the florists in front of our hostel no longer go all out like a few years ago!
Another trivia : do you know that we're both never been in love except to each other? I guess first love can last for some people ^^!
With my other eternal love
One more. Will people think he's my boyfriend in 10 years? LOL. Coz people think he's my little brother now!
Hunny's been totally out-of-character and craving meat for a while now, he's all satisfied now that he's got his fill on a good steak (after having an utterly disappointing one last week at Nanny's Pavillion! Advise if you're planning to try Nanny's Pavillion *the one in TP only*, get the baked rice, pasta and waffles/pancakes, stay away from the steaks!)
I promise to be a good girl and start dieting again tomorrow, but not today *LOL*
A very blurry and taken super far away family pic by Wagyu Smith's staff *LOL*. The place's lighting's all great for romantic dinners, but horrible for picture takings!
This was the first time we're celebrating Valentine's Day with Baby Boy! It usually doesn't fall on weekends, or he was at the stage where he'd be upset if we take him out only for a meal, or we wanted to watch adult/horror movies before dinner-basically 1000 reasons to leave him at home with my parents! I love that he's at the age where we can hang out with him without him getting (too) bored and demanding to go somewhere to play/go home now! Can you see why i'm totally hesitating about having another baby? Sigh...

Anyway, it's been a long, tiring and slightly frustrating day (the traffic.. My God, we spent around 4.5 hours total in the car today. At least Baby Boy got his peaceful nap *LOL*)-but it's also perfect because i spent it with my two favorite boys!

Oh, i did get a present-hunny told me to choose my own present a few days ago *LOL*. Since i've been buying way too many bags lately (and because we just purchased tickets for us and my parents for an upcoming holiday in June so i consider that part of my Valentine's Day present hahaha) i decided to get my other latest obsession : leather wrap bracelet!
I don't have the red one yet and this one from Furla has the coolest gold tube as the accessory, nothing that i already have in my collection!
And that's how my Valentine's Day went! Tell me yours! I hope no matter what you ended up doing/not doing, your day is filled with love and happiness! Toss away any negativity and self doubt (i'm repeating this to myself because i've just experienced something unpleasant a few days ago. It's just something someone unimportant said jokingly, but it was not funny and a stab into the most tender part of my heart so i've been feeling a bit down and ugly the last few days, i also couldn't talk about it to anyone because i don't think anyone would understand and just tell me to stop being so ridiculously sensitive)-just know that you are loved-if by nobody else then by me for reading this post hihihihi.


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  1. What a busy day ya... Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Your son is so cute! I hate being late for a movie too. I hate having to tread over other people's toes in the dark. ;)

    1. Thank you, he can be super cute one day and super annoying the next *LOL*